Ryan Basa

Ryan Basa comes to CrossFit Center City from a very diverse background. As a kid, he pretty much played around on skateboards. As a pharmacy student, he has picked up Olympic Weightlifting as a sport and has risen to become one of the best weightlifters in his weight class in the country. Ryan holds PA […]

Michael Zoda

Mike began CrossFit during his freshman year as an undergrad and fell in love with it. Even in his earliest stages as a CrossFitter, Mike always held a bit of a bias towards strength-dominant work in CrossFit.  He would go to his first CrossFit box three times a week while getting a daily dose of […]

Perrin Behr

Perrin comes to CFCC from three years of coaching and training at CrossFit215 in East Falls, PA. Prior to discovering CrossFit in 2010, Perrin ran Division III Track & Field at Ursinus College as a sprinter and javelin thrower. She obtained her Level 1 Trainer certification and began coaching at 215 in 2011. Since becoming […]

Morgan Vozobule

Hear about Morgan from Morgan:  I came across CrossFit late 2011, bored with my solo-gym routine and struggling daily with self motivation. Shortly after joining, I knew I had made the right decision. It soon became my priority to become a part of the community that CFCC had built: inspiring, encouraging, and awe-worthy. The importance […]


Erin Davidson, Founder/Coach

Erin came to CrossFit from a lifetime of mostly mediocre sport-like activity. This background meant that she could sprint everywhere and run nowhere, squat everything but do no pull-ups when she first started CrossFit. She also did not start out as lean as she is today – and she’s ok with that! Let it suffice to say, […]


Tim Heckman, Coach

Tim comes to us with a wide background of experience with athletics and CrossFit. We love him for his board short collection, eclectic Yoga mix, luscious beard and Oly hip power. We also really love that he prefers to cue most athletes by way of food analogies (we’re not kidding, just wait for it). He’s […]


Daniel Bove

Hear about Danny from Danny: I was first introduced to CrossFit in my muscle training course during my junior year of college. I remember staying after every class period to pick my professors brain regarding different aspects of training. But it was the philosophy of specializing in not specializing that grabbed my attention. My idea of what a […]


Chris Gerald

Chris came to CFCC from a long history of athleticism (FOOTBALL!) and a number of months spent CrossFitting at a gym outside of Center City. We originally took him on as a member during the period of the CrossFit Games Sectionals in 2011, and soon found that his skills as an athlete were well-balanced and […]


Emily Avener

A little more info about Ave: Ave found CrossFit while preparing for the Marine Corps after a 4-year collegiate ice hockey career. Her competitive spirit had her hooked almost immediately, and she’s still here today! She began her CFCC career as a member and receptionist, and is now studying to be a Massage Therapist.  Ave […]


Rachel Baratz

I remember the first day that Rachel Baratz stepped foot into our tiny room (the former CFCC box) on Camac Street.  She was carrying lots of shopping bags, was really eager to start, and could barely put her arms over her head without pain.  All that said, she was the single most cheery person I’ve […]

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