CFCC is home to an officially recognized CrossFit Endurance team.

COMPETITIVE ENDURANCE ATHLETES: Regardless of your sport, the CrossFit Endurance prescription can be adjusted to create a more physically powerful and mentally resilient you. If you’ve been competing in Triathalons, Ultra-Marathons, or Ironmans you know the value of good planning and good coaching. At CrossFit Center City we attempt to bring you a blend of smart programming, specific skill coaching, and the kind of attention to detail that makes you capable of staying healthy and active for a long time.
BEGINNING ENDURANCE ATHLETES: Center City Endurance is an excellent choice for those looking to experiment with endurance events of all kinds for the first time. If you are new to a race, a sport, or training in general, at CrossFit Center City you can grow under the watchful eye of a coach and be inspired by a team of fellow athletes who are hell-bent on your success being just as important as their own. If you are looking for the kind of training that will make you confident enough for even the Toughest Mudder, CFCC is the perfect place to begin.
CROSSFIT ATHLETES: If you dread seeing running or rowing on the board and have never examined true CrossFit Endurance programming, you have no idea what you’re missing. Most CrossFit athletes approach the Olympic Lifts with a deep respect for the form and discipline it takes to make them productive and less intimidating – you’d be hard-pressed however, to find a CrossFit athlete who understands that the same level of skill apprehension can lead to easier 1k rows during “Jackie” and perfectly executed 400m runs during “Helen”. The founder of CrossFit once said, “We fail at the margins of our experience.” If you are living in fear of your margins, come join us to start overcoming them.

BETTER IS BETTER: First and foremost, to move well is to be a better athlete. At CrossFit Center City we would rather see you run a mile very well than see you run fifty miles terribly; quality trumps quantity for us because we believe that eventually, quality makes quantity a lot easier. We start with form no matter what your sport is, and we continue to hold you accountable to this high standard throughout the course of your training by providing you with highly individualized coaching (our classes are small), filmed review of your movement, and programming that is specific to your level of experience.
TRAINING SHOULD BE CORRECTIVE: If you are beginning your training with poor posture, nagging old injuries, and/or movement patterns that worsen the effect of the former, coming to a session at CrossFit Center City is about more than just a good workout – it’s about a workout that is meant to make everything else in life easier. Attention to detail during classes, effective and varied warm-ups, supplemental work, and access to a special blend of Yoga called “Croga” heals prior injuries, prevents new ones, and creates a foundation for huge performance gains.
YOUR TRAINING IS ONLY AS GOOD AS YOUR RECOVERY: If you haven’t taken the time to examine the role that adequate recovery can make on your performance, you may be spinning your wheels. An Endurance membership at CrossFit Center City qualifies you for free attendance to our Nutrition Seminars (held periodically throughout the year) and also provides you with host of day-to-day reminders about what food is good fuel and how sleep and planning your training can entirely alter your work output. Beyond all this, race-day fueling for individual endurance events can vary on a wide scale and absolutely must be a well-versed topic for the recreational and competitive athlete alike. Your coaches at CFCC are prepared to provide you with plans for race-day specific to your needs, abilities, and even location.
PROGRAMMING: It’s been said that “failing to plan is planning to fail” – at CrossFit Center City we are head-over-heels in love with planning how we can create your best season of sport yet. Effective programming begins with effective coaching and continues through premeditated nutritional strategies along with innovative training that is meant to strengthen the body and the mind. All we ask of you is that you show up ready to work! We’ll do the rest!

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