FRIDAY, 3/4/11

Classes tomorrow are at 6a, 7a, 8a, 9a, 12p, 430p, 530p, and 630p.  It’s supposed to be 47 degrees – that’s practically spring!

Also, Brandi and Malika are in need of two CFCC dudes to step up to join their team for the CF South Philly Rumble. It’s April 3 – and you definitely have time.  Contact Erin to save your spot!

Stephen, going far in the broad jump.

ACTIVATION: Broad jump x 3, 3-4 attempts for Max cumulative distance each set.

STRENGTH: Deadlift, up to a peak of 2.

METCON: 2 rounds: 1/3 short loop walking lunge (to juniper), 2/3 short loop run, 25 American swings (2/1.5), 10 pull ups.  15m cap.

Watch one of the fittest dudes on the planet do a workout that will humble you and remind you that CrossFit is as much about the journey as it is about the destination.  Also, check out his sweet elbows on that heeeeeavy clean!

3 Responses to “FRIDAY, 3/4/11”
  1. Edvard says:

    It’s great that no matter how much I suck, Mikko still makes sure that the average Finnish crossfitter is pretty good.

  2. miller says:

    anyone else having a hard time straightening their elbows after pullups?

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