Eat More, Run Faster: Meet Flint.

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When Flint came in, despite being fairly lean overall, he was hanging on to a little body fat around his middle that he wanted to lose. He was looking to get stronger, but not at the expense of his (CRAZY) endurance level. It’s admittedly tough to attack multiple (often conflicting) goals like this simultaneously, but Flint was up to the challenge and so was Coach Perrin. Immediately she noticed that he was drastically undereating for his activity level – especially when it came to protein.  By the end of the Recharge, his burpees went from 75 in 7 minutes to 97 in 7 minutes, and his mile time dropped from 6:34 to 6:12 (yes, he did both benchmarks, and yes, I am extremely impressed with that mile time). He also leaned out considerably given that, as a seasoned endurance athlete, he didn’t have a TON of body fat to begin with. Beyond that, Flint worked REALLY hard to give 110% to this challenge, and the results speak for themselves. Congratulations, Flint

Can you say a few words about your specific goals as a member of CFCC? Why did you decide to participate in the Recharge? What did you hope to achieve?

I participated in Recharge so that I could improve my nutrition with the counseling of someone educated in the subject.  The entry fee for four sessions with Coach Perrin was quite a bargain.  I wanted to achieve a system that was sustainable.

How did you feel heading in to Day 1? How did that change as you headed into the last week? 

On day 1, I was coming off of an illness for the fourth time in the previous 4 months.  By the last week, I was much healthier.

What took you by surprise about your experience (for better or for worse)? What was your biggest challenge throughout? What did you enjoy the most? 

I was most surprised by how much more protein I needed to eat. Of all my family and friends, I was already eating the most protein and then I learned that it was barely half of what I actually needed. Initially, the biggest challenge for me was eating all that protein.I most enjoyed learning to cook like a real cook (with minimal instructions).

Most delicious thing you ate…GO. 

Moose roast, moose loaf, coconut ice cream and chicken tikka masala.

Do you have a new “go-to”/quick meal now? If so, what is it? 

My quick meals are what i eat on the road: Perfect Foods Bar, Paleofig Bar, Paleokrunch Bar, Jerky, or homemade trail mix. When I’m at home, a roast in a slow cooker is my quick meal if I plan ahead.

What was your most useful resource (cookbook, blog, etc)?

Coach Perrin. And Google.

What advice would you give to someone that’s considering doing the next Recharge? 

Find what’s sustainable – not necessarily strict Paleo.

What new habit are you planning to continue now that it’s “over”?

I’ll keep food journaling, taking all of my supplements, and still doing exactly what I was doing the last two weeks of Recharge. They say it takes 3-6 months to develop a habit that sticks so I’m not stopping.

What did a typical day of eating/training look like for you? 

6AM: CrossFit, protein shake immediately thereafter. 6PM: cardio (run, swim, climb).  Three meals total, snacks when needed.  Bed by 9pm (hopefully), 10pm (usually).

Wax poetic about those PRs ;)

I’m just happy I didn’t die trying to PR my 7 minute burpee test.



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