Friday, 4/20/12

You should see the Regionals workouts for this year – and then you should email me if you want to plan to go on May 5th. (

You’re never too young to do CrossFit!  Do you have a loved one you’d love to see doing CrossFit Kids?  Email me at ASAP!


My apologies for the delay on CFCC BCCC info! – the relevant information for those of you who are sure you want to do it for sure – is that every week for 40 days you’ll be required to submit a food log to a member of the Nutrition Staff (you can choose who you’d like to work with if you have a preference) for review and help.  You may do this virtually ($50 + 2 measurements) or you may do this in person in 4 1/2 hour sessions and 2 measurements ($100).  There will be small contests and incentives along the way with GREAT prizes and two GRAND prizes at the end of the challenge for the two people who make the biggest change.  More information and details will be posted (especially specific to the Nutrition Seminar Information) – so stay tuned!  If you would like to save a spot today, simply email me at and put BCCC in the subject line!

BK, this is the face that launched a whole lotta double unders! Photo courtesy of Ramsey!

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: Foam Roll Hips and Upper Back, 3 minutes. Lax Ball Shoulders, 1 minute each side.
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: 3 rounds of Wrist Stretching for 30 seconds, Arm Swings for 30 seconds, Hollow Rocks for 30 seconds.
ACTIVATION: Ballistic Pushups, for 5 minutes, sets of 3.
STRENGTH: Bench Press, peak of 3.
METABOLIC CONDITIONING: 5 rounds for max reps of pull-ups (there is NO TIME component to this workout): 30 unbroken double unders, max strict pull-ups (any grip allowed).

*If you cannot feasibly complete 30 unbroken double unders you may complete 20, 10, or 5 – if you cannot string together at least 5 you may sub stringing together 50 singles.

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  1. Gryffin says:

    Tim looks PISSED at that barbell.

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