May Member of the Month-2016

12657797_10153877442440762_6892549952274566535_oCongratulations, Larissa Woskob!

Once a month, our community votes to recognize a single member who embodies the spirit of CrossFit Center City. He/she is someone who has a good attitude, even on the toughest days, is always there to lend support to fellow athletes, and generally goes the extra mile to help build our community to become even more awesome. When it’s time to vote, we send a reminder email out to the entire crew, but if you ever see another member do something really cool for you or the gym in general, feel free to shoot us an email at or leave a note in the box to tell us what happened!
Our Member of the Month is always awarded a FREE month of membership to CFCC. Check out all of our past Members of the month here!

Here’s what you all had to say about Larissa:

I couldn’t be happier for Larissa. She and I go way back – way, way back to 13th street. Before many of our members graduated high school. This honor caps off a big year for Larissa. Second place in-house comp finish, back squat PR, Fran PR. It’s hard to see how this year could get any better.

But it will. Larissa is one of the fiercest competitors in the gym. When she puts her mind to something – watch out. She went from solid, consistent CrossFitter, to CrossFit God in a matter of months. And with little to no extra training. Just turned it up. It’s hard to know what caused her to shift gears so suddenly, but I heard it had something to do with wanting more shout-outs on the *un*official board. Well, she’s made it. Congrats, Larissa, on this well-deserved honor!!

YAY Larissa!!!!!

So happy for you. You totally deserve this recognition. We first met at prom last year, before you rejoined later during the year, but our connection was instant. You bring such happiness to the gym with your jokes and wicked dance moves. Every time we workout together it just makes me super happy.

Besides your awesome personality, you’ve proven to be a beast in the gym. You time and time again beat me during wods and leaving me gasping for air. Your gymnastic skills and strength amaze me day in and day out.

Larissa really shined during the open this year. I remember her epic performance on 16.4 when she got close to ten handstand pushups after rowing for a looong time(which she hates). She was also an awesome partner during the pre-open comp this year. Her hand holding and constant pep talks truly made the competition way more fun for me.

Larissa you’re sensational in so many ways and I’m proud to call you not only my gym mate, but my friend.

Keep crushing it Hun Bun!!!!
Luis Salazar

Larissa can always be counted on to motivate other CFCC members. For example when we had a friendly handstand walking contest she pumped me up by telling me:

“You will never beat me at handstand walking”.

The confidence I felt after these words of encouragement is hard to describe!

When she’s not talking trash to me, Larissa has been crushing CrossFit since her comeback last year. She did amazing in the CrossFit Open, was part of a second place team in the CFCC in house competition, and most importantly she always dances if good music comes on. It’s always fun when Larissa is in your class!

Greg Shahade

Larissa is an amazing individual, both at the gym and outside of it. The amount of effort she puts into the WODs is incredible and this was especially evident during the recent Crossfit Open. She is one of the nicest , not to mention the most stylish, people I have come to know in this wonderful city. I am so glad to be able to call her a friend. A very well deserved MOTM!!
Shiva Gopalan

I am so super excited that Larissa is MOTM – she most certainly deserves it!

I met Larissa during my first month at Crossfit. Coach Chris paired us up for bench pressing one day and told us that would be great friends and wod partners. Boy, was Coach Chris right! Larissa is an awesome person and a great friend in and out of the gym.

Larissa crushes me in everything we do at CFCC. I admire her strength and enthusiasm; she is a great role model for a newish crossfitter like I am. I love wodding with Larissa because she is a great partner during the strength portion of the wod, an epic competitor during the metcons, and most importantly, because we spend much of the wod giggling like little school girls (sorry coaches, that is probably super annoying). I push myself much harder when she is in class, mostly because I am trying to beat her just once! But seriously, she is super supportive, always helping with movements and cheering others along during metcons.

I love CFCC – it’s my favorite place to be. And Larissa makes it that much better. Yay Larissa, congratulations on MOTM!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s keep on wonder twinning :-)
Susie Buck

As part of 50 Shades of Gains, Larissa was a great teammate to have. She was my partner for Fran and pushed herself way beyond what she thought she was capable of doing, to absolutely destroy her first attempt at Fran! Its been awesome to see her gains since the the In House Competition!!!
Jay Young

Long, long ago in 2012 when I was new to crossfit — chubby, awkward, shy and totally mute, I met the wonderful Larissa Woskob for the first time. She was one of those really fit, really strong looking people that made me want to crawl into a rogue box and never come out. I remember thinking: ‘I hope I can be as fit as her one day.’

I remember the first time we interacted — we were partnered up for the most awkward partner stretch in the history of partner stretches (thankfully this stretch has since never returned) and that broke the ice between us. Soon after she moved to DC to begin law school but her warm and welcoming spirit left a huge impression on me as a new member trying to find my way.

Fast forward a few years and needless to say, I was so happy to see Larissa return to her roots at CFCC after law school. She’s still that same really fit, really strong person, only now she is really more fit and really more strong. She’s encouraging, kind, inclusive and supportive of her fellow athletes. Larissa has the ability to make you feel like she’s truly in your corner, and as it turns out, she is.

Congratulations Larissa for winning member of the month! And thank you for bringing your boo Tom to CFCC — he’s a great addition to this community!
Theresa Pearson

I am really happy to see that Larissa won Member of the Month! She is one of my favorie people at CFCC as she always has something entertaining to say, tries her best, is extremely supportive, and is fun to workout with.

I was her judge for a few of the open workouts and time and time again she pushed far beyond she thought she was capable of to achieve the highest score possible. The look on her face each time I had the good fortune of telling her, her final score with a stunned look of amazement and feeling of accomplishment. She always has a positive attitude and gives it her all.

You can tell she loves crossfit and makes the effort to balance her life inside and outside the gym. It’s been a pleasure getting to know her since I joined CFCC and I am looking forward to seeing her grow as a person. Hope the gain train continies and look forward to seeing whats in store for her. Congrats Larissa!!!

-Kyle Houser

Larissa is a great choice for member of the month. I didn’t know
Larissa until the in-house comp this year when we were teammates.  I
was impressed with her Fran but even more impressed with her as a
teammate.  She was supportive of everyone and kept things fun.  And
she fought through her nerves with flying colors.  Every time I see
her at CFCC she’s in a good mood and has a smile on her face.  She
doesn’t take herself too seriously but she obviously takes her
workouts seriously because she has been in beast mode lately.  She
helps make CFCC a fun place to be and I can’t wait to see her keep
putting up PR’s.
-Kit Hoffman

I first met Larissa at the end of her first stint at Crossfit Center City. My first introduction to the members of CFCC was her going away dinner. It was amazing to see how much everyone loved Larissa but I did the most. While Larissa was in law school at Washington DC I started going to crossfit sessions with her and she slowly got me hooked.  CFCC is an amazing group of people for me and my future wife to workout with, to be associated with and socialize with.

-Thomas Castner


Thoughts from the Coaches:

Larissa has put up alot of impressive PRs recently, but the most significant was her performance at prom. To give Luis a run for his money on the dance floor while wearing what appeared to be 12-14 inch heels – defies reason. Well done and much deserved!
Coach Wylie

Larissa left, came back, and then won. I find that to be fantastical and heart warming. #blackswan #cinderellastory #champion
Coach Tim

Before I actually met Larissa, I remember watching her work out from afar (ooooops, creepy) and being completely awed that someone could manage to slay a conditioning piece while wearing dangly earrings. I cannot even manage having studs in my ears. We were on the same In-House Competition team, and I was really impressed by Larissa’s grit, strength, and stamina.  She went into a dark, dark, place during Fran, and I BOW DOWN to her for it.  She’s a great athlete, but also a great teammate and an encouraging and supportive person.  She ‘kales’ it every day.
Coach Lexi

Larissa is amazing. She exhibits a fantastic combination of athletic talent, patient determination, outgoing kindness and whip-smart humor that makes her a natural MOTM. Whether it’s inspiring others with her metcon times or making new members feel like they’ve found a new home, she makes any class she attends a better experience for everyone. Congrats!

-Coach Justin

I met Larissa for the first time after she came back to CFCC for the second time. I had the pleasure of coaching her during the In House Competition and got to see the competitive side of her emerge. Larissa is a fantastic teammate and a joy to have in class. Congratulations on your well deserved MOTM recognition!


Larissa! Tell us about yourself!

1. What do you do when you’re not at the gym? Your profession?

I moved back to Philly last summer for my job, my fiance and, I must admit, for CFCC. When I found Crossfit Center City in 2011 I was completing a graduate degree at Penn and applying to law school. That was one of the best years of my life and I remember promising myself that one day I would make it back to Philly. I spent 3 years in DC at GW Law and I was lucky enough to find a job in Philly. I am a corporate lawyer at Dilworth Paxson specializing in health law.

2. How did you find out about CF?

An ex-boyfriend introduced me to crossfit and bought me my first month’s membership to CFCC as a birthday present. That was 5 years ago and I credit crossfit for so many of the positive changes that I’ve made since then! I also have CFCC to thank for bringing together the best group of people that Philly has to offer. Whether it was back in 2011 or now, I have met life-long friends at CFCC who inspire me every day. I am Erin’s permanent client for all nutrition, training and life advice.

3. What makes you come in and train on days that you don’t want to?

I am competitive. So knowing that people, like Luis, are going to be there at the gym regardless gets me through the door :) I am just kidding – I cannot compete with that guy. The truth is, I look forward to my evening session every day. I sit in my office counting down the hours. Something Bern said recently really resonated with me. After completing 16.4 (which was a miserable open workout) she said, “it’s my happy place.”

4. What’s your favorite movement and/or metcon?

I like double unders, burpees, toes to bar, pull-ups, running… and Fran. Gymnastics and hand-stand walking.

5. What’s one thing you would like to accomplish within CF in the next year?

I want to get a muscle up. I got my first bar muscle up during the Crossfit Open this year. I also need work on strict handstand pushups and dips. I’m also working on looking really hott for my wedding in September. These are Tom’s words but he’s right.

6. Name something about you that’s a little-known fact.

The only language I spoke when I started Kindergarten at age 5 was Ukrainian.


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