“GOOD” byes: Noriko and Nick, Melissa and Carissa (the 8am team)

This is a feature we’ll be introducing to the blog to officially wax nostalgic about the members who will be leaving us this summer. While we are sad to see you go, we are also so grateful for the time we’ve spent with you and all of the things that you have taught us as coaches, and as members. Every “GOOD” bye will be a short exploration of some of the lessons I’ve learned specifically from each person’s passing through CFCC and you are all, of course, welcome to add your own words in the comments section.

Pictured on the left, front to back, Nick, Melissa, Noriko, and Carissa

Ah, the 8am. This spring we were joined by four amazing people who were somehow connected with each otherwise through Wharton (Yay, Wharton!).  While all four of them have now moved on (Congratulations on your marriage Noriko and Nick!  Congratulations on being done with Wharton, Carissa and Melissa!) I can firmly say that without a doubt the one reminder I have gained from working with these four for the last few months is that whatever you’re doing, it’s better when done as a team – stop trying to do EVERYTHING on your own!

It seems like a cheapening of the CrossFit experience to come in, sweat, and leave without saying a word to anyone.  There is honor, joy, and a lot of fun to be had in learning to cheer for others, work with them to finish what they’re doing, and generally be someone that gives encouragement when able.

There are plenty of other situations in life that we all have to do alone – why let training be one of them?  If CrossFit is the thing that starts your day it should pump you up for the rest of it.  If CrossFit is the thing you finish your day with – why not be at your best?  Why not ask someone else to do the same?

All four of these people without having met everyone at CFCC before, would cheer anyone on, every day, no matter what the workout.  That voice outside of you makes a huge difference for me as an athlete and is something special to be able to give as a Coach.

Thank you, four 8amers, for being an encouragement to me this winter and spring and for reminding me that there’s always time to stay and see someone through the finish line.

3 Responses to ““GOOD” byes: Noriko and Nick, Melissa and Carissa (the 8am team)”
  1. Melissa says:

    Thanks, Erin. I miss the 8am class and CFCC so much. I will be back to visit!

  2. abbey says:

    Miss you guys!! You made it fun to start at Crossfit and kept me motivated to come back each day.

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