A Running Accelerate Cycle with Coach Ave!

Every summer and early spring, I get a whole bunch of questions about marathon and half-marathon training – programming, nutrition, how to deal with nagging injuries, all kinds of really relevant questions that take much more time to answer than I have at the tail end of a regular class. I find myself giving much-too-quick replies to questions that deserve a considerably more involved conversation. Though I feel like CFCC could be a great resource for all of our runners, I’ve been feeling like those resources are currently hard to reach and hard to connect. As a solution, we’ve decided to launch a running-based Accelerate program. It will be open to 5 men and women who would like to improve any aspect of their running. Athletes will receive their own individualized programming for 5 weeks, including strength work, CrossFit, corrective exercises, and running, and plenty of personal attention in our sessions. Programming will depend on your own stated goals – whether that’s wanting to be able to run a mile without dread, to PR your marathon time, or to just run without pain.



The program will be primarily for people who could use some specific attention. This includes those who are looking to learn to actually enjoy running for the first time, as well as those looking to get over a fear of running. It will also allow for a space to correct some movement deficiencies that could be leading to chronic injuries. For advanced and competitive runners, this is the perfect time of year to go back to basics and improve form.


We will train on Monday and Thursday mornings for an hour and a half, supplemented with the regular WOD sessions on other days, and probably some homework for the weekends. Sessions will likely be at 6 or 6:30a, but that’s dependent on what works best for the people who sign up.  We will start on Nov 18 and continue through December 19. If you strongly prefer other days or times, please let me know as other options may be available. We will also have individual check-ins once a week to discuss nutrition and progress. We will try to work around the weekend of Thanksgiving – most likely, we will train on Wednesday morning that week rather than Thursday.

How much is it?

The inaugural run of the program will be $200, in addition to your regular monthly dues. You will be expected to continue to attend regular sessions as your programming dictates. Payment is due by Friday, November 15.

Email avener@crossfitcc.com to get started or with any questions you may have!


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