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Giancarlo, aka Gianni, comes from a diverse athletic background ranging from rugby to mixed martial arts. Gianni played a variety of positions in league rugby and sevens for La Salle University, and despite his slight appearance was able to play in the front row. He was also a collegiate wrestler in high school, qualifying for states. When Gianni isn’t in the gym lifting heavy things and moving with ninja-like agility he is rucking miles, climbing obstacles and doing thousands of push-ups as a Cavalry Scout in the Army National Guard.

What is your athletic/professional background? I am a nationally certified EMT and currently going back to school to get into a nursing program. My original degree was in English but books aren’t heavy enough for me to get any gains.

List any notable athletic achievements: Excellence in Armor 5-15 D Troop 2015, Silver medal Novice-Class Liberty Barbell Classic 69kg 2015, Currently holding the A Troop 1-104 Cav record for most push-ups in two minutes (113).

What are your goals as an coach? Where do you feel your strength lies? My goal as a coach is to an inspiration to the average Joe, and help people reach their full potential. It sounds cheesey but locked inside us is an unstoppable force, a version of yourself that is a force to be reckoned with and I can see it in everyone. I definitely have the ability to highly motivate people and I think my energy is super contagious. I am a human lightning rod, prepare to be thunderstruck.

What is Crossfit to you? Crossfit is what makes me a better soldier, making me more proficient in my warrior tasks and drills. I have been able to excel in my military career because of my physical ability. I am a better warrior and because of crossfit, my battle buddies on my left and right can rest easy. Crossfit turned me from Private Snuffy to John Rambo: First Blood.

What are your goals as an athlete? Get yoked and total over 200kg in an Oly meet.

What are your hobbies outside of training? I am a pretty avid gamer and proficient in all things nerd. I have a little girl who I love being with and teaching the ways of the Morante clan. I also have a wrinkly dog named Rocky and a cat named Trooper. I also consider myself someone very proficient in the way of BroScience so if there is anything going on in Philly like a Third Eye Blind concert, you can bet you’ll find me there. The way of the backwards hat, tank top, inclusion, and high-fives is strong in me. Born and raised Philadelphian – sports allegiance follows accordingly with fierce devotion and undying hope.

What is your favorite Philly restaurant? Paddy’s Pub

CrossFit L-1 Trainer

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