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Erin came to CrossFit from a lifetime of mostly mediocre sport-like activity. This background meant that she could sprint everywhere and run nowhere, squat everything but do no pull-ups when she first started CrossFit. She also did not start out as lean as she is today – and she’s ok with that! Let it suffice to say, things are not the same anymore and CrossFit has made all the difference (before and after time from early 2010 – it’s been over 4 years since this was written and things are STILL changing!). Not surprisingly, because of Erin’s humble beginnings, she especially enjoys working with injured, rehabbing, and slightly intimidated populations.

Her interest in becoming a CrossFit coach and opening a CrossFit gym began in a fascination with her favorite subjects as a graduate student: Anatomy, Physics, and People. Though the business part is missing from her education, she credits her first 20 members and friends, the CrossFit community, and her husband, Arrus Farmer with teaching her almost everything she needed to know to get CFCC up and running in the middle of a recession. She loves Philadelphia and being a part of 13th Street, and cannot wait to see what the next few years hold for CrossFit Center City.

What is CrossFit? A way to bring the merits of what every athlete knows as the moment when you surpass your own expectations of yourself to as many people in as many places and as many circumstances as possible, a way to experience your best and become who you are. #basementofdreams

Most memorable CrossFit moment: There are way too many: staring at the CrossFit Games Regionals Competition in 2009 and being incredibly intimidated but also intrigued… and then placing 13th in 2010. The first time I weighed a full 20lbs. less than I used to… and I wasn’t even paying attention. Every first muscle-up or first pull-up at the gym EVER. The first time I had to add up over 500lbs. on a barbell for a guy. The first time I could do Isabel. The first time I cleaned my bodyweight on a barbell…in a parking lot…in the rain – after the millionth try. Sweeping the Snatch Ladder in competition with Morgan Vozobule, Lindsay Brase, Tim Lux, Tim Heckman, and Danny Bove. Coaching Emily Record to her first year at CrossFit Regionals. Running the Harry Potter 5k with Meghan Ramos and Emily Avener. Running sprints in the desert with Perrin Behr. Training for and going to the Mid-Atlantic Regionals on a team in 2014, and deadlifting with Paul Buono.

Goals: Clean 85kg (187lbs.) (getting closer! 80kg in the books!) and Snatch 63kg (138.6lbs.) in training – on the same day. Double Bodyweight Back Squat (120kg, or 264lbs.) and Double Bodyweight Deadlift (ugh).  Run a sub 23:00 5k. Get scapjacked. Coach a team to the American Open. Field a team to CrossFit Regionals (goal met 2014!)

Hobbies outside of training: Musical Things, Embracing my inner foodie, Reading, RadioLab or anything else Radio-related, anything British, Romping with Maddox, Travelling to places where I can speak a little of the language at least and trying not to think about CrossFit (it’s ALL I think about).


Erin currently coaches:

Competitive CrossFit, Olympic Lifting, Elements, Accelerate

Personal Training with Erin:

$100/hour – please inquire about availability by emailing

Erin is also available for mobile programming and programming assistance via email and phone. Please email for more information. 

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