Introducing… Advanced classes at CFCC.

We will be beginning a run of this in November, beginning only with weekend sessions in this month.  We will be alternating the time and the days so that people who can’t come on Sunday can sometimes come on Saturdays.  Requirements thus far are below:

a. 3 months of membership at CFCC
b. Snatch, clean and jerk proficiency (as determined by Erin alone).
c. Single leg squat proficiency, 5 to a white box, each leg.
d. Single arm handstand proficiency, 3 second hold on each arm.
e. Pull-up (pronated grip, absolutely no kipping allowed): Women, a single deadhang.  Men, 1 L pull-up.

Testing will be taking place next week and times will be posted upon collecting names of those interested in becoming eligible for these classes.

These classes will involve a variety of skills, training modalities, and intensities in the space of an hour and a half.  Due to the higher volume of these classes and skill density, all members are being tested for functional mobility and not metabolic conditioning.  Metabolic conditioning will be developed in these classes specifically in preparation for competitive CrossFit.  During certain seasons of the year we’d like to make these classes happen more than just once a week.

If you have any questions about these classes, please let us know at!

12 Responses to “Introducing… Advanced classes at CFCC.”
  1. Dave Murray says:

    Awesome work from everyone at CFCC. Miss you guys tons.

  2. Jack says:

    mainpage wod looks awesome…E, can we do this???? PLEAAAAASSE
    Tabata Fight Gone Bad

    Complete 40 intervals of 20 seconds of work followed by ten seconds of rest. Perform 8 consecutive intervals of each of the following exercises:

    Wall-ball 20 pound ball, 10 ft target. (Reps)
    Sumo deadlift high-pull 75 pounds (Reps)
    Box Jump 20″ box (Reps)
    Push-press 75 pounds (Reps)
    Row (Calories)

    There is no additional rest between exercises.

    Each exercise is scored by the weakest number of reps (calories on the rower) in each of the eight intervals. The score is the total of the scores from the five stations.

  3. rachel says:

    We miss you too Dave! And Carol too!

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