Class Descriptions

Workout of the Day or “Session”

This is CFCC’s Meat and Potato Session, the backbone of all training here and where you will see most members on a daily basis. You’ll be mobilized, warmed-up, supervised through a lift or skill, and then humbled by a conditioning workout all in the space of one hour. If what you want is to be fit, get strong, and be exposed to all of the elements of CrossFit over a period of time, this class is for you. For more information on our current cycle, go here!

Restorative Yoga

The saying goes that for every hour of training, you want 20-minutes of active recovery. If you want to be injury-free, body-aware, and a little less frantic than you are in the last minute of a metcon, Croga is the perfect class for you. These very casual hour long classes are posturally-biased and are a blend of Vinyasa and Yin Yoga. Attending Restorative Yoga on a day when you would otherwise be “resting” is considered “active recovery”. Making this class a priority at least one time every week is an excellent practice for staying aware of how your training is affecting your body, and how you are recovering. CFCC does provide mats, blocks, and straps, but you are also encouraged to bring your own.

Olympic Lifting

CFCC is home to a nationally competitive Olympic Weightlifting Team named Liberty Barbell Club. In addition to fostering a love for Olympic Weightlifting at the national level, CFCC’s Olympic Weightlifting Coaches have a passion for delivering a love of the sport to beginners. As such, the classes for Weightlifting at CFCC are split into multiple levels of ability and commitment. Each class varies in its programming methods but generally at a every level you will be spending your time performing the two Olympic Lifts (Snatch, and Clean and Jerk), completing drills which allow you to better your technique in the same, and squatting or pulling for strength gains. For more information on how Olympic Lifting is currently operating at CFCC and at what level you might begin to be involved in the sport, please email libertybarbellclub@gmail.com.

Gymnastics Skills

An excellent addition to or suitable substitution to CFCC’s Workout of the Day, Gymnastics Skills is intended for beginners and intermediate athletes at CFCC. Tumbling, Ring Skills, and many gymnastics movements normally occurring in CrossFit workouts are broken down into bits and pieces in this hour-long class. The session begins with Gymnastics-specific mobilizations, includes one to two skills as a focus for the day, and wraps up with an entirely Gymnastics-oriented conditioning workout. Learning to move your own bodyweight is crucial to functioning at your best as an athlete and Gymnastics at CFCC is the perfect place to learn to do this!

Squatting Class

For beginners, intermediates, and in betweens alike, the SQUAT class is what it sounds like, one whole hour devoted to squatting. The rep ranges, lifts, and challenges within this class are totally different than what you will get in a regular WOD class, but also complementary to our regular programming. Because squatting is the only thing we do, there’s plenty of time to make it perfect, to get lots of reps in, and even to work on accessory pieces that will help your squat outside of Squatting Class.


Do you find yourself responding to friendly pleas for moving help on a weekly basis? Do you love big aggressive lifts like the Snatch and Clean and Jerk but often find yourself bored by the barbell? If this is you – you need to attend this class! You’ll spend a full hour of time learning and implementing classic competitive Strongman lifts at various intensities. The lifts include, but are not limited to, fat bar pullups and holds, grip work, atlas stone work, heavy farmer’s walk, prowler pushes, tire sled drags, sledge hammer work, sandbag movements of all kinds, and as equipment allows much, much more. If you’re new to CFCC, don’t back away! This class is full of all kinds of fun AND time to learn new skills as well.

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