Announcing… the Battle of the Bands events!

Please remember, CFCC, that ALL OTHER CLASSES tomorrow (except for afternoon Olympic Lifting sessions) are cancelled for tomorrow.  Come out and join us for some good times and competition!  
If you can’t make the competition tomorrow, please remember that we are making a trip out to Wyebrook Farms directly after this.  Come with us!

BATTLE OF THE BANDS –We are estimating that we will have about 48 athletes.  In total we have 12 judges and a few alternates to help with things like loading weights and any questions about the facility.

We have a shower on site along with a laundry service.  We also have filtered water on both floors and two bathrooms.  We’ve had more than 60 people in the facility at once for normal session times so I think the volume will be fine.

All athletes will be asked to move downstairs upon arrival after checking in and receiving their number – they can store things there, warm-up, and generally relax. Spectators are welcome but during the day they will be asked to shift to different portions of the gym for their own safety and for the ease of the athletes.

All attendees are asked to consider making a donation to the Ed Snider Youth Hockey Foundation (all proceeds from the day will go toward the ESYHF).  We will have representatives on hand on the day of to talk a little about what this incredible organization does for the children of Philadelphia. Athletes are asked to make a suggested donation of $20.

If you have any questions about the event, please email us!

We’re excited!

-Erin and the rest of the crew at CFCC


745am:          Erin is there to open the gym.

800am:          Athletes and Judges arrive. Athletes warm-up. Judges check in with Tim.

830am:         Athletes that aren’t familiar with movements or would like to simply get a feel for their locations may try

910am-1010am: First Event.

                    PROWLER PUSH (low setting only), how far can you get in 5 seconds?  2 lanes.  Men (180 – 4 plates), Women (90 – 2 plates).  Distances will be rounded to the nearest 2 inches and will be clearly marked on the floor.  There is no scaling for this event.  Your score is 0 if you move the prowler 0 inches.  We are estimating that heats will be 2 people at a time and that each heat will include changeover time (to put the prowlers back where they started will take about 3 minutes – an overestimation, I think. :))

1010am – 1030am:  Second Event.

                    MAX HANDSTAND HOLD, how long can you hold a wall-assisted handstand?  Your feet alone may touch the wall, not your upper back or your hips or your head, but only your feet. Wall facing handstands are also permitted as long as the athlete is entirely perpendicular to the floor. There are three heats each lasting 5 minutes, plus 5 minutes of extra time for transitioning.

1030am-1045am: Break, while judges determine places according to the first two events.

1045am – 1050am: Intro to third event.

1050am: Third Event.

                    “CROSSFIT DISCO” – 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 reps of: Box Jumps (24/20), Pull-ups, with a 10 minute cap.  The Box Jumps may not be scaled but the pull-ups can be.  For the box jump, the athlete must land with the whole foot on the box and stand up to an open hip.  Jumping off with an open hip for this competition is not allowed.  These reps will absolutely not count and must be repeated if not completed as such. The pull-ups will be either rx’d (no band), miniband, light band, or average band.  On the pull-ups the chin has to break the horizontal and vertical plane of the bar.  Kipping pull-ups are allowed.  There will be 10 spaces for CROSSFIT DISCO available (10 pull-up spaces and 10 boxes available).  There will be 5 heats, plus some time for changeover (10 minutes).  Every rep counts.

1150am-1200pm: Deliberation of winners.

1200pm: Announcement of winners (including the giving of the Virtuosity award) and general dismissal of all.  Woohoo!

P.S. BELIEVE ME, you WANT to win this prize.
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