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Chris came to CFCC from a long history of athleticism (FOOTBALL!) and a number of months spent CrossFitting at a gym outside of Center City. We originally took him on as a member during the period of the CrossFit Games Sectionals in 2011, and soon found that his skills as an athlete were well-balanced and also well, really really fast.  We also found out that he LOVED talking about CrossFit!

Since then, Chris has honed his abilities as a Coach under the watchful eye of his fellow CFCC Coaching Team, he’s competed in Olympic Weightlifting, and placed favorably in many area CrossFit competitions.  He is particularly passionate about working with CFCC members who are still active in their respective sports.

He loves explaining difficult concepts to new members, has negative interactions while demonstrating how to use gymnastics bands, and is also really good at doing every conditioning workout with such intensity that we can’t understand a word he says right afterwards.  In all seriousness, Chris’s diligent work ethic, his humble spirit, and the general positivity that he brings to every session he coaches at CFCC makes him an amazing athlete and a pretty fantastic Coach too.

What is your athletic/professional background? My athleticism started at a very young age, probably somewhere around the time I learned to walk and maybe even before that. My parents encouraged my sisters and I to be active as much as we could from the very beginning, which was kind of a gift and a curse. As a young kid, I was crawling and climbing all over anything I could find, which led to a scary situation involving me crawling outside our house and up the ladder of an above the ground swimming pool. Thankfully, my parents caught me before I fell in, but this served as a catalyst for my parents not only to encourage us to be active but also to teach us how to survive and move properly in all environments. Shortly after that my parents had my sisters and I taking swimming lessons. This led to competitive swimming, which led to many other sports.

By my adolescent age, I was involved in as many sports as I had the time for such as swimming, baseball, football, basketball, soccer, golf, hockey, surfing, skiing/snowboarding, and many more. In high school, I started to consolidate my sport playing by mainly sticking to football, baseball, and track.

After high school, I was recruited to play Division III football at Franklin & Marshall College. I went on to be a four year starter as a defensive back for the Diplomats, and also received a degree in Government with a minor in Business.

After college, I continued to stay active by venturing out to Jackson Hole, WY where I spent most of my time focusing on outdoor sports such as snowboarding, rock climbing, white water rafting, etc.

Finally, in 2010, I discovered Crossfit and became hooked instantly. I received my Level 1 Certification in 2011, and shortly after began shadowing classes at Crossfit Center City. After months of intensive learning, I graduated to an assist coach which then led to me becoming a part-time coach for about three years. In August of 2014, I finally made the step to become a full-time Crossfit instructor at Crossfit Center City, which has been one of the best decisions I have ever made.

List any notable athletic achievements: 
2002 South Jersey Group III Football State Champions (Mainland Regional HS)
2004 Centennial Conference Champions (Franklin & Marshall College)
Advanced to 2013 Crossfit Regionals Mid-Atlantic as team<

What are your goals as a Coach. Where do you feel your strengths lie?My goals as a coach are to be constantly challenging my athletes and myself to always be willing to learn more and work harder everyday. I feel my strengths lie in my patience, determination, and my passion.

What is CrossFit to you (or weightlifting)? Crossfit represents many facets of my life, and continues to sink it’s root further and further into my livlihood. It allows me to feel healthy, to fuel competitive spirit, to fulfill my love for teaching, and finally challenge myself and others to be better everyday.

What is your most memorable CrossFit/weightlifting moment? I would have to say helping my team advance to the 2014 Crossfit Mid-Atlantic Regionals

What are your goals as an athlete?
Continue to progress in my strength: Back Squat 400lbs, Deadlift 500lbs, Snatch 100kg, C&J 137kg
Complete a triathlon
Qualify for CrossFit Regionals
Further my education and certifications within CrossFit and the fitness world

What are your hobbies outside of training? Staying active in all sports and life: surfing, snowboarding, football, rock climbing etc. Spending time with family and friends. Enjoying good food and drink. Always continuing to learn

What is your favorite Philly restaurant? Modo Mio.

What are you relevant Certifications and Experiences?

Personal Training with Chris:
$75/hour – please inquire about availability by emailing

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