I started Crossfit a year and a half ago and my life has changed so dramatically, that it is hard to express it in a testimonial on a website but I will try!

 My body composition has changed: Starting at 176 lbs, size 14 in February of 2012 and now at 155 lbs size 8 in September of 2013.
 My strength has changed: My first back squat was 105 lbs in March 2012 and now is 225 lbs in September of 2013. My first deadlift was 125 lbs and now I am at 250 lbs. My first mile was 11:32 and my current best time is 7:42.

My mental and emotional well being has changed: Back in early 2012 (and for many, many years before that) I was incredibly uncomfortable with my body. I wore jeans farther into summer than any normal person would, I would pick apart every little imperfection in the mirror, and I would wish (yes, like on a star) to lose weight. I would count calories, eat frozen “diet” dinners, and eat every low-fat thing I could find. Now, I wear short shorts like it’s my job, play the “what new muscle is popping out now” game in the mirror (this is a really, really fun game), and I hardly think about how much I weigh. I don’t count calories, I eat food – amazingly delicious food that I thought was forbidden. Like bacon – bacon is not forbidden!

Sure, I still have days that I get frustrated about my body and “wish” for something to change. But CrossFit has given me the tools I need to make those changes. I’ve learned that wishing doesn’t work but that hard work will always make a difference. 

CrossFit Center City has taught me to respect my body and what it can do. It has shown me that a few hours of hard work every week will produce enormous results. It has allowed me to realize my physical potential. It has given me something to believe in passionately. It has given me new friendships and has deepened a really important one (Hi, Shana!). I truly believe that CrossFit has the potential to change you. It can and will change your body, change your abilities, and change your mental and emotional outlook. But you have to let it. Nothing comes easy but thankfully, CrossFit has taught me that easy is overrated.

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