I had been doing CrossFit for about four years when I finally got to the point where I just couldn’t improve anymore. I had spent about a year or more stuck at the same skill level. I knew that I had to take desperate measures if I wanted to stop losing to Luis in WODs, so despite my love for donuts, I finally decided to talk to Morgan about nutrition.

I had no idea if it would work or how quickly the effects would be shown, but it was almost incredible what a difference it made. In two months I lost about 15 pounds and everything became faster and easier. Morgan is a miracle worker! Despite being lighter, I even got PR’s in a bunch of strength related movements such as:

Clean and Jerk
Overhead Squat (bodyweight x 15, those 15 lb I lost made a huge difference!)

More improvements were a 12 burpee increase in the 3 minute burpee test, doubling the number of unbroken muscle ups I can do and just generally not getting tired as quickly during WODs

Other great aspects to Morgan’s nutritional coaching is that she understands that everyone is different. In order for something like this to work long term, it has to be comfortable and not feel like you are constantly denying yourself. Morgan didn’t make me completely remove anything from my diet, but instead allowed me to eat any kind of donuts that I want, as long as they fit within my macros.

If you are someone who has hit a wall in CrossFit, and feel like you haven’t improved for the last 6-12 months, you should immediately talk to Morgan, stick with her plan for at least a few months, and I feel very confident you’ll see progress. This is especially true if you have horrendous eating habits like I did.

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