Day 3. Food Logging.

Last night around 9pm I was effing around my kitchen and decided I wanted to try blending something, which was weird, because I’m usually way too lazy to clean my blender (side note: am I the only one who actually avoids certain kitchen implements because I’m too lazy to clean them? I’M LOOKING AT YOU GARLIC PRESS.) Specifically, I wanted to see how much baby spinach I could stuff in there before it would overtake the flavor of 1/2 a frozen banana and a dollop of coconut milk.

LESSON LEARNED. I tossed and turned for what felt like HOURS last night, and the smoothie felt like a rock in my stomach. I have no idea if my body hated the infusion of liquid food that late at night, or if it just gave me a burst of energy at the wrong time of day, or some weird combination of both….but I was not a happy camper. So, I guess that’s today’s lesson? Even if all the pieces of what you’re making are “allowed” in whatever plan you have yourself on, don’t forget that the TIMING of the nutrients you’re giving your body make all the difference.

And this is why keeping a food log is so, so important. After doing this for months and months and MONTHS, it automatically occurs to me that when something strange is happening in my body, the first thing I think about it “what did I eat last?” But for those of you that are new to this, I can’t emphasize enough – WRITE DOWN WHAT YOU ARE EATING. The human body is a complicated piece of machinery, and you really need to have a grasp of all the clues to solve the mystery. And the solution, for me at least, is that food right before bed is no bueno.


If you need ideas about where you can log your food, just ask (or peruse the comments, your colleagues have some awesome tumblrs and blogs to check out!) I’ve gotten Excel spreadsheets, posts on the message boards, emailed iPhone photos of meals, and spiralbound notebooks with everything noted by hand. This morning, Cathryn showed me my new favorite one – a daily planner that’s broken up into hours that she uses only for food and workouts. Data is fun!

Moving right along.

Today, I’m feeling great, with the exception of a minor moment just now that I wanted to fall facedown into something sugary. Instead, I’m drinking tea.

Goal Check-In:

1. Train consistently and eat to support that – LE SIGH.
2. Not too much fruit today – a few raisins in my carrot salad. Grabbed lunch from Grocery in a pinch – salmon, morrocan carrot salad, and some white rice.
3. Avoided sugar
4. Avoided cheese and wine.
5. Unsalted pastured butter in my coffee this morning. SO GOOD.
6. Sauerkraut with lunch FTW!
7. 1 cup of coffee.
8. Mindful eating – I suspect that I may need to hit myself over the proverbial head regarding this and item #1.


How’s Day 3 going, everyone? Please keep letting us know in the comments! We’re doing our best to keep up and offer suggestions and feedback!


PS: Philly Cowshare reached out to us to see if we’d be interested in purchasing a whole cow as a group- that’s grassfed, local, antibiotic/hormone-free, HAPPY cow, people! And if we buy a whole cow and divide it 8 ways (or more if we want, you can split a share), you end up saving even more money. A 1/8 share is about $350 which would work out to about 43 pounds of meat. If we can swing this, Philly Cowshare will feature us and our awesomeness AND our recipes in their social media. The deadline is tight, but I wanted to put it out there for you guys considering we just began the BCCC, you may want to stock up for the season, and finding good, ethical and sustainable meat sources are always cool. If you’d be interested, email, jump over to the CFCC EATS Facebook page and comment on the post, or look for the signup sheets that I’m posting in the bathrooms and near the front desk of the gym!

PPS: Don’t forget to join us on Thursday night at 6:30 for Q&A! I’ll be taking notes and will try to get the questions and answers up on the blog as soon as possible for anyone that can’t attend. If you have a question that you think would benefit the group, come ready to ask it – and if you can’t be there, feel free to email it to me at

29 Responses to “Day 3. Food Logging.”
  1. crossfitcentercity says:

    Definitely your best artwork… and obviously one that Maddox approves of (he’s both BATDOG AND SCOOBY DOO at the same time you know).

    That said, yes, I think it’s honestly raw spinach… I’ve read some things about this somewhere I swear – but therein lies your point – FOODLOGGING IS WHERE IT’S AT.

    Here’s to lactobacillus, acidophilus, and all our friends,


  2. Jeff B. says:

    PROTEIN: 199G CARBS: 112G FAT: 113G CALORIES: 2223
    Tracking food using Android app “MyFitnessPal” which is really easy and automatically syncs with the web – an easy food diary tool. Really educates you quickly on the macronutrient (and even some micronutrient) content of everyday foods.

    (This is gonna get embarassing…I kind of eat the same thing everyday.)

    Breakfast: 2 hardboiled eggs, 2 slices bacon, 1 coffee black, 3 forkfulls kimchi
    vitC 1000mg, 4g fish oil, Athletic Greens greens cocktail supplement

    8 am class; then 1 sweet potato, 10g BCAAs

    Lunch: 3 chicken thighs (skin removed), steamed green beans (I know – legumes are a no no – but it’s in my CSA, and I seem to remember it’s ok if it’s in the pod? Slows insulin spike? Is that it?)

    Snack: Espresso, 1/2 cup almonds (unsalted, roasted)

    Dinner: 2 cajun-spiced catfish fillets, collard greens & garlic sauteed in olive oil, 1/2 cup coffee black

    I used to have a square of 88% dark chocolate for dessert, but since I’m avoiding sugar, I still find I need *something* to kind of wash away the meal. An espresso or small bit of coffee is serving that purpose.

    A question for the group: After a great morning CFCC session, I find that I’m often a bit spaced out for the rest of the day. I feel fine, but there’s often this low level — I don’t know the perfect word — mild fatigue/utter relaxation/utter calmness; none of these words really hit it on the head, but let’s just say I’m not 100% sharp, which can get problematic at work despite the obvious positive aspects. Does anyone else experience this and, if so, what do you do about it? More water intake? I know I fall short here. I’d rather not try more coffee.

    Goal check: diet – good, strength – good (lots o’ PR’s), mobility – started tonight! Will post program tomorrow. Off to sleep.

    • crossfitcentercity says:

      Jeff –

      Glad you brought up green beans – I meant to clarify that in the seminar. Green beans are okay. They’re definitely way more pod than bean and the only reason I’d tell you to stop eating them was if they were the ONLY green vegetable you were eating (as in, vary your veggies).

      I admittedly have no earthly clue what could be a solution to your problem-that’s-a-non-problem….I’ll look into it unless Erin has an immediate answer!


      • Jeff B. says:

        I love it (“problem-that’s-a-non-problem”)! You’re right…I am, quite honestly, not completely used to being so internally relaxed with some of the things thrown at me at work. This damn exercise thing is working!

        • Abbey says:


          Sometimes the first week or two of changing up your diet can lead to foggy brain. Stick with it and it will pass. Soon enough you will feel sharper than ever and more productive. Another thought about timing of your morning meal to after training and if you need something small beforehand than play with that.


  3. Cait says:

    Highlights from Day 2:

    – Breakfast was once again kale and hard boiled eggs. Today I was a little sad because it wasn’t as awesome as yesterday. Tomorrow I will have it again but this time with two turkey sausage links that I picked up at the Terminal today! Stoked for this.
    – Again had my Sun Warrior protein but this time with water – not bad at all. I had it a little earlier today (11:30ish) because I was super hungry and obsessing about satiating my tummy.
    – Lunch was leftovers! Chicken/sage/apple sausage and an avocado/spinach/basil cream sauce. I also ate a red pepper. Pretty satisfying lunch because I love leftovers in general. The sauce worked well as a dip for the pepper. I will remember this and use this as a hummus substitute!
    – For dinner I COOKED MEAT AGAIN! I used ground turkey I picked up today on my Erin adventure to make this recipe minus the slaw. I had mine in lettuce wraps with some sricacha. Also had a big ol green salad. Boom – delicious.
    – I again resisted the M&Ms. I am again extraordinarily proud of myself for this.
    – I am now pretty sure that dessert is going to be an issue for me. I need to come up with some ideas for my constant after dinner desire for sweets. Tea is only kind of cutting it.

    Questions I have for all the wise ones:
    – What are some dessert ideas? I am not giving up fruit, just limiting it so some nights I will have that but what elseeee can I have??
    – What is up with eating before bed? Is there a “too late” time for dinner (for my 10:30 bed time)?
    – Before my 8 am WOD I have about 6 oz of black coffee and a teaspoon of almond butter. I feel decent. Is this a suitable pre-WOD food intake?


    • Travis Wells says:

      Your post got me thinking about desserts…a lot…probably since I’m not eating any fruit or sugar. Here are a few ideas.


    • crossfitcentercity says:

      Hey – I think you’re doing great!

      However I’m morally obligated to play meanie with the dessert thing.

      The constant desire for sweets after dinner, if you continue to satiate it even with paleofied desserts, is never going to go away. If your body is trained to get a hit of sugar at a certain time of day, it’s going to fight tooth and nail to get it, and it honestly doesn’t know the difference between white sugar, honey, maple syrup, sucanat, what have you.

      The reason that I generally am cool if people wean themselves off dessert by having some berries or a square of very dark chocolate or something is simply because there isn’t as much sugar in the berries/dark chocolate (much like weaning yourself off coffee by cutting it with decaf until eventually you’re entirely on decaf). Plus, fruit and dark chocolate do have good stuff in them.

      For general life outside of this challenge, I’m totally cool with dessert. Occasionally. I love dessert and I think that treats are perfectly fine. I’m also totally fine with “paleo-fying” stuff for special occasions, because if the occasion is there, of course I want to pick the option that’s going to make me feel good.

      The problem is when those occasional once a week treats become every night and lead to that feeling that you just aren’t done eating for the day until you’ve had something sweet. Contrary to what your brain is telling you, there’s absolutely no physiological requirement for sugar in your daily diet. And for the course of the Challenge when the purpose is to examine your relationship to foods, both physically and mentally, I’d really encourage you to push through the first week when the cravings are strong. Trust me, I understand these cravings! They are strong within me as well, as you can see from my food logs :)

      A practical suggestion – decide that for the next week you’ll stick to a little bit of fruit or very dark chocolate (80% or darker) if you feel like you “need” something, but I really encourage you to do your best to break that evening habit at least for the duration of the Challenge.

      Does that make sense?

      With regard to eating before bed, generally about 2-3 hours before sleeping is a good time to be done (for most people). You don’t want your stomach to be growling, but you don’t want to be completely stuffed.

      Pre-WOD stuff is pretty individualized and depend a lot on your specific goals – for your purposes right now, if you are feeling good during your workouts, I don’t think you need to change anything. You should see an increase in strength just by training consistently and getting more protein as you’re adding meat.

      Hope this helps!


    • Abbey says:

      Yeah for eating chicken!!! Find some different herbal teas for at night to curb the want for dessert. I LOVE this tea

  4. Melanie says:

    I am really torn about how to approach training right now. I keep thinking that I want to capitalize on this month and get the best results possible, and I have such a good time when I workout at CFCC and want to get better, stronger, faster, etc. but this desire is at odds with the rest I need to give my body to help my body heal itself. I’m sitting here totally torn between a workout and just going to bed because I have a headache and I can’t take any ibuprofen because it is bad for the stomach lining. Anyway, I finally had a bit of a hungry day, although still nothing like I used to have. I ate really well yesterday, but maybe not enough. I woke up feeling really hollow so I drank two big cups of broth before I went to work and then had about a cup of blueberries around 10. Ate my ground pork/greens for lunch with kombucha and decided to finally make something more interesting for dinner. This was a great idea, actually, I used the braised grass-fed beef that was on the shanks I used to make broth (I had a ton) and made a homemade Thai yellow curry (sans tomatoes, chili peppers, and potatoes (substituted sweet potatoes). I even went to the specialty market and bought the fermented shrimp paste the recipe called for, which was truly one of the most disgusting foodstuffs I’ve ever seen up close. I don’t understand how ingredients of shrimp and salt can turn into greyish, purplish sludge. Anyway, with the delicious shrimp paste, lemongrass, ginger, garlic, shallots, fish sauce, homemade broth and coconut milk (plus a bunch of non-nightshade spices) and my leftover braised beef I made a totally delicious curry. It could have used some rice, but it didn’t feel sad to have it without. I totally debated about adding the one tablespoon of palm sugar that the recipe called for, because I know it’s not on my plan, but it was such a tiny amount given that the recipe probably made 4-5 servings, and I couldn’t add hot peppers, so I added it. Now it is delicious and I’m going to eat it, but I do feel like in retrospect I should have stuck with not using it because it’s not on plan.

    • crossfitcentercity says:

      Mel –

      Working backwards. I wouldn’t be concerned about 1 tsp of sugar in 4-5 servings. Truly I wouldn’t.
      Drooling over your curry, it sounds delicious!

      I think your hungry day may have been due to the fact that you just didn’t eat too much, so you were probably legitimately hungry. Let’s talk a little more about that on Friday when I see you.

      We can talk about training too because it’s true that stress can be a big factor in gut issues but I understand that sometimes the workout is stress RELIEVING in and of itself. Do you find psychologically that you’re able to come in and simply go at 75% effort, or do you get caught up in going balls-to-the-wall (often a problem for me when I”m with the group). If it helps you to be here and be in a routine, it’s definitely not always a bad thing to just dial the intensity back a little bit and not worry about PRing so much as just getting some volume in.

      Erin may weigh in on training, but that’s my opinion – and for the record it’s what I WISH I would have had the wherewithal to do when I was in the middle of stressful times in my life, and I do regret stopping training completely.


      • Melanie says:

        It did turn out really well! I was craving something with more flavor than I’d been eating, and thought a non-spicy curry would work, then I looked at the curry paste I already had and realized it was in a base of soybean oil. No bueno! So glad I took the time to make my own. It was worth it to have something slightly different but still ok. I thought you’d be excited by the shrimp paste :) All the fermented things! I plan to add some spinach to it when I reheat it tomorrow, as I meant to add that today and just forgot. That actually should extend it even more. I keep thinking it would be hilarious for me to start a food blog and just take pictures of broth, kombucha and ground meat/greens over and over again. As for training, I think it’s really a question of not forcing myself to go out of guilt when I’m not feeling well. I decided not to force the issue, as making myself go when I don’t feel well is counterproductive.

  5. Jaclyn H. says:

    Day 3 has been up and down for me. I have been sick the past two days, so I skipped my CFCC class after work Monday because I felt really off and stayed home from work today. Not sure if it is low carb flu, the weather change, or what, but I have felt terrible.

    Made meatballs (veal, pork, beef mix) last night with homemade marinara and peppers and onions, so I ate leftovers of that for lunch, then used the rest of the marinara tonight for a sort-of casserole with sausage, spinach, cauliflower, and mushrooms. Lots of seltzer with lemon at home today, and a few squares of dark chocolate just now watching Downton Abbey :) I made egg muffins with sausage and spinach on Sunday, so that is on deck for breakfast all week.

    Hoping to feel better so I can to catch up at work and peak broad jumps and deadlifts tomorrow!

    • crossfitcentercity says:

      Jaclyn –

      It may very well have been a combination of a lot of things- I know people’s allergies were off the wall the last few days. Hopefully things clear up now that this OMGTORNADOSTORMSYSTEM has passed through. Keep calm and carry on!


  6. Khanh says:

    Day 3 started off with a 2 egg omelet with sausage, peppers, tomatoes, and onion. I also had a cup of coffee with a splash of half&half.

    Went to the noon session and PR’ed my floor press!!!!

    I drank my usually after work out protein shake with soymilk, a banana, and a spoon of peanut butter. Here is where I am iffy about, how do you guys feel about protein powder, soymilk, and peanut butter? The protein I use is whey, and it’s from Optinum Nutrition. I’m not doing strict paleo, just cutting out gluten, and cutting back on sugar, dairy, and drinking. Please give me your opinion on this matter.

    My lunch was slow cooked stuffed pork chops with mashed sweet potatoes, and I did not have my afternoon coffee.

    Dinner was the same as lunch, except for the salad that Heather made for me. It had spinach, carrots, peppers, cucumbers, and shrimp.

    After reading some of the blogs that some of you guys have started to track this whole journey, I have been inspired to create my own. I will update it daily with pictures if I remember to take them before devouring my food.

    • crossfitcentercity says:

      Hey Khanh,

      At some point I’d love to see you tweak that whey protein supplement entirely (that is, explore dropping dairy completely.). For now, I feel less good about soymilk and peanut butter :)

      Assuming you’re using a generic brand like Silk, the ingredients are: All Natural Soymilk (Filtered Water, Soy Flour), All Natural Evaporated Cane Juice, Calcium Carbonate, Sea Salt, Carrageenan, Natural Flavors, Sodium Ascorbate (Vitamin C), Reb A (Natural Stevia Leaf Sweetener), Vitamin A Palmitate, Vitamin D2, Riboflavin (B2), Vitamin B12.

      Aside from the evidence about the phytoestrogens in soy, carageenan is a pretty nasty filler that has been shown to do some pretty bad things to people (although it’s “natural” because it’s “derived from seaweed” hah!)

      Peanut butter generally contains sugar and some less than optimal refined vegetable oils, aside from the whole legume/lectin thing that we talked about in the seminar.

      At this stage of the game I’d MUCH rather you a) mixing your protein powder with water, which isn’t that weird, and making up the calories with real food or b) at the very least, make sure you’re using peanut butter that doesn’t have added sugar or bad oil (you can get peanut butter at Whole Foods that’s just ground peanuts) and use some high quality full fat dairy or coconut milk as the liquid.

      Does that help a little?

      Don’t grill your foot! -Michael Scott


  7. Amber says:

    Food intake for the past 3 days:

    Total Cals 1223
    Fat 62 (28%)
    Net Carbs 20 (9%)
    Sugar 15 (6%)
    Protein 128 (57%)
    Sleep Hours 7
    Workout Strongman/Croga
    Time 10:00 AM
    Duration 120 min
    Workout 2 oly
    Time 12:00 PM
    Duration 60 min
    Workout 3 squatting
    Time 1:00 PM
    Duration 60 min

    Notes About the Day:

    Did not sleep enough, late, late night at a party, spent forever at the gym. Sort of wrecked


    Total Cals 1535
    Fat 78 (27%)
    Net Carbs 53 (18%)
    Sugar 14 (5%)
    Protein 142 (50%)
    Sleep Hours 7.5
    Workout CrossFit
    Time 6:00 AM
    Duration 60 min
    Workout 2 CrossFit
    Time 7:30 PM
    Duration 60 min

    Notes About the Day:

    Woke up OK, anticipation of a bad day at work lead to stress and a bad morning at the gym. Not faceplanting into chocolate is a huge win. Dinner at Good Dog Bar with MM


    Total Cals 1537
    Fat 79 (28%)
    Net Carbs 27 (10%)
    Sugar 16 (6%)
    Protein 156 (56%)
    Sleep Hours 8
    Workout squatting
    Time 6:30 PM
    Duration 60 min
    Workout 2 CrossFit
    Time 7:30 PM
    Duration 60 min

    Notes About the Day:

    Feeling better today. Couldn’t get out of bed, but already have plans to go to 6:30 squat session, so I’ll just stay for the 7:30. I’ll eat dinner at the office so I don’t eat a house when I get home

  8. Heather says:

    Today was a little frustrating. I feel like all I do lately is cook. I think I need to prep a little more on the weekends so I don’t feel like all I do in the morning is cook. I work 2nd shift, so my days go something like this: wake up, cook breakfast, hit the noon session, cook lunch, and get ready to leave for work around 3.

    So this is what I did eat today..
    Breakfast was 2 scrambled eggs with peppers and onions and a slice of bacon with a cup of coffee with a splash of unsweetened almond milk. For lunch I had a cup of shrimp tossed with franks hot sauce and a small spinach salad. And for dinner Khanh brought me pork chops stuffed with almonds, apples, and bacon and some mashed sweet potatoes.

    So this weekend I’m going to try and plan out my meals for the next week so I can cook less and be more efficient in the kitchen. While I don’t mind cooking, I hate spending all day in the kitchen.

    On a side note, I think work is going to be the most challenging place for me. People bringing in so many delicious looking sweets. Staying strong and saying no! Yay!

    • crossfitcentercity says:

      Heather – you can definitely batch cook a lot of stuff, especially for breakfast and lunch. I definitely don’t have the functionality to cook anything in the morning. Try hardboiling a bunch of eggs in advancing, making a big fritatta and cutting it into six pieces that you can take to work and reheat, or look into egg muffins!


  9. Luke L says:

    First, I’m really enjoying reading the other posts and the CFCC eats FB page. As someone who hasn’t explored (or frankly even hear of) some of the ingredients, its great to get some ideas.

    Breakfast – 2 eggs with onions and 3 pieces of bacon over a bed of romaine lettuce, coffee (black), and a glass of whole milk. Incidentally, this was probably my first glass of whole milk in a couple of years and it was DELICIOUS! I know I’m a lover of all things dairy, but I seriously think I could drink half a gallon of milk a day.

    Lunch – pork chop, grilled asparagus, and sauteed vegetables (cucumbers, zucchini, onions, red/orange/yellow peppers)

    Snack – apple, almonds

    Dinner (post workout) – Another chunk of the roast I had yesterday. It was a pre-seasoned roast from Trader Joe’s that I made in the crock pot, so I’m not sure what was all in the seasoning as I threw the packaging away, but I’ll have to look the next time at TJs to make sure none of the seasoning ingredients contained gluten. Also had carrots, leaks, broccoli, kale chips, and another glass of whole milk.

    No afternoon coffee (a rarity for me, but I didn’t feel like I needed it).

    Workout: Gymnastics. Tabata L-sits kicked my butt. Almost got a kipping handstand pushup…hopefully set a foundation for next time I try them.

    Question: If I don’t want to eat eggs every day for breakfast, what do people do to still get some protein? Or is the answer just eat for breakfast what I would eat for dinner?

    Full commentary at:

    • crossfitcentercity says:

      Luke –

      Glad you’re enjoying everything! And hoorah for REAL MILK! Isn’t it awesome when you are finally “allowed” to enjoy something people have been consuming happily for generations?

      Definitely check those seasoning ingredients. Gluten and other nasty stuff sneaks in there A LOT, and seasoning stuff yourself usually ends up being not so difficult :)

      Yep! Breakfast can be anything you damn well please. It’s weird at first to think of eating non-breakfast foods, but if you simply think of it as Meal 1, Meal 2, and Meal 3 instead of breakfast lunch and dinner, it’s less weird. Put it this way, I often eat ground turkey, sweet potato and kale for breakfast, and omelettes and bacon are one of my favorite easy dinners. Food is food!


  10. Mason says:

    Today was pretty intense for me:

    Started off bright and early with 8am crossfit (PR on the floor press!) and then basically crashed pretty hard. I’ve been so low calorie that even with carbs and BCAAs before/after working out I was still wiped out pretty badly. I think I’m also hitting that “fat-adaptation” wall that comes in the early stages of a very low carb diet…. the afternoon was not pleasant.

    Food intake was (in order):

    1. Cliff Builder Bar (NOT good food for health purposes, but was easy and hit my macronutrient goals).
    2. Whey protein/BCAAs after workout
    3. Deconstructed Guacamole Salad with chicken for lunch (from Fuel, one of my go-to lunch deliveries)
    4. Almonds for snack (just a few)
    5. Whole Foods hot bar for dinner including beef chili, lots of grilled veggies, and some chicken.

    … And in other news, I would love to discuss some restaurant and delivery options for those of us who have very little time to cook. I know it is definitely preferable to make stuff at home (and I do enjoy cooking) but there are many instances when that just isn’t possible… Anyone have recommendations for good and healthy food places that deliver in the city?

    — Mason

    • Mason says:

      Oh and I completely forgot that I had two eggs and some turkey after the workout also. So that’s in there just after the whey protein.

  11. Meghan says:

    Day 3? Day 2? Day 40?

    I have no idea what day it is on the challenge because I can echo the importance of logging what you eat and do every single day because it works and because for the last 6 weeks that’s what I’ve been doing. MEG RAMOS YOU SPEAK THE TRUTH. I do know this: I was too tired to get out of bed this morning for endurance after enduring 4 hours on my feet last night dancing my face off at the Florence + the Machine show. And I chose to sleep that extra hour instead. It was glorious.

    Midway through the first week (Logging food, sleep, and water intake weekly in an excel spreadsheet to look for patterns, as discussed) I’m meeting all my goals (except yoga, which resumes Thursday, as I had the concert on Tuesday. Yoga = Tues, Thurs, and Sat/Sun). Still consistently training at 6 AM though, and seem to be coming back pretty well from both the nasty back wrench from Christine as well as the slightly more nasty spill I took off a 3-story platform courtesy of Flugtag…still going to be avoiding deadlifting for a while. I suspect my ancient bones will appreciate me for it.

    Have gotten close to at least 7 hours of sleep each night this past week
    95% of my meals have been from whole foods
    PR’d my press (missed 125#, which would have been badass, but there’s always next time)

    On the days I do eat breakfast (I don’t eat breakfast on the days I train), I am struggling with good, portable options that do not come in the form of a protein bar or shake. Those are terrible habits that I am still having trouble breaking because the convenience of high protein in a grabbable wrapper is hard to beat. But they’re gross.

    Any suggestions? (Other than egg muffins. Been there, done that.)


    • Abbey says:

      It took a while to get adjusted to but I will eat left overs for breakfast with a little side salad. I also love some chicken sausage with veggies. Lox/smoked Salmon with some greens and avocado also are great and portable. I just roll all that up and munch away at my desk. There are also recipes for egg bakes but if you are tired of eggs I’d try the other options

      • Meghan says:

        Hey Abbey,

        Thanks, yeah I am TOTALLY good for options when I can sit at my desk and eat them – I have no aversion to eating leftovers, it’s just really awkward to do that while moving through the city, with one available hand. So when I mean portable read: handheld. That;s why bars are so appealing, but obviously that’s not ideal. So any ideas for that?


  12. morgan voz says:

    ate out for breakfast this morning which usually warrants a cheat, but i resisted! also made an herb and proscuitto stuffed flank steak for dinner last night which i was super excited about. i decided to take the week off from crossfit metcons to better prepare for the hookgrip meet this sunday, but its left me feeling lazy and unproductive. like oly lifing isnt enough? either way, ill be back to my normal schedule come monday. trying to limit my coffee, to what im not sure yet, but definitely none past 4pm. oh yeah the sugar demon is already knocking my door. on day 3, so soon! :(

    pictures of dinner:

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