Lucky Day 13.

Felt pretty sluggish this morning. The lessening caffeine is definitely hitting me.

Today I had: coffee with butter, salmon, butternut squash, plantains (very hungry not too long after this, prob too many carbs, not enough protein), banana/spinach/coconut milk thing.


This is going to be a very intentional weekend to relax. Nature!

Almost halfway there, how’s everyone feeling??

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  1. Meghan says:

    Enjoyed a very relaxing weekend and took the time yesterday to plan out all meals for the week (and shopped for all). As much as I do love summer, it seems to be just too crazy for words, so I am happy to see fall return, get alittle of my sanity back, AND break out the crock pot. Mama’s eating buffalo chicken and ropa vieja this week. Woohoo!

    This challenge I was looking for balance and I think largely I’m achieving my goals. I’ve slept at least 7 hours a night for the past 2 weeks (minus one 6 hour anomaly here and there), have continued to get almost all of my nutrition from whole foods (2 instances of a breakfast bar. Still looking for handheld on the go options from time to time), and have trained consistently while seeing a chiropractor and slowly coming back from hurting my back. It still hurts, but I think I am getting back to good.

    A couple of things I’ve noticed in looking over my food logs from the past 6 weeks:
    – When I don’t get a lot of sleep, I definitely crave salt and sugar.
    – Hydration is the key for me – when I drink under 2L of water a day it’s difficult to stay “on track”
    – Some foods are just triggers. I cannot have dried mango in the morning. It sets my whole day on the wrong foot.
    – 100g of protein a day minimum. When I get that, I am full, productive, and awake all day.

    A couple of things I’ll be experimenting with over the next 2 weeks:
    – My preference for avocados has turned into a full on obsession. I am going to try to keep avocado to twice per week to see the impact.
    – I need more greens in my life, and will be adding them more consistently to meals.
    – Going to try to up my protein and maintain at least 100g per day on a consistent basis.

    Will continue to blend 3 yoga sessions per week into my training. I missed it. :)

    • Rach says:

      Meg, you know I’m not one of the BCCC gurus…but as I’ve said before…whatever you’re doing is working for you. It didn’t take long before changes were obvious. I’m inspired by your food planning. I need to work that into my life MUUUUCH better (this seems to be a constant issue with me!) Great job.

      • crossfitcentercity says:

        Meghan –

        This is fantastic. Seriously – you’re doing so well! I love how you’ve been very conscientious about logging and now you’re able to do exactly what you need to do to tweak and see what effects the tweaks have.

        Have you tried the Tom’s Turkey Sticks from Whole Foods? They’re very tasty and the ingredients are clean – a little bit of cane sugar but nothing major. Definitely one of my go-to options for portable/emergency stash food.

        -Other Meghan

  2. Anahi says:

    Meghan, I feel the same way about having anything sweet for breakfast. It starts me off wrong. I immediately crash afterward and then crave sugar all day.

  3. Mason says:

    Hi all,

    So I’m back from Germany/Oktoberfest and have a few days of updates to catch up with:

    The trip went VERY well in terms of eating. I definitely drank a lot of alcohol, but I didn’t compound that by completely going off diet, in fact I stayed on diet almost entirely (even skipped the carbs on the airplane where that was basically all they offer you…). The result was I felt better and didn’t gain any weight over the duration of the trip — maintenance mission accomplished.

    In the few days since I’ve been home I have been eating even more strictly than before. After talking with Meg about some of my food choices, I’ve moved to the path of eliminating sugar entirely (no candy, chocolate, anything) and am really only having carbs (of the good variety) directly around workouts. I’ve been doing this for the past two days and it’s been working pretty well. I did have to increase my total carb intake on heavy workout days as I was crashing pretty heavily in the afternoon, but I’ve been doing that with squash and peppers and carrots and other low GI and extremely healthy carbs. This seems to be a good move even if it adds to my overall caloric intake since it’s allowed me to increase my training volume.

    Finally, I’m also dropping milk for the rest of the BCCC and will only use whey protein post-workout and mixed with water. I’ll still allow some hard cheeses as a topping or mixer in otherwise very healthy dishes, but also in very limited quantity. (I have no sensitivity to dairy but milk is a weight gainer and that’s not my goal at the moment).

    Back to regular logging in my next posts…

    — Mason

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