CFCC Presents…the 2nd Annual ‘STACHE SHOWDOWN


Once again, the men and women of CrossFit Center City are proud to host the ‘Stache Showdown!

Proceeds from the 2013 ‘STACHE SHOWDOWN will go directly to support Movember (more information about this men’s health awareness initiative, including why the men of CFCC are sporting some epic facial hair through the month of November, can be found here.)

It wouldn’t be a CFCC cause without a lot of fun, ridiculousness, and luscious beards…so once again, we’re throwing a truly amazing partner strongman competition that will celebrate all the strength and magnificence that comes with the appreciation of a good ‘Stache. Sign up right here with a partner and JOIN US in the evening on Wednesday, 11/20.


SIGNUPS ABSOLUTELY CLOSE ON MONDAY, 11/18, NO EXCEPTIONS. Heat assignments will be posted Tuesday evening (11/19).

Same gender teams only, please.

Oh, and some form of mustache or beard is required to participate – we’ll leave it up to you to figure out how you want to make that work (yep, ladies, get creative.) 

Note that RX’d weights will be published when the workouts are released – If you don’t feel that you can move the RX’d weight, you are permitted to scale the weight, but any scaling will mean that your results will NOT count as points toward your final score:

Need help preparing? This could be your most important resource. 


 If you have questions about any of the standards or requirements, please contact us directly or come prepared to ask them during the Competitors meeting – which begins at 6pm SHARP tomorrownight.

PS: Spectators and athletes are welcome to compete in our informal Arm Wrestling Tournament for some sweet prizes. Details for how to participate will be announced at the beginning of the ‘Stache Showdown. Suggested buy-in for arm wrestling is $1 but any additional donation is appreciated – it all goes back to Movember!

A quick thank you to the local businesses that helped us out with the ‘Stache Showdown! Their prize contributions help ensure that the maximum amount of funds raised goes right back to Movember.

UBER – don’t forget that all competitors and spectators can use the code STACHESHOWDOWN for a free 1st ride with Uber!
Philadelphia Runner
Pennsylvania 6
Hero Bars

Without further ado….



*If, after reviewing the events, you feel that your team will need to scale please let us know via email. Scaling is welcome, but scaled scores will not count towards the championship or the final standings, so we encourage to try to complete the events RX’d if you can.


*The gym will be open at 5:30PM. All athletes in all heats must be warmed up and ready to go by 6:00PM. At 6:00PM each event will be reviewed and movement standards and faults will be demonstrated. If both members of your team are not present at 6:00PM you will be disqualified!


Also, beards and moustaches are definitely required – the more luscious, the better. Flannel is encouraged but not required.


All heats will complete each event before moving on to the next event. The Tire Flip event is considered a floater event and thus may be completed at any time throughout the evening, as long as it’s done before all teams have completed Event 3. YOU AND YOUR PARTNER ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MAKING SURE YOU’VE COMPLETED THE TIRE FLIPS BY THE TIME EVENT 3 IS COMPLETED – and you’re responsible for making sure it doesn’t conflict with your heat in each event.


The top two teams of each gender will compete in the Championship event, which will be announced at game time. The scores will be wiped before the Championship event begins.


After the ‘Stache Showdown, please join us at Pennsylvania 6 on 12th Street between Sansom and Chestnut for the afterparty! In addition to donating a prize for the ‘Stache Showdown, Pennsylvania 6 is graciously offering drink specials for our entire group. We’ll see you there after the Showdown is over!



Heat 1:

Theresa Pearson/Krista Cortellini

Kimmy Gaber/Chrissey Barba

Victoria Jenets/Sarah Bella

Arianna Bickle/Farah Schneiderman


Heat 2:

Silvana Gonzalez/Leah Gallagher

Amber Baird/Lizette Salomon

Lindsay Brase/Meghan Moore

Rachel Pollack/Nicole Bodrog


Heat 3:

Kyle Barger/Corey Mayo

Matt King/Todd Weschler

Arrus Farmer/ Tim Lux

John Sharrar/Tom Levy


Heat 4:

Darren Portner/Mason Hipp

Mike Miele/Jason Kunkel

Joe Kim and Robert Lee

Josh Helm/ John Papianou


Heat 5:

John DiGiulio/Gianni Morante

Kevin Callaghan/Fran Duffy

Khanh Tran/Donald Harrison

Kit Hoffman and TBD



Each team must complete AMRAP Axel Bar Bear Complexes in 3 minutes at 170lbs (men)/100lbs (women).

Weight must begin on the floor. The Bear Complex is defined as the following movements.

  1. Clean from the floor (weight moves from floor to shoulders anyhow).
  2. Front Squat (note that the clean and front squat must be two separate movements. Full cleans may be used, but the athlete must repeat the squat if he/she chooses to squat clean the weight. The hip crease must be below the kneecap for each squat to count).
  3. Press overhead anyhow with lockout (knees, hips and elbows must be fully extended/ push press, push jerk, split jerk, squat jerk are all acceptable).
  4.  Back squat (hip crease must be below kneecap for each squat to count).
  5. Press overhead anyhow from behind the neck with lockout (knees, hips and elbows must be fully extended).
  6. The rep is not complete until the judge calls “GOOD” on lockout. WAIT FOR THE SIGNAL.

Scoring: Each COMPLETED complex is worth 1 point. If the bar is dropped at any point within the complex, the athlete must start again from the clean from the floor. Partial complexes do not count. Partners may divide the work for this event as they see fit, but cannot split the work of one complex. Missing any part of the complex constitutes a no-rep.



Event 2/3: 2012 SHOWDOWN REMIX

 A) AMRAP 3 minutes: 30 foot sled pulls (230/165), 30 foot buddy carry

Partner 1 pulls a loaded sled 30 feet, hand over hand with a rope. Feet must be planted during the sled pulls. Once the sled crosses the finish line, Partner 2 sets up to pull the sled back to the starting line (30 feet) in the same manner. Feet must remain planted within the delineated setup area. If either partner moves his/her feet from the set up area, both partners must immediately stop working, air squat and shake hands with each other while saying “I’m Sorry.”After both partners have completed their sled pulls, Partner 1 must buddy carry partner 2 for 30 feet (any manner of carry is permitted but all body parts must be entirely off the ground if you are being carried). When the partners have crossed the finish line, Partner 2 must return to the starting line while buddy carrying partner 1.

WHEN THE THREE MINUTES ARE UP, EACH TEAM HAS 1 MINUTE TO CLEAR THEIR SLED AND SET UP FARMER HANDLES IN THEIR LANES. FARMER CARRY HANDLES SHOULD BE LOADED TO 330 POUNDS TOTAL FOR MEN (165 per handle including handle weight) // 190 TOTAL FOR WOMEN (80 pounds per handle including handle weight).  After 1 minute for setup, Event 2b will begin.


B) AMRAP in 3 minutes, farmer carries.

Teams must complete as many 30 foot passes with loaded farmer handles (230/150) as possible in 3 minutes. Partners must alternate passes.
Scoring: 2 points for each 30 foot pass of the sled. 1 point if the sled makes it at least 15 feet but not the full 30 foot pass. 1 point for each 30 foot pass of the buddy carry. 1 point for each successful farmer carry pass.


EVENT 4: Floater Event (to be completed at each team’s leisure but MUST be done by the time Event 3 is over):

2 minute AMRAP – Partner tire flips [men use the large tire, women use the medium tire]. Partners may either share the load or alternate flips but tire must come to rest before the next flip is attempted.

Scoring: 1 point per flip




“Ask not what your mustache can do for you, but what you can do for your mustache.” – JFK

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