The time has come to announce our very first Member of the Month! First of all, a big thank you to everyone who submitted a vote and took the time to say a good word for a fellow member. We had a tremendous variety of nominations this month, which I think speaks to the tremendous variety of awesome members here at CFCC :)

And now, without further ado, your August Member of the Month is…

Giulia spent the spring getting her body as ready as possible for her shoulder surgery in early June. For the rest of the summer, you may have noticed her around the gym in her sling, or doing things with only one arm.  That’s because Giulia didn’t let a little thing like rotator cuff surgery slow her down. She’s living proof that no matter what you’re working with, we can work with you. Take note, all of you that take a month off to nurse a sprained wrist or a troublesome elbow. Yes, we want you to rest when you need to. But know that resting a knee doesn’t mean that you can’t train all the other stuff. Giulia continued to attend regularly and work just as hard as ever. So hard, in fact, that last cycle she pulled a 175-pound deadlift – with one hand. This is about to be her first week back with two arms and we can’t wait to see what’s in store!

Giulia with Linz, two members who look like completely different people since first starting CrossFit.

But enough from me – here’s what her peers had to say:

“I have watched her work her a** off through many classes with a very limiting shoulder injury.  Nothing stops her.  It’s inspiring!”

“She shows up every day, works very hard, and does it all with a smile on her face. She’s a pleasure to share a class with.”

And from the boss lady herself, Miss Erin Davidson, “My absolute FAVORITE thing about Giulia is that no matter what kind of day she’s having she comes into the gym like it’s the first day she’s ever seen it – everything is always exciting, new, or challenging – as a Coach, this attitude is both infectious and inspiring – it makes me want to better my attitude toward my own training AND it makes it so easy to love Coaching Giulia in just about anything.  She’s a diligent but patient worker and I can say with full confidence that she handles her time out of CrossFitting “normally” like a champ.”

“Giulia has stayed determined and in fabulous spirits despite having shoulder surgery. She has become RIDICULOUSLY strong in the single arm sumo deadlift and all other things “single arm.” Giulia never seemed to get discouraged despite limitations…can’t wait to see what happens when both arms are finally in full swing!  Congrats, Giulia!” – Coach Rachel

Giulia with one arm at Prom :)

“Her attitude is contagious.  Being an awesome athlete, she comes in everyday and puts in work. As a coach that’s all I could ever hope for!  Keep up the amazing stuff, and I’m excited to see what she can do now that she can use two arms….Beastmode.” – Coach Tim (in serious mode).

“Giulia has been a great contribution to the gym and has been a pleasure to coach. Her unwavering determination and unwillingness to quit has inspired us all.” – Coach Chris

“From her very first Elements’ class, Giulia was excited to learn about everything CrossFit has to offer.  She quickly bonded with her fellow Elements buddies and encouraged everyone in class.  Giulia pushed herself to learn new movements and was committed to perfecting her form throughout classes.  Giulia had an amazing upbeat attitude from Day 1 and didn’t stop smiling the whole class–even when suffering through her first 10 minutes of Cindy!” – Coach Liz

Giulia will be receiving her next month of membership for FREE! Start thinking now about who you’d like to nominate for next month’s Member of the Month – you can send your pick to

Thanks again to everyone who submitted a vote!

3 Responses to “MEMBER OF THE MONTH: August 2012”
  1. Sayra says:

    Yeah Giulia! Congrats girl, you totally deserve it! I’m super impressed by all the things you can do with one arm!

  2. Nat says:

    Congrats Giulia!! The one arm front flips at Summer Camp were great!

  3. tp says:

    ridiculously well deserved! congrats, Giulia!

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