Liberty Barbell Club’s Fall Hybrid Cycles and Schedule Changes in Prep for the American Open!

“If you are distressed by anything external, the pain is not due to the thing itself, but to your estimate of it; and this you have the power to revoke at any moment.”
― Marcus Aurelius, Meditations



A few of our own have recently qualified and plan to travel to Dallas, TX in early December to compete in the American Open. The American Open, second to Nationals which is often held in the late summer months of the year, is the premiere competition in our country for competitive Olympic-Style Weightlifting. This is no small accomplishment and all of these athletes have sacrificed time, money, and in some cases no small amount of sanity to be able to throw their proverbial hats into the ring. I am so proud to be bringing Ryan Basa, Mike Zoda, and Jason Chen to the American Open this year!

If you’d like to travel with us to the American Open to watch, please let me know and I’ll give you our info ASAP.

LBC (CrossFit Center City’s competitive weightlifting contingency) has also qualified a number of other athletes for National Level competitions this year: Paige Alexander has hit the qualifying Total for Collegiate Nationals which is set to take place NEXT October, Ricky Beaver has hit the qualifying Total for Junior Nationals being held in Aurora, CO at the end of January, and we have a number of other athletes slated to attempt Totals for the same meets AND Nationals in the next few months.

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We have a hearty collection of great lifters who love the sport of Olympic Weightlifting and day in, and day out, put in the time to reap great rewards. That said, we’d love to be able to offer this platform time to athletes that are consistently signing up for classes, showing up and completing programming that the Coaches of LBC have meticulously deliberated over, and basically doing everything they can to take advantage of what we have to offer at LBC. We’ve changed the schedule to favor the most consistent athletes especially in light of their unique need for specific prep in the next few months.

The schedule for Olympic Lifting at CFCC beginning Monday, November 4th is as follows*:

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*It is also worth noting that Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday will be Oly-dominant work in the regular WOD classes in the next cycle for CFCC.


FOLLOW THIS LINK to find the programming, and read the descriptions below.  Consult with a Coach about what would be best for you!

The first of the two cycles, “Knees Back, Pull Back” is intended for those with poor perception of this cue or for athletes who have imbalanced pulling. If you are using this cycle it’d be a good idea to keep deadlifting in any format out of the rest of your week and to go light on days when you are feeling particularly spent. Listen to your body on this cycle and you’ll fix some spotty recruitment and pull back like a pro.

The second, “3, 2, 1…go!”  is a cycle for the newer members of Hybrid who are having trouble defining proper bar path and speed from the ground up.  We want to take the time to define and create your own pull by moving through the three positions of each lift with power. We also want to take the time during the cycle to create some accuracy and speed from the pocket (or… position “1”) for those of you who have been struggling to create this instinct.  If you’re not sure which cycle to start with, this one is a pretty safe bet for most!

If you are interested in attending Hybrid classes (or for that matter, qualifying for the Advanced Level at LBC) at this time we are accepting athletes based on their commitment to the sport (you MUST commit to competing in an Olympic Lifting meet within a year’s time of entry to Hybrid) and the availability – most class times are currently full on a current basis but a waitlist does exist and we’d love to add you to it should we ever develop new hours for this part of CFCC.  Please email with any questions you have about Liberty Barbell Club and Olympic Lifting at CFCC!


FINALLY, one little PSA: if you are a member of Hybrid or Advanced and 1) sign up for a class and then do NOT show up while an entire waitlist of hopefuls misses out on an opportunity to train 2) pull your hookgrip tape off and leave it on the floor 3) drink out of cups and then leave them in as many corners as possible 4) find yourself habitually placing lacrosse balls in strategically marked places for ankle sprains to occur… I will find a way to make you eat this entire plate of sushi and then smile JUST like Zoda while you perform 50 burpees (:shudder: – NOT olympic lifts!) for time. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! Love, Mom.

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