Day 7-8. It’s the Freakin’ Weekend.

Sorry for the missing post yesterday – I was getting ready for The Best Oly Meet That Ever Was (okay, yeah, I’m tooting our own horn a little, but wasn’t the 2012 hookgrip Classic amazing? So many PR’s, so many qualifying lifts, so much amazing form, and so much support from everyone in the gym. I get chills I tell ya.

Anyway, given that the Friday very suddenly turned into Saturday, which was supposed to be a relaxing day off but ended up being super busy, and Saturday suddenly was Sunday which was all oly, all day, my food was a little weird. But, things happen. Chalking it up and moving on and ready to get back on my regular routine tomorrow (and LIFT THINGS).

Saturday – half caf coffee with butter, brunch at Loco Pez (carne asada hash with an egg, bacon that wasn’t amazing, seltzer), a sip of apple cider and a honeycrisp apple at Linvilla Orchards because it was SUPPOSED to be fall even though it was HOT. Harrumph. The breakfast held me forever until suddenly I was home at 9pm realizing not only was it pouring rain, I was hangry. Ate a few pieces of sushi. Watched Vampire Diaries on Netflix (yes, this is a thing that happens occasionally when I get the tv to myself). Went to bed way, way WAY too late.

Sunday – Up way, way WAY too early. Gave myself a full cup of coffee, I knew I’d have to power through the day. Wasn’t hungry at all til someone handed me a Larabar at 12pm and I kinda looked at it and went, hmmmmm, okay, I guess I should eat this? It was carrot cake flavor, it wasn’t even that good! So annoying. Lunch was my usual selection at Chipotle, hoovered between sessions (carnitas over lettuce with salsa and guac and rice (except they forgot the rice and the guac, travesty). Then dinner. DINNER. DINNER OF ALL THE THINGS. The lunch was late, so I wasn’t hungry til suddenly I was VERY HUNGRY. Then I went to Chifa. And ate pulled pork and shortribs and so much ceviche and ginger tea and a couple bites of kimchi and the fruit out of the cobbler. ¬†And I have officially hit my limit of restaurants for awhile. Ready to cook some food tomorrow morning.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting the wrap up of our Q&A from (oops) last Thursday. How was everyone’s weekend?

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  1. Erin Conti says:

    Happy One Week Into The Challenge!!!!!

    This weekend my arms were still sore from the pull ups. Couldn’t extend my arms completely. But it was a good sore, not one of those ones where I couldn’t move at all.

    I decided that Saturday I was going to clean out the fridge and eat the things that had already been made throughout the week and finish it off before making anything new. So for breakfast I ate the left over bacon wrapped chicken and roasted butternut squash.

    With all the errands, and cleaning I was doing I ended up eating a late lunch/dinner. But I made it a huge salad and finished up the pork tenderloin with it.

    Sunday after we slept in we went to breakfast at one of our favorite places, Green Eggs Cafe. I love eggs benedict, so I ordered the Veggie Benedict today, which was a portobello mushroom, baby spinach, roasted red pepper, with the poached egg. It was okay…I wasn’t over impressed. I think I will stick to the traditional one next time.

    I decided to make chili today and try a different recipe. I made the Cincinnati Chili from the Paleo Indulgences cookbook. It is quite a different taste. It has unsweetened cocoa and cinnamon, etc it in. I liked it, but I didn’t love it. I put some avocado in it for some good fat, and to try and cut the “heat” from it a bit. I did end up crushing a few crackers into it as well for the same reason.

    I have been obsessing about baking! Maybe it’s the chilly weather, I don’t know, but I can’t stop thinking about it. Then…I got on Pinterest. I LOOOOOVE Pinterest. But damn, it made me even more hungry for baked goods. So I gave in…but kept it Paleo. I made these Cinnamon Apple Cookies. The only bad “sweet” in them is the apple, and maple syrup. So I only tasted one after they came out of the oven to make sure it was okay. The rest I will probably give away, or take to my parents this week when I visit. (On second thought, my boyfriend’s parents are coming this week…I will leave them for them to have so I have no temptations while I am away!!!!!) I love to bake, but usually end up eating a piece, or just a little, and then I take the rest into work so it doesn’t sit around my house!!!

  2. Khanh says:

    Total amount of drinks I had is 2!. That’s 1 less than the amount I allotted myself for this challenge.

    On Saturday I had some roasted pork wrapped in lettuce and kimchi for lunch, for dinner I grilled up some Korean BBQ short ribs and had that with some rice and more kimchi. Went out after for Heather’s birthday and had 2 drinks and half a dozen of oysters.

    Sunday was eating left over Saturday stuff for lunch, then went on a bike ride. I did about 30 miles before getting a flat, but luckily I was only about 17 blocks from home. Then I went to Trader Joe’s, which was mobbed. Never going there again on a Sunday afternoon. I picked up a bunch of stuff for the week. For dinner I made spaghetti squash with some meatballs.

  3. Travis Wells says:

    Now that we are one week in I thought it would be good to check in on my goals for the challenge. I am doing well with everything but haven’t kept up eating fermented food every day. Who knew that if you ate sauerkraut every day of the week with meals that didn’t compliment it that you would get sick of it. I need to find other fermented foods like kombucha.

    I’m excited about my progress because I’ve already lost 14lbs since my weigh-in. I’m just nervous that with a big weight loss in week 1 I’ll plateau soon and I know I have motivation problems when that happens. Maybe I should just stop weighing/measuring myself until the end.

    I looked over my food log ( and I think I need to be eating more veggies and dark greens. I’ll have to work on that.

    Keep up the good work everyone!

  4. Heather says:

    I survived the first weekend! But drank more than I said I would allow myself. Had 5 drinks on Saturday and 2 on Sunday. But hey it was my birthday!

    Saturday I had my first meal out. Had brunch at Smoking Betty’s which was black coffee, and an open face omelette with ham and arugula, dinner was roasted chicken and green beans.

    Sunday’s breakfast was 2 eggs scrambled with peppers, onions, and tomatoes an 2 slices of bacon. Lunch was some roasted chicken and veggies, and dinner was the chefs tasting at Little Fish. Which was delicious but not entirely sure everything was gluten free. Different grilled fishes, not sure what the sauces it was on were though. But hey. It was my bday. I did skip dessert and had a gluten free cupcake that Khanh had gotten for me.

    The weekend was definitely the hardest part so far. And next weekend doesn’t seem to be any easier as I am in my best friends wedding.

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