All Hail January’s Member of the Month!

First off, my deepest apologies that it took me til almost halfway (eek!) through January to get this post up. THANK YOU to everyone from CFCC who responded in force and in a timely manner! I made a lot of New Year’s Resolutions for 2013, and it looks like I need to add punctuality to the list. 

ANYWAY. Moving on.

Our January winner embodies what we meant when we defined Member of the Month. She’s dedicated to improving herself as an athlete and works tirelessly at the gym, taking advantage of all the classes CFCC has to offer to consistently work on destroying her weaknesses. And her effort has shown itself in PR after PR over the past few months. When she’s not squatting a house, she’s supporting her fellow CFCC’ers, always ready with a smile, a word of encouragement and/or a well-placed sarcastic comment to lighten the mood when the situation demands it. Also, she’s a committed part of the 6am crew – which is no small feat.

Ladies and gentlemen….please congratulate AMBER BAIRD.

“Amber is one of the most dedicated members of CFCC. Always willing to work on anything that needs work in efforts to be the most well-rounded athlete possible…all while being able to squat a billion pounds!”

“1. Amber’s not afraid to try anything, and she’s gained a LOT from this kind of open attitude and dedicated work ethic.  Additionally, she makes a pretty freaking mean spreadsheet. 2. She’s a hard-core CrossFitter and a damn good athlete.  Amber has grown so much as an athlete in the last year, from someone who struggled with overhead squatting 65lbs. to a woman who is now snatching up to and over 110lbs. She is deeply committed to her training, and in turn, to those she trains with. 3. Strong? This is more of a moment than a quality I suppose, but I will never forget the day that Amber, about 4 months in to starting CrossFit, pushed a prowler that weighed as much as the men’s sled.  It was pretty much unbelievable. 4. Uber-friendly. She’s the first person to introduce herself to anyone new at the 6am, a steady source of encouragement to anyone she’s training with, and quick to ask how you are doing no matter how her day has been. 5. AND…I like her t-shirts. :) “

Amber at the 2012 Hookgrip Classic (her first oly meet!). YUUUUUUUUP.

Amber at the 2012 Hookgrip Classic (her first oly meet!). YUUUUUUUUP. <–I don’t even know what this MEANS, I just know that the 6am-ers say it a lot.

“She’s super friendly and enthusiastic and strong.”

“Amber not only embraces the work ethic of becoming a better athlete, but she also spreads the idea of community within the gym.”

“Amber is an athlete who loves to push herself and others around her during every workout.  She understands her strengths and weaknesses and is always trying to get better at both.  But above all, SHE LOVES SQUATTING! “

“Amber is…pretty freakin’ awesome.  Anyone who’s been on the receiving end of one of her thank-you notes (for real, handwritten and MAILED WITH ACTUAL STAMPS) knows that she’s gracious, and there’s no dispute that she’s incredibly determined, hardworking, and possibly the most supportive person at the entire gym.  Also, she makes a MEAN flourless chocolate cake.”

“Amber is a committed 6am’er and an even more committed CFCC member. Her consistant training has shown in her gains in strength and conditioning. She always there to say hello and is always quick to cheer you on.”

...and she leaps tall Parkour boxes in a single bound!

…and she leaps tall Parkour boxes in a single bound!

“Amber is one of those committed athletes that many coaches only dream about working with. She works hard, attends as many classes as her schedule allows, and puts the time into mastering technique and learning how to improve.”

 “She’s always friendly, inclusive, and always rooting on her fellow classmates during the class.”

She's not afraid of a silly 95 pound stone.

She’s not afraid of a silly 95 pound stone.

” She’s someone who’s keenly aware of what it takes to get better and gets it done – all while enjoying the process!”

“Amber Baird is supremely qualified to serve a term as CFCC Member-of-the-Month. Allow me to elaborate…. 1. Friendliness: She’s the sort of the unofficial social chair of CFCC. 2. Sense of humor: Dry sarcasm plays incredibly well at 6:00 am. 3. All-around contributor: She drove my wife home after she broke her leg, and she held my baby while I did the CF total. 4. Oh, right, this probably matters too: She’s a hell of a CrossFitter. Holy freaking overhead squat.”

Possibly the most important time Amber dressed up in a fried egg costume, then jumped off a pier into the Delaware River. Like you do.

Possibly the most important detail…one time Amber dressed up in a fried egg costume, then jumped off a pier into the Delaware River. Like you do.

Congratulations, Amber, and thanks for being a dedicated, supportive member of the CFCC community!
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