Quick update:

– coffee this morning was half caffeinated, half decaf with butter and cinnamon and was delicious. Definitely felt a little foggy in the afternoon though. Ah, caffeine.
Food today:
Trader Joe’s sardines in olive oil
1/2 potato
1/2 avocado
2 squares dark chocolate
1 beef stick from Fair Food Farmstand
1 honey crisp apple in honor of fall. Delicious.
1 glass red wine (part of my personal plan for the moment!)

How’s everyone dealing with their first
Friday night on the challenge?

4 Responses to “Day 6. IT’S FRIDAY, FRIDAY!”
  1. Mr. Hand says:

    Walking home late friday night I think sealed the deal for me to continue this BCCC experiment. I was watching flocks of people rampaging outside intoxicated and finding the nearest late food to wolf down i.e. diner, pizza, Wawa hoagies etc. This of course was like looking into a mirror and maybe I will change for the better from all of this. I am never going to say that behavior will never be me again, having to much to drink and making my way to Pat’s Steaks but maybe I will become wiser with my future choices through the BCCC results and knowing the feeling of a better choices being made on weekends.

  2. Erin Conti says:

    I went to bed last night with a horrible headache. Woke up with it this am too! Not sure if that is due to stress at work, or sugar withdrawals. But I have been having them recently.

    This morning I realized I was out of some of my normal breakfast foods. So I packed the extra meals from days before and had a mix and mash of a breakfast. But still all challenge approved. It was a meat packed breakfast actually!!!!

    Lunch I stuck with a salad. I packed the leftover stuffed peppers from last night’s dinner, but wasn’t in the mood for that so I ran to the store and grabbed a salad.

    Dinner was bacon wrapped chicken thighs. I love this because it tastes great. Its easy to do on a regular basis to have the chicken around in a pinch and just throw in my lunchbox and go. On that note, I think I am developing a bacon addiction. I love it with everything! Not a bad addiction, right???? Also had a salad and steamed green beans.

    Feeling a little tight and sore today! My arms feel like I can’t fully extend them. That’s due to the 100 pull ups I am sure!!! Over all I am still having some sweet cravings, but I have been having tea and maybe a little bit of left over dinner if I am REALLY hungry and not just wanting to eat out of boredom. That seems to be helping.

    I am driving to Pittsburgh to see my family next week and I am already trying to think ahead of what I can pack in the car for a snack while driving. Thinking maybe some veggie sticks, (cucumbers, carrots) and maybe lunch meat rolled with a slice of avocado? And I am planning to take some of my pantry staples like almond flour to cook a few things while I am there. My parents don’t cook much, and certainly not challenge approved meals…so I am planning ahead!!!!

  3. Khanh says:

    Friday was a day of eating left overs and some treats. I went to Sweet Freedom and got Heather some cupcakes because it’s her birthday this weekend. Their treats were not bad; the banana bread was delicious.

    I’m lucky (not really) to work late on Fridays, so I am kept away from going out and drinking and losing my will power. I guess it’s a blessing in disguise.

    This weekend is going to be interesting. It’s the 1st weekend of the challenge, and I’m interested to see how everybody is going to tackle it.

  4. Meghan says:

    This week was pretty uneventful and Friday was good for me…a delightful evening of BBQ at the Khyber. Brisket and pulled pork, yum!

    I’ve eaten well all week, which is saying something because I’ve eaten out more than I care to, normally. That’s something I know I need to watch out for, because it’s really easy for things I normally wouldn’t eat (fries “but they’re sweet potatoes” or dessert “but I can’t eat the crust so it’s fine”) to creep into my diet and it just messes everything up for a day or so. I did have a few chocolate almonds early in the week (6 to be precise, dark chocolate) on Monday night, but other than that, no sugar, and the rest of my food was from all whole foods.

    Followed a suggestion from Amber yesterday and oven roasted several sweet potatoes for the week (I typically eat 1/2 of one for lunch on the days I train now) and HOLY CRAP she’s right they do taste like pudding. Worth the effort.

    Simmering some boeuf bourgignon as I type (posted to the FB page) and really enjoying the turn in the weather. I cannot fathom the crock pot or the stove in the summertime, and resort to very boring meals to stay cool, so I love that it’s time to actually cook again.

    From a training standpoint this is my first full week back after cranking my back last week and I’d say I’m about 75% there. The back strain I feel mostly in my left hip right now which is challenging, but it forces me to pay attention to form and slow down. Frankly, that’s not the worst thing in the world. Worked on kipping today in gymnastics with the crew and am slowly starting to be able to string pullups together. It will come! And, of course, went to yoga this morning, and it. was. glorious.

    Metric show tonight at the Tower, Hookgrip all day tomorrow and then the BBQ at Chifa – looking forward to putting more faces with names so hope a lot of you guys come out.


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