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I initially joined up at CFCC because of its location. I stayed at CFCC because of the people and the physical and mental improvements that I have seen in me. Sometimes it can be hard to try and explain why you love something. For me though, CrossFit is not one of those things.

My love for CrossFit started the day I attended my very first class at CFCC when they were at the old location in the Gramercy Building. A nice sized class being led by a coach who paid attention to what I was doing and how I was doing it. A workout that challenged me and had me learning new things. A supportive set of coaches who were responsive to my questions both in person and via email. A group of friendly people who I got to work out with and who accepted me as one of their own immediately, and through that, an ever expanding social circle that genuinely takes an interest in my life and what I am doing and what I am trying to achieve both in CrossFit and in my personal life. I could go on, but I think I have conveyed my love for CFCC well enough.

The picture on the left is of me when I started CrossFit, and I weighed in the low 190 pound area. I wasn’t happy with my physical health nor my appearance and it was time to make a change. The picture on the right is me a few months ago around the time of last BCCC. I have lost a bit over 20 pounds and am much leaner and much stronger. I am so incredibly happy with where I am now, and look forward to where I will be in the next year.

One of my favorite things of CFCC, right after the community, is the incredibly varied set of backgrounds that my coaches have. At CFCC, not only was I able to get the benefit of coaches who have a background in CrossFit and who have their CF certifications, but they have a coach with an extensive gymnastics background, another with a deep knowledge of Yoga and the human body, another with years of experience in Olympic Lifting, and another with a background in running and endurance. I can quite literally focus on anything that I feel I need to work on in some capacity. Speaking with friends of mine who live in other areas of the country, they are all incredibly jealous of what CFCC has to offer. You would be very hard pressed to find this set of varied and experienced coaches under one roof.

I am ecstatic over the multitude of benefits that I have reaped from attending CrossFit Center City and I urge anybody to come and check them out, no matter your age or your physical condition. You owe it to yourself.

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