Checking in: A Fireside Chat.

“Men are not prisoners of fate, but only prisoners of their own minds.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt


Hey there, CFCC.  Erin here. It’s time we had a little chat.

Early on in the formation of CrossFit Center City we held “Town Hall Meetings” to see how people were feeling, field questions, and present new ideas about the growth of the gym as a facility, and as a community.  In those days, we could buy (and CARRY) a cup of coffee for everyone.  Nowadays, we’d be doing a lot of trips across 13th Street to make that happen. :)

The below is a smattering of many things to are coming up, changing, or at the very least concerning to me as we continue to grow and create this “arena for urban athletes”.  If you have thoughts, questions, or just want to say something about any of the below, feel free to sound off in the comments, or email me directly: – I’d love to hear what you think.

Thanks, friends!




1. We are gettin’ big.

I know you’ve all noticed it but now it’s finally time to sit back and really take stock of what has happened to CFCC.  We gained almost 100 members within the space of 3 months.  Yes – we added a third of our previous membership in a short time, and before we could look up to notice, March was here!

But now that we are noticing, we want you to know, that we are firmly, adamantly, ANNOYINGLY, very committed to the quality of what we do: we believe that CrossFit should be presented in a personal way, that Coaches should know you, your name, your numbers, and that we are all stronger under the bar when we know a little bit about our spotters.

In order to maintain the quality of what we do, here are a few of the changes we are making with our growth (in no particular order):

  • New equipment – more members means a better equipment budget – you’ve noticed a little bit of this around, we’ll continue to add more as we are able.  Until then, we know that the extra stuff is already helping and that’s a relief!  That said, there’s more on the way!
  • New places to put equipment – we’re still getting more shelving, doing a little more organizing, and still working on getting some new things hung in our brand spankin’ new high ceiling-ed area.  Thanks for dealing with the demo of the ceiling – now, we have lots of room for more toys!
  • Closing off the Dojo – it’s sad, but right now it’s the best move.  The door’s coming soon – until then, it’s nice to have a little extra wall space. :)
  • Experimenting with Programming – we’ve been doing more EMOM stuff and we’ve been trying to keep things as simple as possible without making them ineffective.  We’re also experimenting this cycle with programming just a little differently for some of our specialized classes like Advanced Team and Shoulder Love.  I’m VERY excited for this cycle (described below).
  • Individual Assessments – we are beginning the long process of working on individually assessing each one of you for movement and mobility deficits.  This will take a while, but I wanted you to know it was in the works.  For more on what this might look like, go here.
  • Adding More Staff – see the below.
  • Capping Workout of the Day sessions at 24 members and, as often as is physically possible, putting 3 coaches on these sessions.  Also, trying to maintain the frequency and quality of Members-Only-accessible Specialized Classes.
  • A New Schedule Policy – you have all been notified of this, and you’ve all been extremely cooperative and helpful.  Thank you so much for rolling with the punches!  We think this is really helping us to get you to classes that you sign up for but it also gives us a way of knowing exactly what kind of help we’ll need day-to-day.
  • Space Expansion.  I can’t say much more quite yet, but we’re very seriously looking into it.
  • Members-Only events and seminars – look below for all the options!
  • No more Elements til May! That’s right.  We’re literally turning people away so we can focus on all of you wonderful folks! Membership to the gym is still accessible but for now, only through personal training.
2. About that new staff…

Young Daniel Bove is, as some of you have heard through the grapevine, leaving us to pursue Graduate Studies in Kinesiology.  We couldn’t be prouder of his time here, and we know that wherever he goes he will be successful, eat lots of ice cream, and continue to put up some ridiculous numbers.  We also know that we will miss him. He’ll be helping us on Thursdays (Open WOD Day!) and be working on a surprise piece of art for CFCC, and then he’ll be on his way.  Feel free to ask him about where he’s headed and tell him how much you miss his beard.

We are, in light of this, looking to hire a new full-time coach but will not be able to do this until AFTER the Open.  In the meantime, we’ve added some great new help that has been in the works for a long time.


Morgan Voz is coming on to help us full-time with all things administrative.  We are stupidly happy she’s here.  Her bio will probably have short shorts and a story about how much she loves it when people email in short misspelled sentences!

Cassie Haynes Grassia and Emily Record are coming on to serve as assistant coaches while we are going through the Open and hopefully up until the summer.  They’re both Level 1 certified, badass athletes, AND they’re full of great CrossFit stories to tell – their bios will be up soon so you can begin the stalking process :) Look for them in sessions THIS WEEK.

Coach Ave is officially full-time!  And officially nursing a sprained ankle as of Friday – she stepped off a bench just switching the position of a ring and immediately regretted it.  Things aren’t that bad, but if you see her in sessions this week, be extra nice.

3. We’ve got some great events coming up!

The John Broz Weightlifting Seminar.  March 11th and 13th (Monday and Wednesday) evening we are hosting an Olympic Lifting Coach who has trained athletes to worldwide levels of success.  Don’t miss out on this opportunity to get a great eye on your lifts!

Ian Clement and Marcy Rose, two of our own, are lifting in the National Master’s Category for Olympic Weightlifting.  The competition will be nearby and you should DEFINITELY go with me!  All the info is here, and it happens on the weekend of March 8th through the 10th.

The CrossFit Open starts in THREE DAYS – view more below about how the cycle will work in light of this… and sign up here!

4.20.13 – Partner Competition.  These are the BEST kinds of CF Competition and this one will be friendly to all levels. Details to come soon, but definitely save the date!

5.11.13 – The CrossFit Total. CFCC’s biannual Raw Strength event.  Come max your Deadlift, Back Squat, and Press all in one day!  We lift huge things, PR, get weird, and eat something afterwards (pretty much the best day ever).

The next BCCC (Body Composition Change Challenge) will be happening in May!

Regionals, the next step to the CrossFit Games after people qualify through the Open.  We are in the mid-Atlantic region and our regional is June 7-9th.

Who wants to go the CrossFit Games?  A couple members have already bought their tickets and these will sell out quickly. Find out all you need to know here.

4. We’ve got some Personal Training time to give away!

To claim your prize, email :)

Theresa Pearson, you win for the month of January!


Pete Sneeringer, you win for the month of February!


5. Our barbells look a little different.


6. The OLY Coaches are taking a break this week, but I, Erin, will still be around to cover as many classes as I can – we are reassessing our staffing for these classes so we can provide as much as possible given the space and time that we have.
7. Programming for the next 6 weeks of the Open will go as follows:

*Along the way, Shoulder safe options will be provided for those of you who have particular loose shoulders.


STRENGTH: Always the same, Peak of 1 Front Squat, and then, every minute on the minute, a set of 3 reps of a pause front squat (pause for 3 seconds in the bottom), then 2 reps on the next minute, then 1 rep on the next minute.  Then, you go back up, 2 reps, then 3 reps.  Use 75-80% of your peak of the day for this “cluster”. The whole exercise takes 6 minutes per person, and so, if a few people are sharing, and a few people are going after the people sharing, we end up with a total of 30 minutes devoted to our strength portion, tops.

CONDITIONING: Short burst single leg dominant efforts. Simple, but not easy gassers (think, 3 rounds: run 400m alternated with 25 air squats). :)

For Advanced Class: you will do the strength work as a squat clean day.  Peak your squat clean on the main floor under the direction of a Coach, and complete the cluster as squat cleans with the same percentage (75-80%).  Your conditioning WODs will vary but this one will be exactly the same as it is for everyone else most of the time.


STRENGTH: 3 coaches will be present and this means we can do a lot!  We’ll super-set the Snatch Press with the Weighted Hip Thrust.

CONDITIONING: Single Arm Dominant Metcons.

For Advanced Class: most of you should rest on this day if you intend to peak on Thursday or the Open WOD.


POWER and CONDITIONING: Neural Recharge Day!  Big powerful movements: jumps and throws.

For Advanced Class: The Regular Workout of the Day, for priming.

There’s late-night Foundations on this evening!

The Open WOD is announced this evening!


THE CROSSFIT OPEN WOD – Judged. Sign up today!

Every class will be doing this, and we will never know what it is until the night before!  There will be three coaches on hand to handle all your questions!

For Advanced Class: A 10am, 330pm, and 830pm hour will be provided for those who would like to complete the WOD.


SKILL WORK: For the Rope Climb – we’ve got more ropes on the way!

STRENGTH: Weighted Ring Dip with two coaches.  For more on this movement and specifically shoulder health, see here!

CONDITIONING: Deadlift-Dominant Metcons.

For Advanced Class: The regular workout of the day with some muscle-up and hspu work thrown in along the way in the strength portion and the conditioning portion.


REDO the Games WOD of the Week, 1-3pm.

Or complete an Oly session, a Squatting session, or a Conditioning Only session.


LAST-CHANCE Games make-up session, for Advanced athletes only, 9-11am.

Try out Croga, Beach Season (a class for benchin’ and pullin’), the Benchmark WOD with Cassie and Record, Strongman, and Olympic Lifting!

There’s Foundations at 1pm on this day with Tim!

This whole cycle is all about getting strong in the right places (for lower backs and/or unstable shoulders), while ramping up in Conditioning and Performance for the Open.  Send questions about how to plan YOUR next 6 weeks via this programming to!

Also, if you have ANY other questions about anything in this post, FEEL FREE TO EMAIL ME!

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