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Erin started CrossFit in 2007 when a friend told her about a video of some women doing amazing things.  Having been a decorously average athlete her entire life and an advocate for strong women everywhere, she decided to give CrossFit a try (though only one workout per week, because she was sure each workout would be a near-death experience).

Back then, no CrossFit gyms existed in Philadelphia so setting up “Fight Gone Bad”“Filthy Fifties”, and banded pull-ups in the basement of the old Bally Total Fitness at 15th and Walnut proved to be a little interesting. Every CrossFit workout took her a little a closer to tapping into a strength, power, and overall sense of well-being that formed the next 8 years of her life (to see a few pictures of this evolution, please see here and here).

Erin founded CrossFit Center City on a whim with a friend in the winter of 2008 and was the acting owner of CFCC until 2016 when she officially turned the wheel over to CFCC’s current owner Wylie Belasik. She is currently pursuing her Doctorate in Physical Therapy and is eager to use what she has learned through her coaching career and through her work with individual programming clients to make CrossFit safer, more sustainable, and more accessible for people everywhere.

You can find Erin at CFCC lifting with Liberty Barbell Club, sitting on the board of ULIFTU, reminding you to stabilize after mobilizing in @thestabilitywod classes, and occasionally subbing into coach good old-fashioned Workouts of the Day!

What makes CFCC different?

There’s always going to be something very special about the #basementofdreams. It’s the members, it’s the coaches, it’s the rivets in the floor – it’s just a very, very special place.

What is your athletic/professional background?

I started playing tennis when I was six years old and played on a State Championship team in high school three years in a row. I captained my Division 3 Championship college team in my final two years of college (even the year that I was living abroad). I played pretty much every sport you can think of growing up, and had the humiliating experience of rowing for a semester for Queen’s College while living in England (I’m 5’3″). The first time I was asked to run longer than “across a field/court” was in CrossFit – it shows.

I have programmed and coached for many weightlifting athletes (of all shapes and sizes!) through @libertybarbellclub who have qualified to the American Open, Nationals, Youth Nationals, and Collegiate Nationals, including one gold-medalist. I am currently the Representative-at-Large for the Mid-Atlantic LWC.

Notable Athletic Achievements?

  • Anything but first-place winner of a few local Strongman and Weightlifting Competitions.
  • 13th place CrossFit Regionals, 2009.
  • Qualified for the American Open in 2012.
  • Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Regionals Team Member, 2014.

What is CrossFit? 

A way to bring the merits of what every athlete knows as the moment when you surpass your own expectations of yourself to as many people in as many places and as many circumstances as possible, a way to experience your best and become who you are.

What are your goals as a Coach? 

To educate. To empower. To inspire. Also, I REALLY like injury prevention.

What are your goals as an Athlete? 

What is your most memorable CrossFit moment? 

Probably the entire season that CrossFit Center City took a team to Regionals (2014). It was an incredible experience in teamwork and what can happen when you really stare your personal, professional, and athletic weaknesses in the face. I learned a lot, but I don’t think I ever need to do it again :)

Hobbies outside of training: 

Music, Maddox, Mountains, and Mindfulness.

What is your favorite Philly restaurant? 

I have MANY. And I am very passionate about them all. But nothing quite beats a meal made by husband @a.russianfarmer – crispy salmon, with sous vide egg, and homemade dashi.


Erin currently coaches:

Stability WOD, Foundations


Erin is also available for mobile programming and programming assistance via email and phone. Please email for more information. 

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