My impression of CFCC from the very first interaction that I had with a coach (Greg during my test out) and with management (Morgan who gave me the intro and signed me up) was very positive and honestly, a bit surprising. For the past eight months I have continued to be impressed by every, single other CFCC employee who has coached me, pushed me, helped with my membership or just answered a question since.

For at least the past ten years I have been a regular member at several different  “large” gyms and also at a center city based boutique training gym. During that time I had learned to not to expect much from any of them. I had also come to expect that gyms are largely interested in collecting your fee or worse, collecting your fee and trying to push or market other add-on programs of questionable intent and efficacy. I quickly learned that what I had known at past gyms was not CFCC’s way and believe me, that quickly made an positive impression on my skeptical self.

I approached CFCC and CrossFit in general a bit skeptical about the “idea” of CrossFit and a bit weary of the higher than average monthly cost. I had initially signed up for a 3x/ week package since that was a bit less per month and I thought it would be enough to give me adequate exposure to the CFCC to see if I liked it and if it motivated me. It only took a couple of months at CFCC for me to decide to go full time. I found that I was using my 3x/week sessions with time to spare in the month and wanting to go more. It is so nice to have finally found a gym where the owners, management and coaches are actually interested in the fitness AND well being of the members and not in just selling them the latest “cleanse” or other voodoo. It is also great to now go to a gym where there are measurable, testable and repeatable methods used to determine baselines, progress and deficiencies with the sole intent of improving the experience and performance of the client. These things are really important to me.

When I talk about my experience at CFCC with friends or colleagues they usually ask me what I pay. When I answer “around $200 a month”, their reactions are mostly that CFCC seems expensive. I then have to explain that $200 a month would be pricey for a typical gym but that CFCC is much more. I explain that the coaches are fitness professionals and that they know what they are doing and what they are talking about.  (I also love that if they don’t know an answer they will tell you so.) I explain that you get things like oly lifting, gymnastics, the FMS and croga included. I also explain that CFCC is so well run and that you can just show up five minutes before a class knowing that you have a spot secured if you’ve signed up on MindBody. This is especially useful to anyone with a busy schedule.
The point of all of this feedback is that I believe CFCC is an incredible value and I am happy to be a member. Yes the price is a little higher than most places but you truly get what you pay for in this case. I believe that as a client at CFCC, your interests are put first and I think that’s hard to find. You guys have pushed me, gotten me into better shape and made it fun while doing so. Please keep up the great work.

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