[expand title=”How do I get started?”]

First off, we would be happy to have you! Due to the complexity of the movements involved in CrossFit, and our desire to make CrossFit Center City an injury-free facility, we require beginners to complete our innovative Foundations course. This course is designed to introduce you and other beginners to the foundations of CrossFit in a fashion that eases your body and mind into our style of training. Each of the sessions are an hour long and follow a format similar to our normal classes.

The course is accessible to everyone, yet still offers plenty to keep you on your toes if you do have some experience functional fitness style training (i.e. you are a former collegiate athlete, a dedicated bootcamp-goer, etc.). Regardless of your fitness level, you will still learn a lot and be challenged by the end of the class. You will emerge from this course having a comprehensive knowledge of the full breadth of movements and programming of CrossFit Center City. After completing the course, you’ll start a full-time membership with us!


[expand title=”How long is Foundations?”]

Foundations is an extremely comprehensive program meant to prepare anyone for deeper practice within CrossFit. However, it progresses at your pace. In order to test out and enter all classes, you would need to attend 12 Foundations sessions. Want to knock them out in 3 weeks? Go for it. Want to take your time over two months? Fine with us. We all learn differently and this program design reflects that intention.

We cover dozens of concepts, address injury prevention, assess your current movement patterns and what they may mean for you, simulate the intensity of a class workout and make you feel comfortable with your transition to a full-time membership. This class is an investment of time and energy that will SAVE you time and energy later.

If you don’t see a timing slot that works for you, please email info@crossfitcc.com as we are always open to private personal training sessions as well!


[expand title=”Can I try a class for free before I start?”]

We would love to schedule a tour, class viewing, or free consultation at any time during the week if you’re interested in learning more. However, we do not permit anyone who has not completed our Foundations course or who has less than three months of CrossFit experience to partake in our classes. We do hold Open House workouts every once in a while. Keep your eyes peeled to our events page to see when the next one will be held.  You can also subscribe to our Facebook Page Events to get automatic notification of when new events are posted.


[expand title=”How much does it cost to join?”]

Our Foundations course is offered for $200, this includes 12 hour-long classes and a one-on-one consultation/test-out with a full-time Coach. Once you complete Foundations, you can choose from our membership prices, which range from $185-$225/month depending on how often you will be attending and how many months of training you would like to be committed.

When you consider that coming 3x/week for an unlimited membership is just over $16/session for what is ultimately a very personal coached experience, we’re confident you’ll see the tremendous value and efficacy of your commitment. Also, did we mention locker rooms with showers and towel service?  Get fit and smell nice back at the office.


[expand title=”Why is CrossFit so expensive?”]

CrossFit is really different that a lot of other fitness programs you may have worked with before or heard about. That you will change if you are here and doing the program is a definite fact. Being a member of our gym is essentially like receiving personal training every day in conjunction with an entire team of CrossFit members who are of like mind and will. Our prices reflect the education, experience, and investment of our full-time staff but most of all, they reflect the kind of people who are running, rowing, and lifting within our walls. We are Philadelphia’s oldest operating CrossFit affiliate the only one with an entirely full-time coaching staff. That means that you are getting experience, safety and premium programming.

In addition to extensive programming, memberships get you access to gymnastics, endurance, strongman/powerlifting and yoga/restorative classes each week. When you consider the full scope of what is available in our “basement of dreams” you’ll find that there’s no program more suited to help you be fit for your life.


[expand title=”What is the class structure like?”]

The workouts you do here change every day, but they will follow a similar format from day to day. Part 1 will be Movement Prep – a group warm-up specific to what you will be doing that day. Part 2 will be a strength or a skill portion, generally a slower-paced time when we work on developing skill or strength in particular movements. Part 3 is the metabolic conditioning, or “Metcon.” This is the part that will most often get you breathing heavy and good and sweaty. All of this happens within an hour and all of this is lead and taught by coaches!

We work off of programming cycles that focus on long-term improvements in strength and conditioning. You won’t be flat on your back every day, but plenty of days you will! It all comes out of the mastermind of our Director of Programming, who is happy to answer any questions you have about why we do what we do in classes.


[expand title=”There’s no way I can do those workouts as written. Am I ready for CrossFit classes?”]

Absolutely! That’s the greatest part about CrossFit. While it would be great to do every workout as it is written, everyone comes to CrossFit with different athletic backgrounds, skill levels, and mobility limitations. No one begins by being able to do everything! Our coaches are experts at being able to modify a workout to make sure you get the most out of it, but are still doing so in a way that is safe and appropriate for your level of experience.


[expand title=”Will I hurt myself doing CrossFit?”]

CrossFit is a sport, and just like in any other sport, there is a risk of injury. Here at CFCC, we do as much as we can to both prevent injuries from happening, and to address them properly if they DO happen. In addition to requiring completion of our comprehensive beginner’s program, all of our new athletes are taken through a Functional Movement Screen assessment. This screen is designed to teach coaches a little more about each athlete’s specific movement patterns and any potential risks for injury that they may have. Information we learn about your limitations and capabilities will be used for tailored modifications during classes. We do everything we can to make sure that athletes focus first on the mechanics of a movement (doing it well) then consistency in movement (doing it well, often,) and LASTLY, we will introduce intensity (doing things well AND fast.)

If you are hurt for any reason we also have a whole host of movement therapists on-site who are available to immediately assess and correct any aches or pains you may have. These movement therapists are: Rare Physical Therapy, Dr. Kristen Walters of Spinal Care Chiropractic, Active Release Technique (A.R.T.) from Glen Oaks Health & Spine, and Massage Therapy for Athletes provided by Julie Read of The Working Body.


[expand title=”Will I get big and bulky?”]

This is a concern that a lot of people have when they are getting started with CrossFit. Most athletes must actively TRY to get big and bulky. Our programming does not focus on muscle building as a principle goal, so members would need to compete specialized programming and nutrition modifications in order to actively “bulk up.” The addition CrossFit OR, to be explicit moderate strength training and aerobic efforts over broad modal and time domains to your workout regimen will help you reduce your amount of non-lean body mass and create more of a “toned” muscle look.


[expand title=”How many times per week should I attend?”]

That really depends on you! The minimum times we recommend coming per week to see the results of our programming is 3, which is why Foundations is 3x/week and why we offer 3x/week memberships. From there it will depend a lot on how you are feeling and your goals. Ask one of our coaches if you have any specific questions about your own training schedule.


[expand title=”How long before I see results?”]

That’s really up to you! How often you take classes, what your eating habits are like, how much you’re sleeping, and how you’re recovering from workouts will all work together to help your performance. The only thing we can guarantee is that your journey will never look the same as someone else’s. If you’re interested in accelerating your progress – performance-wise or aesthetically – we have the resources to help create a plan specific to you.


[expand title=”What should I eat?”]

This is a really complicated question, that will depend a lot on the individual athlete. We hold regular nutrition seminars, challenges, and produce podcasts where you can learn a lot more about what we think about nutrition. What it really boils down is this: eat real food, stay tuned to our regular schedule of members-only nutrition seminars and challenges, and check out our comprehensive page on what to eat. We guarantee you’ll both feel better and see the effects of the work you do in here amplified.


[expand title=”I’m visiting from another CrossFit. Can I drop in?”]

We love drop ins, but we do have some prerequisites for attending a session. Check them out here.


[expand title=”Where is the class schedule?”]

Right here!


[expand title=”Why do I have to sign up for classes and cancel my reservations if I can’t come?”]

We want to be sure that all athletes who want to take classes have a space to do so, which is why we’re pretty strict about our class reservation/cancellation policy. Especially when it comes to our specialty classes (gymnastics, squatting, Olympic weightlifting, etc.), signing up for classes is really important. Our coaches also like to know how many and which athletes will be in their sessions so that we can plan to make your experience as organized, fulfilling and timely as possible. Can’t sign up or cancel online? Give us a call at 267-909-8210.


[expand title=”Do you offer Open Gym?”]

We do not offer generalized Open Gym. We want to make sure our classes have the space, sound quality, and equipment that they need. Members have one open gym session time per week (usually on Sunday) to do skill-work, make up a workout from the week, spend some time on a rower, etc.


[expand title=”What programs do you offer?”]

CrossFit, Olympic Weightlifting (Liberty Barbell Club), Strongman (Liberty Strength Society), Corporate Wellness, Competitive CrossFit, Specialty Programs. Check out all the details on our Programs page.


[expand title=”How do I get involved with Liberty Barbell Club?”]

If you have experience in the Olympic lifts (Snatch and Clean and Jerk) and are ready to take your training to a new level, we would love to set up an evaluation session ($50) with one of our weightlifting coaches. From there, they will either recommend that you are ready to join LBC, or that you may need some more personal training before jumping into group sessions. New to Olympic lifting? Email us to chat about how to get started through personal training.


[expand title=”I want to hang out with these people more outside of classes. What’s everyone up to?”]

So. Many. Things. Being in Center City Philadelphia means that our members are a wide-ranging group of people with a huge variety of interests. Being in Center City also means there is tons to do. We organize gym events ourselves (Prom! Beach Days!) but you can always see what members are up to on our CFCC Fun! page on Facebook is a great place to see what people are up to.


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