Workout of the Day: Saturday, 11.26.2016.

GYMNASTICS: MOVEMENT PREP: Lax ball upper trap, pec, and calves/tibialis anterior–5 minutes Banded lat stretch- 1 minute/side Banded pec stretch- 1 minute/side 10 cat & camel 2 Rds: 10 scap push ups 10 scap pull ups 10 Knee tucks 10 Hollow Rocks 10 Arch Ups w/2sec hold SKILL/STRENGTH: 7 stations w/30 seconds rest between each […]


Workout of the Day: Friday, 11.25.2016.

WORKOUT OF THE DAY: There are 2 WODs today, at 10am and noon. Take a break from shopping and snag some Black Friday Fitness. MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball/Softball Quads, Glutes, Hips- 4min. Banded Hamstring Stretch- 1min Super Front Rack Stretch- 1min 2 rounds: Banded X-Walk x 10/side Banded Good Mornings x 10 30′ Cocky Walks […]


Workout of the Day: Thursday, 11.24.2016.

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! WORKOUT OF THE DAY There is only 1 WOD today. Today’s workout will be at 10am in Washington Square Park. Meet at the fountain in the center of the park! MOVEMENT PREP: 100′ Jog 100′ High Knees 100′ Butt Kickers 100′ High Skips 100′ Carioca 30 Jumping Jacks 15 Lunges/side CONDITIONING: In Teams […]


Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 11.23.2016.

WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Lax ball upper trap/lats- 3 min. 2 rounds: 10 PVC Pass-thru 10 Jumping squats w/PVC in back rack 10 PVC OHS 5 Lunge/side w/PVC Overhead 5 Jumping Lunge/side w/PVC Overhead 10 PVC Hollow rock 10 PVC Arch Rock STRENGTH: A. OHS @ 34X1 x 2 x 4 sets, rest […]


Workout of the Day: Tuesday 11.22.2016.

WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll Lats, T-Spine- 3 minutes Banded Lat Stretch- 1min/side 2 rounds: Bottoms-up KB Waiters’ Walk x 30’/side KB SLDL x 5/side SA KB Swing x 10/side Goblet KB Squat x 10 STRENGTH: A. Push Press; build to a tough single in 4 attempts B. Push Jerk; x 3 […]


Workout of the Day: Monday 11.21.2016.

WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Mash adductors- 2 minutes. Lax ball hips/glutes- 2 minutes 2 rounds: 60′ Jog 30′ Lateral lunge w/OH reach 30′ Broad jump 30′ Crab walk 5 Circ Scap Pull-up each direction STRENGTH: A. Tempo Front Squat @ 51×1; 3 reps x 5 sets *starting at 55% and building* CONDITIONING: 5 […]


Workout of the Day: Sunday, 11.20.16.

WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: 5 min mobility as needed (quads, hammies, hips) 10 Cat/Camel 10 Yoga Push up 2 rounds: 30′ Spiderman step + OH reach 30′ Inchworm 30′ High Knees 30′ Carioca STRENGTH: A. DB SA Bench Press @41X1 x 5/arm x 3 sets CONDITIONING: In teams of 2, FOR TIME: 50/40 […]


Workout of the Day: Saturday, 11.19.16.

STACHE SHOWDOWN! Our annual Strongman competition kicks off at 9am today— come by and watch your fellow athletes run with heavy yokes, clean and press some axles, and throw sandbags! Members of Liberty Strength Society as well as several other gyms are participating, and it’s shaping up to be a fantastic show. It’s always a […]


Workout of the Day: Friday, 11.18.16.

WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Foam Roll T-spine, Hamstrings, Pecs, Lats- 4min. Wall Quad stretch- 1 min/side. 2 ROUNDS: 30′ Samson lunge, 30′ slow bear crawl, 10 scap push ups, 10 scap pull ups + 20s active lat hang. STRENGTH: A. Clean Pull Under; x 2 reps x 5 sets, Rest 60 seconds *from […]


Workout of the Day: Thursday, 11.17.16.

WORKOUT OF THE DAY: MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball triceps, upper traps, teres major– 3min. Lax ball pec- 10 passes/arm. 2 rounds: 10 PVC Pass-throughs, 5 Yoga Push-ups, 30′ Inchworms, 30′ Forward Crab Walk, 30′ Bear Crawl, 30′ Backward Crab walk. STRENGTH: A. CG Bench Press @22×1 tempo; 5 reps x 3 sets *building off feel* […]

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