Jason at the 2013 Arnold Classic, photo by Hookgrip

Jason at the 2013 Arnold Classic, photo by Hookgrip

CrossFit. Olympic Weightlifting. Croga. These are all things that were virtually unknown to me until about a year ago. CrossFit has opened my eyes that despite being an avid runner, triathlete, and a NCAA tennis player, I was not as fit as I had thought. Like many CrossFitters, my decision to join CrossFit began right after college when I was still looking for some sort of sport or workout to keep me competitive. Admittedly, I actually walked by the gym a good 5 times before I actually walked in. Best.Decision.Ever. Haven’t looked back since.

Before CrossFit, my breakdown of fitness and strength was 30% mental and 70% physical. Since CrossFit, that has changed to 70/30. The mental and physical strength I have gained since is absolutely invaluable and immeasurable. The best thing about CrossFit is the camaraderie hands down. It’s absolutely amazing. The aura at the gym is very friendly and every member there is willing to help anyone and everyone get stronger; get fitter. The thing with CrossFit is that while you have a coach for each session, in reality, every member is each others coach.

Since day one at CFCC to just yesterday, I’ve had at least one gym member contact me asking when I planned on showing up to the gym. You just can’t find that kind of dedication and friendship anywhere. And so, everyday I show up to the gym with my friends and leave less angry, less stressed, more confident, stronger, and happier. The craziest part is that for just one hour a day what once seemed impossible, becomes possible. :)

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