Endurance Programming 11/19/12-1/5/13

This week is the beginning of a new 6-week running cycle. We’ll be starting back with the basics with very approachable workouts. If you’ve never come to running class before, now is the perfect time to get started!

Do you look at running on the schedule and think about how you wouldn’t touch it with a ten-foot pole? Or about how you joined CrossFit so that you wouldn’t have to run anymore? Or do you think you know nothing about running so your mechanics will be all wrong? Do you just straight up hate running?

Think about how you felt before joining CrossFit in general. Did it look easy? Did you think you would show up and already know how to do all of the movements perfectly? I’m sure for a handful of you, the answer is ‘yes’ (though I would also bet that you had a pretty rude awakening on your first day). For most of you, the answer is ‘no.’ Endurance class isn’t any different. Sure, your form won’t be perfect on the first day – nobody’s is. It’s just like the first time you squatted – we’ll work patiently with you until you get it right. And in the same way that we didn’t give you regular WODs that you couldn’t handle right off the bat, we won’t ask you to run a marathon. We’ll start with appropriate distances and paces. I would also venture to guess that for a lot of you, running will feel much easier than it used to now that you’ve got a month or two (or six) of CrossFit under your belt. Don’t be afraid to try new things!

So why should you run? What’s so great about it?

THIS is what’s so great about running, amirite?

First off, the CF Games may be a pretty decent test of all-around fitness, but I really think the best measurement is the zombie apocalypse. Will you survive? If you can’t run, you’re probably out of luck. The heaviest lifts in the world aren’t going to save you if you can’t escape. For those of you who like more ‘measurable’ data, there’s also always been an Endurance event in the Games, as well as more running throughout other WODs. In every year but 2012, there’s also been a running-specific event at Regionals. The Advanced Class and Death Squad rosters were just announced – if you’re on them, you better be ready to run (and row, for that matter). There are very few competitions, local or otherwise, that don’t include some kind of running.

If there’s no dancing at the zombie revolution, I’m not coming.

What if you’re not looking to be a competitive CrossFitter or survive the zombie apocalypse? Does it still matter? Sure does. CrossFit is all about functional fitness – fitness that will last through your more senior years and act as a buffer against age. Fitness that helps you play with your kids, get into and out of your chair a little better, reach for things overhead safely, and generally live life a little easier. Nothing is more primal than running. Our ability to run is the origin of our evolution, it’s what gave us our edge over every other creature. If you’d like to know more about that, just ask – I’d love to talk about it. For now, just know that if you’re not running, you’re missing a major part of your evolutionary heritage.

Next trip to Wyebrook Farm?

Have you ever had the perfect moment in Olympic lifting where everything goes right and the bar feels weightless? When you learn to run correctly, that’s exactly what it feels like. Effortless. If running feels miserable to you, just know that you’re not really running. Not in the true sense of the word. So if that’s what’s holding you back, please, give it another try. Learn to do it correctly and you may just fall in love with it. Imagine if any time there was running in a WOD it felt like rest time to you?

So, without further ado, here’s the programming for the next 6 weeks. Keep in mind that each of these workouts will be THE running WOD for the week. This means that in one week, the running WOD will be the same for Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday. Generally, we recommend that you supplement your regular CF WODs with 1-2 Endurance WODs per week. If you are training specifically for Endurance, let me know, as you will have slightly different programming needs.


Week 1 (11/19-11/24)

1a. 4 x 30-45s @ 94-96 cadence

b. Drills in between repeats, rest as needed

c. 1 x 2:00 @ 91 cadence.

d. Repeat all of the above one more time. If you’ve never run at a specific cadence before, just know that these are pretty slow paces.


Week 2 (11/26-12/1)

1a. 4 x 1:00 @ 96 cadence

b. drills in between repeats, rest as needed

c. 1 x 4:00 @ 91 cadence

d. repeat all of the above one more time


Week 3 (12/3-12/8)

1a. 4 x 1:00 @ 98 cadence, recover as needed

b. 1 drill after all repeats complete

c. 1 x 6:00 @ 93-95 cadence


Week 4 (12/10-12/15)

1a. 4 x 1:30 @ 100 cadence

b. 1 drill between each repeat

c. 1 x 6:00 @ 92-94 cadence

d. repeat all of the above two more times


Week 5 (12/17-12/22)

1a. 4 x 90s @ 101-102 cadence

b. 2:00 rest between each plus 1 drill

c. 6:00 @ 93-95 cadence


Week 6 (12/24- 12/29)

1a. 4 x 1:30 @ 102-103 cadence

b. 2:00 rest plus drills in between

c. 6:00 @ 94-96 cadence


Rowing will be programmed week to week but, generally speaking, Monday & Tuesday will be shorter intervals, Wednesday & Thursday will be medium intervals, and Saturday will be a longer row. The week of 11/19 is as follows:

Monday & Tuesday: Row for a total of 2500 meters at a sustainable intensity, varying your stroke rate as follows: row 500 meters @ 26 spm, 500 meters @ 24 spm, 500 meters @ 22 spm, 500 meters @ 24 spm, and 500 meters @ 26 spm

Wednesday (Thursday is Thanksgiving): 3x1000m, 3:00 active rest

Saturday: Row 5k with the first 2000m @ 24 spm, then 2000m @ 26 spm and the last 1000m @ 28 spm

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