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Meet CFCC Member Luis!

“Never have I ever enjoyed working out as much as I do now. From the awesome programming, to the skill building classes that CFCC offers, to the unique and always hilarious community they’ve built, CFCC is like my home away from home. When I’m feeling down, having a bad day at work, or just struggling in school, I can always count on CFCC to brighten my day.

I walked through the doors of the Basement of dreams about a year and half ago, not knowing what I was getting myself into. I had very little background when it came to weightlifting and had recently lost over 100lbs. Let’s just say that the word athleticism and Luis were never used in the same sentence. I had no expectations coming in, but I ended up getting so much.

My first couple of weeks at CrossFit were very interesting. Poor Coach Record had no idea what she was getting herself into. Everything was so foreign to me. Before CrossFit, I had never held a barbell, I had never done a burpee, I had never even been on a rower, but I found myself yearning to learn more.  Sure at first my lifts were a mess, and I could barely do a squat, and heck I didn’t even know how to use a foam roller and although the struggle was real, I kept coming back. All I wanted to do was get better and prove to myself that I could do something that was so out of the box for me.

Three months into my CrossFit journey was when I began to realize, that I was indeed getting better. The coaches gave me positive feedback, and I could feel myself getting stronger and although my lifts were at times cringe worthy (just ask Coach Perrin) I knew I was on the right track. One of my favorite moments while I was at CFCC was when Coach Morgan asked me to try to do a bodyweight pull-up. I looked at her like she was bananas, but I trusted her. Up until that point I had never tried a pull-up without a band, so as you could imagine I thought it was impossible to do. But, BAM! Just like that I got my first pull-up. I was truly amazed, and shocked. The pride I felt in that moment and the excitement I had once I got my chin over the bar was a moment I’ll remember forever. The realization that I was progressing definitely boosted my confidence and all I wanted was to continue to challenge myself and see how far I could push my limits.

Now as many of you know, I love to dabble in all of the programming that CFCC has to offer. In fact, that’s what I believe has made me a better athlete. I’ve learned something from all of the specialty classes and I highly advise all the members try the myriad of classes CFCC has to offer.

Gymnastics, which is one of my favs, has proved to be so beneficial to me. I credit gymnastics for helping me get my first muscle up. By reinforcing strict movements such as pull-ups, toes to bar and handstand pushups I saw my upper body strength grow tremendously.  Gymnastics has also assisted me with my lifts by increasing my coordination, giving me more core strength and helping me gain more control over your body.

Olympic Lifting (OLY), which I’m still pretty new at, has helped me refine my technique and form when it comes to my lifts. Perhaps the biggest lesson I’ve learned from OLY is patience. I’m not going to get to results I desire right away, but by steadily working on my skills and being consistent, I may very well reach them. And although OLY can sometimes be very frustrating and won’t fib, I’ve seen major gains seen starting back in the summer. That Coach Zoda is sort of kind of amazing, and the programming is top notch.

Running, which is another one of my favs, is ran by the great Coach Wylie. Prior to this class, I considered myself to be a pretty competent runner, but boy was I wrong. By teaching us simple, yet effective skills, which usually consists of bunny hops(just kidding), forward falls, and cadence drills, I’ve seen my running improve tremendously.

Lastly, there’s the ever intimidating Strongman classes. You’ve seen our strongmen/women in action and I’m sure you’re thinking what I’m thinking, “they’re cuckoo bananas.” Now I’ve only taken the strongman class here in there, but what I can tell you that If your goal is to build strength you should definitely look into taking this class. From lifting odd objects, such as stones, and flipping tires around one thing I can tell you is that strongman isn’t boring. I’ve competed in three strongman competitions throughout the last year, and I’ve seen myself improve tremendously due to the training I’ve participated in.

Now about more than year into my CrossFit journey I still feel the same as I did when I walked into the doors of the basement of dreams. My desire to get better has not yet faltered and to me that’s what’s so awesome about CrossFit.

You can always get better at something. There’s always improvements you can make. It makes you push your boundaries and do things you’d never imagine you’d be able to do. I’m so thankful to have found this great establishment. I’ve become a happier, healthier, and stronger Luis.

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