Friday, 8/5/11

It’s Friday!  Enjoy this gem. :)


“The masters in the art of living make little distinction between their work and their play, their labor and their leisure, their minds and their bodies, their information, their recreation, their love and their religion. They hardly know which is which, they simply pursue their vision of excellence at whatever they do, leaving others to decide whether they are working or playing.”  – James Michener

Chris gettin' real serious and Jim definitely NOT hamming it up in the background.

SELF-MYOFASCIAL RELEASE: As needed, 5 minutes.
MOBILITY: Wall Quad Stretch, 1 minute each side. Wall Assisted 90/90 Stretch, 1 minute each side. Gastroc/Soleus Stretch, 1 minute each side. Band Assisted Rack Stretch, 1 minute each side.
DYNAMIC WARM-UP: 2 rounds of: 5 Cat Camel, 10 seconds Cat Stretches, 5 Heel Pressdowns, 5 Hip Swings each side, 5 Walking Spiderman with Overhead Reach, 5 Jump Squats
STRENGTH: Front Squat, up to a peak of 3.
METCON: Tabata Squats

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