Emily Avener

A little more info about Ave:

Ave found CrossFit while preparing for the Marine Corps after a 4-year collegiate ice hockey career. Her competitive spirit had her hooked almost immediately, and she’s still here today! She began her CFCC career as a member and receptionist, and is now studying to be a Massage Therapist.  Ave started nurturing an interest in endurance sports, finishing the Philadelphia Marathon in 2009. She now coaches and programs all of the CFCC Endurance classes and heads up the CFCC Endurance team. She’s also the go-to for any race-specific nutrition advice. Ave hopes to use the practical knowledge of her studies in Massage Therapy as it relates to overuse injuries and tissue quality to further her abilities as a purveyor of all things endurance-related.  As a detail-oriented person, Ave loves statistics and measurements. Her dream is to record every single member’s broad jump every day that they train for a year, and plot it against their PRs. Until then, as a chronic-internal-rotator herself, she will remain obsessed with creating healthy shoulders and feet, and rehabilitating injuries.

What is CrossFit?

The practice of moving your body in the ways that it was designed to at intensities you didn’t know you were capable of.

Most memorable CrossFit moment:

As an athlete, it was the day that I realized how fast I could go in metcons. It took me a couple of months of CrossFit to realize that people who were going faster than me weren’t doing so because the metcon was easy for them, but because they were pushing themselves harder and didn’t mind being more tired.

As a coach, every time I get to experiment with someone and find them a better squatting stance or a better movement pattern, or I get to see them do something that they otherwise thought they couldn’t, I just feel  super grateful that I get to do what I do.

Goals for your own training?

Bodyweight Overhead Squat, 200+ squat, rehabbing my broken collarbone, increasing my shoulder mobility/stability, sub-8:00 Helen, complete an ultra marathon, become an efficient enough swimmer to contemplate a triathalon (trying to get this done in 2013).

Hobbies outside of training?

Cooking, brunching, running and hiking with my dogs, and reading anything I can get my hands on pertaining to nutrition, food science, or training – also, ice cream connoisseur.


CrossFit Level 1, CrossFit Endurance, First Aid/CPR

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