A New Option for Healthy, Convenient Eats at CFCC!

At CFCC, we take pride in placing good nutrition high on our list of priorities. The consumption of Good Food in amounts appropriate for your activity level is just a part of the intricate relationship between your ability to sleep well, recover properly, make gains in the gym, and feel great on a day-to-day basis – but it’s one of the most important changes you can make.

We’ve always emphasized that the best habit you can possibly develop for yourself is cooking the majority of your meals. We’ve talked a lot about how food companies use misleading wording to disguise less-than-optimal ingredients or how confusing it can be to avoid the things you want to avoid, even when labels are forthcoming. We’ve talked about how even the nicest restaurants can resort to cheap, commodity filler ingredients to save money at the expense of our health.

Still, we lead busy lives with schedules that can change on a dime. I’m right here with you guys, by the way. On a hot (hello!) day, when I have three million errands to run, the last thing I want to do is schlep a bag of food along with my computer, gym bag, black hole of a purse and change of shoes. And while I’ll do it for the sake of health, I’ll admit that I sacrifice flavor/enjoyment for the sake of convenience (I’ve packed a lot of tupperwares full of plain ground beef, sweet potato and spinach over the years).



Enter CFCC’s new nutrition partners – CustomFit Meals.

As many of you have seen, the Custom Fit Meals cooler has made its way the CFCC kitchen (some of you may have already placed orders)!  Through this service, we now have access to fresh, never frozen meals made from quality ingredients.

Here’s what you need to know:

Place your orders at CustomFitMeals.com by midnight every Tuesday for meal pick-ups the following week.  There are two pick-ups per week – Mondays during normal business hours and Thursdays during normal business hours. When you’re ready to pick up your food, all you need to do is stop by the CFCC front desk. You’ll see a delivery sheet inside the white CustomFit Meals binder that will tell you where to find your food in the fridge. Once you sign off, you pick up your food. Easy peasy!

About Custom Fit Meals:

All meals are prepared in a fully licensed commercial kitchen by a team of culinary chefs, delivered safely to CFCC via refrigerated vehicle, and stored on-site in the Custom Fit Meals cooler.

There are no contracts or commitments.  All orders are placed week to week.

All meals are made from FRESH, unprocessed ingredients.  Gluten-Free, Primal (includes dairy), and Paleo meals are available.

There are 15 menu items offered each week and 6 weeks of rotating menus.  Meals are sold in increments of 5.

The service is based on Custom Fit Meals’ founder Mike Clay’s personal weight-loss journey.  He lost 100 pounds using this service and a link to his story is shown below:


For anyone interested in trying out this service, enter the coupon code CENTERCITY when placing your first order to receive a 10% discount.

Like CFCC’s, Custom Fit Meals’ nutritional philosophy is based on eating real food – fresh, natural food like lean meats, vegetables and fruit. Their meals are comprised of foods that are nutrient-dense, with lots of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, as opposed to processed foods that have more calories but less nutrition.

Food quality is important to them, as well.  They maintain the highest standard in selecting the foods that go into their meals.  They use only USDA-certified All Natural chicken, grass-finished Certified Angus Beef®, all natural turkey and pork.  They source the majority of these proteins and as much of their fresh produce as possible from local sources.

Why I (Meghan) like CustomFit Meals:

1. Although CFM uses a Paleo framework as the foundation of their meal options, I’m glad they offer a variety of levels of “strictness.” As most of you know, I stick to a gluten free diet pretty much 100% of the time, but I do eat dairy occasionally, so I appreciate the option to choose it if I want to (but avoid it if I need to as well!)

2. Their meals are FRESH and DELICIOUS. I have a violent hatred for bland frozen meals (seriously, I did enough of that Lean Cuisine crap in college). To be honest, I was extremely leery of CFM until Scott assured me that the meals were never frozen (bonus points that they deliver twice/week, so your Friday meals are just as fresh as your Monday meals!) I tasted the Chicken Parmesan and loved it – and you know it’s important to me that you guys enjoy the food you eat.

3. No contracts/no commitments. I think this is pretty cool too. Life is already expensive enough, so I appreciate that I can order for a week and take a break for a few weeks if life calms down enough for me to pack my food….

4. But let’s be real. I did the math, and at just under $10/meal it’s one of the cheapest ready-to-eat options around.

5. You will now be able to stock your office fridge with lunches for the week and have time to actually take a relaxing walk on your break rather than waste your time waiting in line at Grocery (sorry, Grocery.)


If you have any questions about the service (or feedback), CustomFit Meals can be reached at (855) 282-0484 or at info@customfitmeals.com. And send your feedback my way as well (meg@crossfitcc.com). My first order comes in next week and I’m really excited to try it out! We all hope this new service will make all of your lives a little easier and more delicious!


Happy Eating!



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