January’s Member of the Month

Once a month, our community votes to recognize a single member who embodies the spirit of CrossFit Center City. He/she is someone who has a good attitude, even on the toughest days, is always there to lend support to fellow athletes, and generally goes the extra mile to help build our community to become even more awesome. When it’s time to vote, we send a reminder email out to the entire crew, but if you ever see another member do something really cool for you or the gym in general, feel free to shoot us an email at info@crossfitcc.com to tell us what happened! 

Our Member of the Month is always awarded a FREE month of membership to CFCC. Check out all of our past Members of the month here!

In a continuation of a trend, this month’s Member of the Month is another one of CFCCs first members, one of our OGs. He has been with us since Camac and is one of the pillars that has supported the growth of this community. In his training he is truly an example of virtuosity, striving to move better and be better. Always there with an encouraging word, welcoming smile, and tireless work ethic we are so happy to have him. 

This month’s member of the month  is:

Mike  Mackintosh


A few words from CFCC (many of MMack’s 6am brethren):

“I nominate Mike Mack ( husband of CMack ) for his untiring devotion to all things CF.  See him running the mile from his home to CFCC and WODing at 6am w us. Mike is a longtime member of CFCC. And i was surprised to learn he NEVER had this honor before.”

“Mike Mackintosh, aka MMack. Encouraging, practical, a wry sense of humor, and a crazy heavy squat. Always the first to crack a joke and the last to stop cheering for a fellow 6amer. Rarely the first to speak up, but when MMack starts talking, everybody listens! He’s a dedicated longtime CFCCer, a consistent face in the early mornings (complete with winter skullcap), a seriously skilled athlete, and also does SO much behind the scenes in his ‘other life’ as a devoted husband (to fellow CFCCer CMack!) and father (who takes the most beautiful photographs of daughter Bitsy — can’t wait til his camera gets ahold of Baby Mack #2 this summer!). We have a ton of incredible members, but it’s time Mike earned his due.”


“Mike Mac!!!! Great athlete, who finds time to get up and train EARLY, with a baby, and a pregnant wife, that CANT be easy!”  

“I nominate Mike Macintosh from the always impressive 6 am class. Love his where’s Waldo hat”

“Mike Mack is the soul of CFCC: you don’t remember when he wasn’t there, you may take his presence for granted; but if he left, you’d be incomplete.  He’s always available to help his friends and fellow members, he is positive NO MATTER WHAT is going on in his life, and he has the best attitude about exercise: show up, have fun, don’t take yourself seriously. I’m proud to know him, and he makes me a better person by being my friend.”

“Would like to nominate mike Mack. Consistently puts in a great effort and encourages everyone around him.”

“My 6am comrade since Camac street, we have been through it all at CFCC. First pullups, first babies, and all kinds of PRs in between. Mike is so consistent — both in attendance and in his unwavering support of his fellow CFCC-ers. Also, he has ALWAYS been there to clarify “is that 12 per side or 12 total?” Hahahaha. Love ya Mike Mack!”


“This may be completely improper, but I nominate my fabulous husband, Mike Mackintosh.  Mike is about the hardest working person I know.  His days start (much to my chagrin) with a 4AM alarm and he goes nonstop all day.  I have witnessed first-hand his consistent dedication to CrossFit.  He view his gym time as 100% non-negotiable, even if he’s been up late working or taking care of his pregnant wife and 2.5 year old daughter, and consistently gets up and drags his ass there – in snow, in frigid weather, at his physical best or physical worst. Mike also fully embraces the paleo lifestyle and constantly works to make sure that our entire family ‘eats clean.’ Mike represents all that is awesome about CFCC – hard work, dedication, support for our community, and no excuses! ” -CMack ;)

And here are your coaches:

“Erin and I had no idea that when Mike first walked into the tiled, 600 sq. ft. space in the Camac Center, that we were meeting one of the people that would truly help mold a crappy little space into a …crappy little space with an awesome and supportive attitude.  He is truly CFCC family.  Thanks for all the support (and preppy pull-ups), M-Mack.” -Grog


“Good job Mike Mack!! Mike always shows up on time and ready to work and listen, and is always one of the first members to help others clean up bars and put things away during any transitions we have.” -Record

“It’s about time mike got member of the month. I love his consistency to coming in and putting in the work. He is always making sure his form is proper and is great at letting the coaches know how he is feeling so that he can make a reasonable scale to get a great work out! He is the prime example of consistency.” -Basa

“Mike has been a pillar of the CFCC family as long as I can remember. Always in his preppiest outfit, he throws around big weights and gets work done consistently without a complaint! He’s been there since the beginning to cheer us on and immortalize all of our CrossFit memories on film. I’ve been so privileged to watch Mike develop as an athlete over the years, but I’m even more privileged to call him a friend. Congrats, Mike!” -Meg

“Mike Mackintosh brings swagger to every class he attends.  Have you seen his outfits?  Mike doesn’t get caught up in the Hylete, Rogue, and Reebok hype.  Instead, he is the kind of guy to rock a polo and some khaki shorts while doing Rx’d Fran.  One word comes to mind when I think of Mike Mackintosh.  Pioneer.” Love -Danny

“Mike Mackintosh is more than a great member of the gym – he has helped form it. If we are ever timely, it is because Mike has consistently shown up early for class. If we are ever planning to create a space for CrossFit Kids, it will be because Mike and Christine have been creating a family that loves to move. If we are ever specific in our coaching, it’s because Mike has inspired us to be so – he keeps track of everything he does, he wants to execute every rep perfectly, and he is always the first to creatively suggest a better way to perform a workout, organize equipment, or make the gym a better place. Mike is always the first to speak to a new person in class, the first to cheer a fellow class member to the finish, and occasionally, as he has improved over the years, he’s been the first to complete a workout. From the very first time Mike walked in to train in while donning khakis to the countless number of times he has generously brought his camera to CrossFit and taught me how to use it – I have felt so blessed to have him, and the rest of the Mackintosh family here. I can’t wait to see how they’ll continue to grow along with us.” -Erin


Here’s what MMack had to say:

What do you do when you’re not here?

I’m a historian. I teach classes in American history at Ursinus College and I’m finishing my Ph.D. at Temple.

How did you find out about CrossFit?

In 2009 I was doing bench presses and dying of boredom on the treadmill at the gym. But I was into Paleo eating, and I noticed that lots of other people who were into Paleo were also into this thing called “CrossFit.” I read an article about it in the New York Times, and was struck by the comments section: it was full of remarks, hundreds of them, from people who had an amazing enthusiasm for CrossFit. So I emailed Erin and met her in a little room on Camac Street, and we did push presses. The next day I came in and did the Filthy Fifty with Greg. It was July and there was no air conditioning. It was just me and Greg in the class, and he was all like “Now do fifty of this, now do fifty of that, now do fifty of something else.” By the time I got to the walking lunges I thought “It’s a good thing I walk by the ER at Pennsylvania Hospital on the way home. I might need to stop in.” By the time I got halfway through the burpees, I was toast. All I had to do was finish the burps and double-unders. But I couldn’t get up from the floor. My second-ever workout was a DNF. But as I was lying there in a crumpled heap I was thinking “I am totally going to make it all the way through next time.” The hook was in.

What makes you come in to train on days when you don’t want to?

I loved CrossFit right away, but there were times when I was so sore, or so tired, or so busy that I wanted to skip a day. But I knew that the more I showed up the more I would show up, so I tried my best to go to the WOD every day. Motivational boosts along the way gave me a great start: the first few months of CrossFit were a frisson of everyday PRs, rapid strength gains, and serious body composition change. About six months in, Christine starting coming to work out with me. We had always sort of done our own thing in terms of fitness, and I really enjoyed having CrossFit in common with her. It was lots of fun to see her own enthusiasm, and it made me enjoy being married to her even more. And by that time a solid community of CFCCers was in place, and the camaraderie from the group was further motivation to come to the gym as much as possible. CFCC has a knack for attracting excellent people as coaches and athletes, and the people who I work out with are some of the most impressive and awesome people I have ever met. The current 6:00 am crew is an especially solid and supportive group, and that alone would be worth getting out of bed for. By now that initial investment of willpower has paid off. I don’t need motivation to go to the gym because it has become a habit. I know where I’m supposed to be at 6:00 am on a weekday, and if I can’t make it for some reason the day doesn’t feel quite right. Another 12 inches of snow overnight? I just hope the gym’s not closed.

Favorite movement and metcon?

Deadlifts. I always like Cindy; it’s a great test of endurance through some basic movements. Why isn’t it more popular? And the Filthy Fifty.

CrossFit goal for the next year?

My goals are to not fall off any box jumps, to back off if something hurts, and to listen to the advice of the coaches to avoid injury. I know those aren’t electrifying, but I’ve been doing this for five years and I just turned forty, so I realize that I’m not going to blow out any numbers and put up 40-pound PRs on a regular basis anymore. Instead I’m trying to play the long game: I want to live a healthy life with Christine for a long time, and in 35 more years I want to be able to run after my grandchildren – and push press them when I catch them. To get there, I’ll try to show up for a WOD as often as possible. I hope to make it to my 1000th WOD at CFCC sometime before the new baby arrives in July (today was my 918th CFCC WOD). Still, in 2013 I did manage to PR my press, back squat, and total, and I finally can do handstand pushups. So maybe in 2014 I’ll finally nail down the muscle-up.

Unknown fact about you

No one ever actually calls me “MMack” except you guys. Not sure where that one came from.

Thanks Mike! We’re excited  for  many more years of CFCC memories to come!


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