Day 18. What Are Good Sources of Carbs?

This is a topic we discussed at our group Q&A. Have a question, problem or tip you want to share with the group? Join us Thursday evenings during the BCCC at 6:30pm in the coaches’ lounge!

In response to all those who are about to turn orange from all the sweet potatoes they’re eating – there is hope!

Click here to take a look at lots of options for dense carbohydrates when you don’t want to eat bread or pasta.

I’ve seen things like cassava, taro, etc all over the city – specifically at Iovine Brothers in Reading Terminal Market and in the Hispanic grocery stores in my neighborhood.

For the record, I have personally decided that I feel okay when I’m eating moderate amounts of white rice in my diet (I decided this AFTER giving it up very strictly for 30 days and adding it back in and realizing that my face didn’t melt off). I realized that I didn’t feel my best when I was getting a lot of carbs from fruit every day (from an energy level/sugar craving standpoint). However, what I have noticed is that, given the opportunity – I can eat A LOT of white rice in one sitting. I’m not sure if it’s because it’s such pure starch that there’s really no built-in stopping mechanism that makes me feel full/satiated, or if it’s just because I’m weird and really like the taste. At any rate, I definitely don’t eat it every day,  but when I want sushi occasionally, I don’t worry too much about the rice.

Here’s an interesting post that sums up why I usually tend to go for white rice over brown.


What’s your favorite way to prepare your carbs? Post to comments!


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