Day 5!

Morning: Coffee blended with pastured butter (1/2 regular, 1/2 of my new herbal blend from Teeccino) <–side note, I just realized how it sounds kind of shady that I’m like “hey I have this new HERBAL BLEND.” It’s legit!

Then, got a decaf Americano while Erin and I worked.

*My energy has been CRAZY all day. I have no idea why. I was expecting a giant caffeine crash. So that’s good, hopefully it lasts.

Lunch was at Rice & Mix, which, for the record is an excellent “on the go” option for eating well around here (12th and Walnut). It’s Korean bibimbop, and Erin can speak to this better than I can, but it’s essentially, a mixed bowl of all sorts of things that are fresh or lightly cooked. You can choose rice (white or brown), or no rice at all, 4 different kinds of vegetables, and a meat option (beef, yummm). It’s very light but filling. Had white rice, beef, bok choy, cucumber, mixed greens, and radish with a carrot ginger puree and roasted seaweed on top. And Pellegrino to drink.

4pm: 1 ginger kombucha, 4 pieces of very dark chocolate, and a huge mug of broth. OMG. This broth.

I’m ashamed to say that I’m not sure what’s on my dinner menu tonight. Hopefully I’ll go home and my fridge will be like a magical Narnia wardrobe where I open the door and amazing things happen. We’ll see.


I’ll post a write up of our Q&A Session ASAP. Thanks to all who came out!



19 Responses to “Day 5!”
  1. Erin Conti says:

    I am not sure if I should be posting here or on the CFCC Eats, so I apologize if I’ve posted multiple times. I am keeping the blog log along with many others, and it’s helping tremendously!!! I am really having a good time with this challenge. I am loving reading everyone’s posts, and recipes. I am cooking so much more too!

    So today I didn’t nap!!! SHOCKING!!!! And I was actually excited to get into the gym! Could this be a turning point???? I am still having some sugar cravings, but haven’t given in, which for me, is HUGE!!!! And everyone keeps bringing in cakes, cookies, and cheesecakes into work…and I have said “No thank you” every singe time!!! GO ERIN!!!

    Breakfast today was c/o Krista Cortellini. She shared this idea and recipe with me last night at the gym. It’s super easy and tastes great too! Great to take and make at work if you don’t have time to do it at home before leaving, which is what I did today. Here it is! Thanks Krista!

    (use a relatively deep bowl like if you were making oatmeal)
    -1 egg scrambled
    -whisk in 1/4 cup almond meal from trader joes
    -1/4 tsp aluminum free baking powder
    -dash of sea salt
    -dash vanilla extract or vanilla bean paste
    -very small splash of almond milk or coconut milk
    -tiny drizzle of honey (optional)
    -at the end stir in a few frozen blueberries or maybe chopped strawberries
    -microwave 3 mins (maybe less for normal people but my mic is a pos)
    -I do the tiniest drizzle of real maple syrup when not doing cfccbccc

    Lunch was a salad and left over pork tenderloin from last night’s dinner.

    Dinner was stuffed peppers with ground chicken, mushrooms, and bacon. Because bacon makes everything taste better!!! I just spiced it up with whatever I grabbed, and it was excellent! Paired it with steamed green beans.

    Realize tonight at the gym that my clean sucks!!! Something to work on. I keep pulling the bar too far away from my body…NOT GOOD! And pull ups, and more pull ups, and even more pull ups. Although I can kip pretty well, I did a supinated pull up with the mini band and 2.5 pounds without kipping. Never did that before!

    No studying to do tonight! Finished up my written and map tests and last eval today, so I am book free tonight. And I am looking forward to sitting back with a nice hot cup of tea and just relaxing!!!

  2. Krista says:

    yay, glad you liked it!! I was thinking you could even pack 2 eggs in there instead of 1 but haven’t tried yet. I am going to be working on diff variations during the challenge and perfecting it!

  3. Jeff B. says:

    PROTEIN: 132 FAT: 105 CARBS: 114 CALORIES: 1907

    Diet was mostly on track today (greek salad for lunch at Reading Terminal Market, though — not exactly sure what was in dressing, and I’m never exactly sure what’s in that gyro meat); stretching done today; 100 pull-ups completed today (OMG).

    Off to Boston for next few days — while I’m always concerned about my diet when out of town, I’m staying right near a Whole Foods, so I’m determined not to stray and not to drink alcohol when having dinner with some old friends. This will be a true test of will.

    • morgan voz says:

      jeff, nothing really helps with the drinking situation because sometimes it just sucks. BUT, i usually order a club soda with a lime when im out…its a slightly more complex taste than water and is pretty deceiving to the ignorant onlooker i.e. can pass as a vodka tonic/soda which sad to say is sometimes the biggest hurdle of not drinking socially, those icky scoffs and lame “dude, why are you drinking water?”s. ALSO, if youre out to eat youll be refilled as often as your drinking brethren and thats a whole routine that youll subconsciously be happy youre a part of. good luck!

  4. Helga says:

    So I am a little confused as to how I’m supposed to be keeping track of meals and such this BCCC. Yes, I’ve read the post/email multiple times, but obviously I’m not very bright. I’m not a blogger, so I don’t know if that’ll work for me, but I would like some way to be held accountable for my progress. I haven’t even set a goal yet, and were five days into this thing (I have however been eating clean and going to session). I’m finding my inability to figure this challenge out somewhat frustrating. Blah! Help?!

    • crossfitcentercity says:

      Hey Helga,

      You can keep track however you’d like throughout the day, but generally people have been posting a summary/log in the comments here (there will be a post every day).


  5. morgan voz says:

    wait, am i allowed to eat rice? because then i would just be eating sushi all day long and have absolutely no problems this month.

    • Meg says:

      Morgan –

      That depends on what your goals are. If you want to support performance (hint, YOU DO) then many people are okay with occasional white rice (treated like any dense carb source). (White rice is usually less problematic than brown rice simply because it’s so refined that it’s basically pure starch, and everything problematic about the rice – the bran, etc – is removed.

      I personally include white rice in my diet, but I have gone 30 days without it and I did get leaner, so now that I’ve added it back in I’m seeing what difference it makes in my body composition. I personally feel better getting my carbs from starch rather than fruit (although I eat fruit, just more rarely).

      I definitely don’t think sushi is the worst option every so often, but I’m gonna say that the purpose of the BCCC is to do for just a month what you’ve never done, which for you might be thinking about and planning your food a little more intentionally and not slipping into the realm of “I can just grab something quick from a restaurant.”

      So – think on that a little bit.


  6. Mike M. says:

    Fat 40g 15%
    Carbohydrates 300g 50%
    Protein 209g 35%

    Getting Better – down from 15-70-25 a week ago. Will go lower still ( i hope)


  7. Khanh says:

    I can’t believe it has been 5 days already. This challenge is flying by!!! Not really :( I think last night was the worst for me, because I started to crave everything from sweet, to doughy, to crunchy. Is it me or that cooking paleo can be very bland. I have tried 2 recipes and there isn’t much spices or flavors. They don’t even call for salt or pepper. Is it because spices aren’t paleo. I tried this shrimp curry recipe in a slow cooker, and it is nothing like the shrimp curry that I make on the stove.

    My day 5 was the same as usually. Had my 2 egg omelet in the morning with my coffee. Went to the noon session, and had my protein shake after. Meg, I followed your recommendation and skipped the soymilk and the shake didn’t taste that bad. But it’s better with the soymilk :) I also had the same left over stuffed pork chops for lunch (hopefully I don’t have to eat it again :-/) Dinner was the shrimp curry with some cauliflower rice, which was interesting. I never had cauliflower rice before, and I don’t think it can ever replace regular rice. I quenched my cravings last with some raw, unsalted almonds which worked great.

    • crossfitcentercity says:

      Hey Khanh –

      Paleo cooking DEFINITELY doesn’t have to be bland and it shouldn’t be! Spices are completely allowed and you can feel free to adjust them as you see fit. If a recipe calls for a certain amount and you find that it’s too bland for you, you can definitely add more. It’s an experiment! I usually adjust the spices constantly because sometimes I’m in the mood to sweat and sometimes I want to keep things simple.

      Remind me where you found your shrimp curry recipe? I bet we can make some tweaks to make it a little tastier for you. But even if it’s not something you LOVED – don’t worry. Cooking is an experiment and a skill, all at the same time. You win some, you lose some.

      And PS: Don’t worry. People often find that WEIRD cravings start to hit around this time, because your body starts to realize this shit is FOR REAL. So your mind is doing a lot to connive you into getting sugar. Hang tight!


  8. Cait says:

    Today’s tumblr includes my little piece on STAYING POSI and why that lifestyle choice is helping me get through this challenge (relatively) easily. If you care to read it is here:

    Major Highlights:

    – Breakfast was scrambled eggs and two pieces of turkey bacon from Whole Foods. I attended a schmancy networking event in the AM and all they served was fruit and muffins/bagels/croissants and I didn’t eat a single one! The hot bar eggs at WF are probs not the best things ever but still, it was better than a muffin! I also had some pellegrino.
    – Lunch was leftover roasted potatoes and brussel sprouts with two small turkey sausage links. I also had a small side salad with balsamic vinegar and a cup of tea.
    – Late afternoon snack was a cup of black coffee and a small square of 88% dark chocolate. The chocolate was a gift from a co-worker who felt bad about offering me cookies earlier. How sweet! :)
    – I missed the 8 am session due to said schmancy morning event so I went to the 5:30. It was packedddd! I got a PR on my supinated pull up – mini band+micro band. 100 pullups with AB in 11:54. I’m not complaining :)
    – Right after the session I had my Sun Warrior protein with water.
    – I got home to an amazing dinner prepared by my uber-supportive boyfriend. He made some avocado chicken salad thingy from paleOMG that was delicious. Had that with a green salad and sauteed kale. He takes good care of me.
    – Dessert was a cup of bed time tea. Brian finally finished the M&Ms. YAY!
    – My energy has been through the roof! I am loving it. I have been sleeping great too. Last night I didn’t get sleepy until 10:30 (I am usually ready for bed by 8:30) and I am super stoked about this! I felt like I was getting too sleepy too early.
    – Still no super challenges in regards to cravings. I am sure this is coming but so far I’ve been able to mentally move past the little cravings I’ve had – you know, using positive thinking :)

  9. Mason says:

    Day 5 was really good for me:

    Started the day off with the 8am session. Didn’t think I could do 100 pull-ups, but somehow managed to pull it off with Sammy’s encouragement (and yelling).

    — Had the usual post-workout whey protein and eggs for breakfast
    — Found THE MOST AMAZING turkey bacon at Whole Foods. I actually like it better than regular bacon, and it’s actually real turkey and not the blended artificially colored crap (turkey doesn’t come in stripes…)
    — Ate more calories at lunch this time including a lot of eggplant, roasted peppers, chicken and arugula.
    — Two tomato chicken sausages for dinner (also from whole foods and really good)
    — Can of tuna fish later in the evening to satisfy food cravings and help me sleep without being too hungry.

    The best part was I felt great the entire day. After my WOD on Tuesday I crashed really hard in the afternoon and wanted to figure out a way to avoid that this time. I think what worked was adding more real food after the whey protein to avoid a blood sugar crash as well as eating more calories around lunch time (eggplant, peppers, etc…) to help my body cope with the training stress. Seemed to work really well and I felt great throughout the day and slept awesomely at night.

    Day 6 is where the going gets tough for me. One of my closest friends is having a party tonight (where I would normally allow myself to slip) and then tomorrow I fly to Munich for Oktoberfest. So, my plan is to eat perfectly tonight and not drink at all at the party, and tomorrow I have to keep things strict through the airport and during the flight. Finally, I’ll have three days in Germany where I will allow myself a few drinks but am planning to continue eating well overall. This is going to be a make-or-break weekend for me — I’ve made great progress so far but could easily lose it if I don’t stay strong for this.

    Will update more tomorrow,

    — Mason

  10. Mel says:

    I haven’t posted this week yet because of school — which is consuming my life — but I have stuck to my plan so far and consumed no sugar and very minimal carbs.

    What I ate yesterday (I was out of the house from 7-9pm.): 1/2 cup greek yogurt with almond butter, korean beef over cabbage (thank you temple food truck called korea and japan food truck.) a tin of sardines. an avocado. a pack of almonds. some celery. some carrots.

    This is basically what I’ve been eating every day….I think I need some variety so I don’t contract scurvy.

    i realized last night while studying that i have a tendency to reach for sweet things while studying as a reward. Last night I had a half cup of almonds instead.

    I also did 45 pullups and ran up and down SEPTA’s stairs with a 25 lbs. backpack strapped to me multiple times.

  11. Luke L says:

    Felt pretty good this morning despite the exertion from yesterday.

    Breakfast – 2 eggs with red peppers and onions, 2 pieces of bacon, kale chips, milk, and coffee

    Lunch – Since I forgot it at home, I thought I’d find something safe at the HUP cafeteria. Ended up with braised chicken, green beans, and chicken chili. I didn’t know what the chicken was seasoned with, so I just took off the skin. I didn’t think about the chili much until after I was eating it because when I looked all I saw was chicken and vegetables, but it occurred to me later that something might have been used to thicken it that contained gluten. Not sure how common that is for chili, but from what I’ve learned, many thickening agents contain gluten.

    Snack – orange, almond, coffee. I was doing some tedious stuff at work and needed a pick me up, but this was the first day this week I’ve felt like I needed PM coffee

    Dinner (post workout) – I put some sausage, peppers, and onions in the crock pot this morning and turned it on low to have for dinner. I think I probably cooked them for too long because the sausage literally fell apart with any touch, so I ended up eating it with a spoon, but it was still tasty. Also had carrots, broccoli, and milk.

    Workout: Session and Croga
    – PR’d Supinated pull up at 65 lbs (previous best was 45 x 2), and got destroyed on the 100 pull ups. Definitely need to learn to kip efficiently. Croga was great, the barbell mash probably saved my ability to use my arms today.

  12. Heather says:

    Oops almost forgot to post what I ate yesterday!

    Breakfast was 2 eggs scrambled with some peppers and onions and some chili powder. For lunch I had a spinach salad with tomatoes and grilled chicken dressed with balsamic vinegar. (Side note: I love vinegar!!) and for dinner I had shrimp curry with lots of veggies that Khanh had brought in for me.

    Cravings definitely suck but I cut out fruit to see if it helps. Hopefully it does!

    Also I’ve been missing my mid morning and afternoon coffees. I’m usually a 3 cups of coffee a day girl, and cutting back to one cup is so hard.

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