Last call for the CFCC BCCC and details for participants!

Still keen on getting involved?  By Monday evening at 9pm an email from YOU needs to be in our inbox.  After that – there are no more entries!  Get in touch with us at if you’re still interested!
The requirements for the BCCC (Body Composition Change Challenge) are as follows:
1. We need to schedule a weekly meeting – you can tell me what times generally work best for you and we’ll figure out a time.
2. At the weekly meeting I require a food log.  It doesn’t have to be super complicated but it should tell me what you ate, how much, when, and how you felt before or after.  You don’t have to make it super complicated if that’s not your style, but you can also use any medium you like to record your food intake. I’ve seen blogs, photos on phones, pie charts (no names mentioned :cough: :cough: DAFFY), but if you’re looking for an easy template – this is for you – and from Diane of Balanced Bites – an awesome resource!
3. At every meeting we’ll review your food log, look back to your goals for the 30 days, and try to make some changes in the next week that can get you closer to where you want to be. Every week is different and completely tailored to your needs!
4. We will weigh, measure, and take pictures of you at your first meeting (if you weren’t available to come by on the weekend), and we’ll do this again at the end of the challenge.  Everyone wins in that everyone always ends up learning a lot in the end AND seeing noticeable changes in their body composition and performance – but TWO very lucky people (and sometimes three) end up winning the big prize at the end of the rainbow (No, really.  There is a prize, and it doesn’t suck!)
5. The cost is $50 and you can pay in cash or check.  Outside of the challenge support like this is valued at $100 – so it’s kind of nice to do not only WITH others, but at a discount!
6. Ideally, you will have attended the Nutrition Seminar this past week… but if you haven’t, I will expect you to be familiar with the following video and Quick Start Guide and Useful Guides.  These are excellent resources and part of the challenge is to let knowledge (both theoretical and practical) change your mind!
7. There’s a Facebook Group for Recipe Sharing, Problem Solving, Lamenting and Rejoicing – go here to be part of it all!
If you’re still interested, let me know!  If I can answer any more questions, just ask!
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