Athlete Profiles: Rachel Baratz

Rach, imitating Greg in excellence.

1. When you’re not in “Superman” mode, what’s your Clark Kent job?

Emergency Veterinarian at Red Bank Veterinary Hospital Cherry Hill

2. How did you find out about CrossFit and why did you decide to do it?

I found out about it through my friend Casey Kaplan, who does crossfit in Dallas. I had been struggling with my fitness routine, and was tired of just running for the sake of running, typical weight training at the gym, etc. I was feeling unmotivated and bad about myself. Casey directed me to the Crossfit Center City website…I e-mailed Greg, and went for a free session that same day. The next day, I signed up, and it’s by far the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.

3. What’s one specific personal record you’d like to reach through CrossFit and when do you want to reach it by? See this table for more ideas.

By august 1:
10 kipping pullups unassisted
5 deadhang pullups unassisted
Double unders for any wod with jump rope
2:00 row 500m
By Nov 1:
Be done with the 25lb sandbag – move onto the 50 for good.
“Cindy” as rx’d even if it’s not a lot of rounds (no assisted pullups or pushups)
Get over the fear of anything “clean”-ASAP

I really could go on and on with goals! These are the first that come to mind.

4. Favorite CrossFit moment so far?

My first unassisted pullup! 6/16/09, my 2 month anniversary at Crossfit. And my very first day at CF – when I immediately realized that I had found EXACTLY what I was looking for. Made me feel so calm and optimistic. Awesome.

5. Favorite place to get a meal in Philly?

hmmmm….This is a tough one. So much yummy food in Philadelphia. Brunch – Sabrina’s in south philly. French Fries – Eulogy. So many more.

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