Workout of the Day, Friday, 4.19.13

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Your shoulder hurts? Start here. – from Eric Cressey.  Also, if your shoulder hurts, you should email us. :)

Feeling a wee bit tight in your overhead position.  Don’t overcomplicate getting better.  The video below shows you TWO (just TWO!) things you can do to make your Turkish Get Ups better!

Workout of the Day:

MOVEMENT PREP: Lax Ball Quads and Feet, 3 minutes per. 1 minute per side: 90/90 off the Box, Spiderman off the Box, Wall-Facing Quad Stretch. 3 Rounds of 3 reps of each: Strict L-Raises, Strict Pull-ups, 3-second L-Sit

SKILL WORK: Turkish Get Up


AMRAP 30 minutes:

L-Pull-up (Scale to Strict Pull-up) – 6 reps.

Turkish Get Up* – 3 reps per side (6 total).

L-Sit off Paralletes (accumulate 30 seconds – you may break this up as needed).

*Pick your load.

Turkish Get Ups, from when CFCC was in a racquetball court that we still affectionately refer to as, The Hobbit Hole.


Scores from a LOOOOONG time ago for a Turkish Get Up workout.

Max Turkish Get Up scores from MANY moons ago.

That time we used to do Sandbag Turkish Get Ups – and these were the best scores.

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