Athlete Profiles: Maayan Moscow

1. When you’re not drowning in a pool of sand and sweat what else do you do? i.e. What’s your day job?
Sales for a litigation consultant firm, DecisionQuest. We specialize in jury research, trial demonstratives, and trial technology. We do really cool stuff…I do the un-cool part.
2. What’s been your favorite CrossFit moment thus far at CFCC?
My favorite moment was when I did a WOD for the first time in a reasonable amount of time with the proper amount of intensity (read: didn’t stop every 2 minutes to catch my breath or drink water). Greg referred to this as controlling the WOD, not letting the WOD control me. That was awesome, I wish it happened more frequently. I also find it equally rewarding watching a fellow CFCCer grow in their skills and strength, and CFCC grow in general (membership, bigger space, equipment, coaches, etc.). It also never gets old telling a non-CFer about a WOD you just completed and then they look at you with fear, respect and admiration.
3. What one thing do you think has improved the most since being at CFCC?
Besides the obvious strength and skill gains, the single biggest improvement since being at CFCC is a greater sense of discipline and focus that has transcended into all aspects of my life. Health wise I have found the determination to drink less and quit smoking, sleep and eat better. I look for ways to be more physical and less lazy in my everyday life, and I actually enjoy moving around and trying out new activities I probably would not have done before. The added focus has allowed me to read way more books, which I thoroughly enjoy, and perform better at work.
4. What’s a perfect day off look like to you?
A realistic perfect off day would probably include reading some books, then hanging out with some friends, drinking some beers.
5. If you were a superhero, what would your superpower be? (don’t say kipping pullups – cause you already do those…)

The ability to travel long distances really fast and conveniently.

My personal favorite thing about Maayan is that he has dealt with a number of limitations due to mobility with an exceptional amount of diligence and patience. It’s not easy to sub all the time – but as a result Maayan has definitely developed strengths where before I believe he would not have had any outstanding ability. I’m not trying to be mean! Just honest! His pull-up and press numbers are great and his conditioning continues to improve every week. He has also been a stellar example of how to kick a unhealthy/easy habit outside the gym (AMRAP smoking and boozing) by becoming focused on a healthy one. Simple, but definitely NOT easy. Maayan looks more like an athlete every day completely as a result of his commitment to do what works and what he can as often as he can. We all have a lot to learn from him!

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