Workout of the Day: Friday, 8.22.14

Today the staff will be taking a continuing education weekend to better our skills and knowledge as coaches. In preparation for many hours in the car, check out Mobility WOD Episode 296: Long Car Drive Recovery, Do This First Thing for some good tips when traveling! FYI there is a slightly truncated schedule this weekend due to the […]


Workout of the Day: Thursday, 8.21.14

Don’t forget Restorative Yoga with Arianna is back on the schedule for Sundays at 12pm! WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Lax ball pecs 10 passes/arm, wall or behind the head tricep stretch x 60 seconds/side, wall quad stretch or spiderman x 60 seconds/leg 3 Rounds: 5 inchworm + push up, 3 TGU sit up/side STRENGTH: A. […]


Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 8.20.14

Please check out the slightly revised schedule on Mindbody for this upcoming weekend. Saturday’s classes will be all open gym where you can either make up a workout from earlier in the week, work on a skill, or complete a workout that will be provided for you. On Friday the coaching staff will be traveling up […]


Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 8.19.14

Come learn how to improve your pull-up on your own, build a handstand from the ground up, and back flip during ONE or all THREE of our CFCC Gym-Nasty clinics. Sign up here! WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Lax ball to pecs 10 passes/side, Lax ball to upper trap in glute bridge 10 passes/side, 10 alternating […]

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Workout of the Day: Monday, 8.18.14

Vote for CFCC as the Best CrossFit in Philly! Are you interested in competing the CrossFit Team Series? Email   WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Foam roll t-spine, quads, adductors and lats for 4 minutes then quadruped extension-rotation drill x 8/side x 1 round, 10 wall squats,  30ft toy soldier,  30ft spiderman step + OH […]


Workout of the Day: Sunday, 8.17.14

Thank you to all of the CFCC members who joined us at the shore today! A BIG thank you goes out to the Santaniello’s for opening their house to us for the post beach BBQ. What a fantastic day with fantastic people. We can’t wait to do it again next year! WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT […]


Workout of the Day: Saturday, 8.16.14

Today is CFCC Beach Day! In lieu of the festivities all regular classes will be cancelled. As a reminder, here are some more details on today’s events. For those of you who are looking to coordinate carpooling, please use the Facebook Event Page. If you are carpooling I would recommended meeting in the parking lot across […]


Workout of the Day: Friday, 8.15.14

 CFCC BEACH DAY IS TOMORROW! WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: 3 minutes foam roll/lax ball as needed, 30ft high knees, 30ft butt kicks, 30ft spiderman lunge + OH reach, 30ft bear crawl STRENGTH: A1. Bulgarian Split Squat x 6-8 reps/leg @ 30X1 x 3 sets, Rest 60 secondsA2. Turkish Get Up x 1 rep/arm x 3 […]


Workout of the Day: Thursday, 8.14.14

It’s time to vote for Member of the Month! Make sure you submit your vote today during the warm up or after class. While unfortunately Danny will not be joining us for Beach Day on Saturday, we will would like to see you! Checkout the Facebook Event Page for details! WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT […]


Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 8.13.14

Don’t forget CFCC Beach Day is this Saturday! In lieu of the festivities please remember that all regularly scheduled classes will be cancelled. We would LOVE to see each and every one of you down at the beach for a fun day of festivities and of course a workout. Here are some more details for the day […]

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