Deck the Halls with A NEW SHINY CYCLE!

From the TED Radio Hour comes a whole hour devoted to the concept of “Success” – it’s definitely a CrossFit-ey type buzzword, have a listen while you contemplate the last few months of 2013!

This cycle will take us all through Fall and Thanksgiving and right up until December 21st. From the 22nd til January 1st CFCC will be on a limited schedule for the Holidays and to allow the full-time staff to gather their thoughts before the coming year.  On January 2nd we will dive into a new year, and the 6th year (!) of CrossFit Center City’s existence.

On Saturday, January 21st we’ll complete our 5th ever Rittenhouse Run!

On Wednesday, November 20th, we’ll host our second-ever annual Stache Showdown!


The purpose of this cycle is three-fold:

1. We want to maintain a balance of strength and skill.

While you won’t see two full days of just strength in the last cycle you will still see a firm emphasis on building stability and strength.  You will also see a return to refreshing our olympic lifting skills in the workout of the day sessions and the addition of some different perspectives on some of the skills you have learned, i.e. You have handstand push-ups now? Awesome! Let’s see how they flow in some metcons!  You feel better about cleans?  Sweet.  Let’s see how many you can do without putting the bar down!

2. We want to give you all the incentive to work hard and have fun throughout the Holiday Season. 

We know everyone has parties, gifts to buy, relatives in town, and time away to take; this cycle aims to reign you in by providing a balanced ratio of the sexy metcon to work that’s going to keep you progressing in strength, skill, and health. If you have some reservations about this (that are MAYBE still lingering from the last very strength-dominant cycle) I’d direct you to two articles for now: this one on metcons, olympic lifting, and body composition and this one which is longer, saltier but still pretty much spot-on as far as how our philosophy of year-long training goes at CFCC. Lastly, here’s one more place you can find some more thorough advice on the ins&outs of strength training and CrossFit.

3. We want to keep fixing things!

Practically speaking, this means that on Tuesday we’ll be doing some “For Quality” trunk work which is very important for your overall-health but you can interpret as being a lot better than hiding in the back to do sit-ups :) Likewise, Thursday we’ll be doing some single leg and single arm work as Assistance Work instead of hitting a Traditional Metcon. You can associate this day with being the day that’s going to fix ALL THE THINGS – though a bit tedious – I kid you not, this day is like taking your car in for a tune-up; if you think you’ve got a clunker for a body you probably still need it, and if you’ve got a Ferrari – why wouldn’t you want to take care of that hot rod? All the other days of the week you’ll see metcons that you WANT to do (that’s the goal anyway).  Sometimes these will be benchmarks, sometimes they will just be plain fun, and sometimes they’ll even look a little easy (key word: “look”).


Here’s the layout:

MONDAYS: We’ll get the week started off by laying a strong foundation: we’re Back Squatting! We’ll alternate working up to a peak single with doing some elevated density training (higher reps that you will regulate a bit more – the stimulus will vary week to week).  The WODs on this day will be short, and often Benchmarks.

TUESDAY: We’ll be doing some unbroken Clean work. This is an important skill for CrossFit competitors and a useful practice for those of you who are looking to keep your Clean skills more dependable. After this, we’ll complete some additional trunk work: expect slower, for quality, gymnastics movements that are NOT for time. Part of being able to hold on to a bar for longer (and for that matter, a perfect position) starts with better strength endurance through the midline – this “for quality” work will complement our Olympic Lifting focus for the day.

WEDNESDAY: We’ll transfer our skill work with the clean on one day to the next by attempting to use it in a Clean and Jerk dominant conditioning piece. Where possible, we’ll use this second day of Olympic Lifting dominant programming to focus on the Jerk more than the Clean.

THURSDAY: By this point in the week we know you’ll be getting a bit spent and so Thursday is a day to focus on your form for the Snatch and hone in on a precise landing with a High Hang and Hang Snatch Overhead Complex. This will all be followed by some assistance work.  You’ll alternate weeks for the following movements: WEEK A: Superset: 4 sets of 6 reps: Back Rack Reverse Lunges, Bent Over Row of 6 reps per side. WEEK B: 4 sets of 6 reps: Single Leg Deadlift (double kb loaded), TGU Sit-up to Hand (kettlebell loaded).

FRIDAY: By Friday we’re all a bit spent and ready for the weekend.  To that tune, Friday’s metcons will be longer and a gymnastics dominant.  You won’t have to face down a barbell before the weekend but you might have to feel ok moving your own bodyweight for a bit. We hope that this will make Fridays much more approachable for most of you and will further your progress with transferring some of those new found gymnastics skills to different metabolic scenarios.

SATURDAY: Strongman WODs with Coaches Greg and Paul!  Come haul something big OR attend squatting!

SUNDAY: Front Squatting for Fast Triples with Coach Record and Assistant Coach Morgan followed by well-rounded short, but intense conditioning pieces. Otherwise, sleep in a bit more and come to Restorative Yoga with Arianna OR Gymnastics.

If you’re injured or confused about how to use this cycle to further your fitness, please send me an email at so the Coaches and I can review your needs and make things as useful as possible for you!



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