October’s well-deserving Member of the Month is Joey Hand!

Mr. Hand is a dedicated member, attending not only regular classes with great consistency, but Endurance classes as well. He’s seen great strength and conditioning gains since beginning with us 6 months ago.

Of course, we have tons of members who attend very regularly and frequent specialty classes as well. What really sets Joe apart is his excellent attitude. He shows up to each class with an interest only in bettering himself, not in comparing himself to others. He asks lots of questions and is eager to soak up every bit of knowledge he can get. He’s always focused. And at the end of every class (as well as during) Joey is quick to hand out high fives, fist bumps, and ‘great jobs’. I’m also pretty sure that, unlike the rest of us, he’s never accidently forgotten to put away any of his equipment. In fact, he goes out of his way to help other people put away theirs. He’s a pleasure to have in any class, not only as a coach but also as a fellow athlete. As a coach, it’s always refreshing to see someone more than willing to strip it down to the basics to get the form and technique right before piling on the weights. It’s a great attitude to have, and sometimes it’s a really refreshing reminder of just how far a humble attitude can carry you (really far, in case you were wondering).

Here’s what you all had to say:

“Member of the Month? Joey Hand… hands down.” I cannot say whether or not that pun was intended, but I like it.

“Joey has a great attitude and is committed to learning as much as he can.”

“He’s always willing to help out and pitch in to get something done”

From the coaches:

“Joey is always such a positive person in the gym. Eager to learn, easy to coach, and making huge improvements every day! Keep up the great work!!!”

“Joe has the type of personality that leaves a lasting impression on the people he meets. As a coach, I’m always blown away by how humble he can be everyday. Not only is the man a terrific athlete, but he exudes the qualities of a champion.”

“Joe Hand is one of the nicest people I know. He is a committed athlete who always brings a positive energy to the gym. His effort and attitude is contagious, and I hope he is a part of CFCC for a long time to come.”

“Mr. Hand arrives to the gym each day with a smile, a joke, a laugh, and most incredibly the strength of support for each of his teammates who have the honor of sharing a session with him. He encourages and drives not only the members around him, but also the individuals who have the opportunity to coach him.”

“I have yet to meet a happier and more approachable athlete than Mr. Hand. He is always asking questions and pushing his limits as an athlete. Mr. Hand is the kind of person that can make anyone smile on any given day. I love coaching this guy.”

“It’s been an absolute pleasure working with Joey during the BCCC. He’s always enthusiastic about any challenge that’s thrown at him and is willing to accept suggestions in the name of getting better! His attitude towards his fellow BCCC’ers has been supportive and helpful throughout – way to go Mr. Hand!”

Joey’s Elements class! :)

From the Boss Lady:

“I call him “Mr. Hand” because Joey is the ultimate gentleman: polite, encouraging, and always eager to try harder and do better. From his very first Elements class with me he has been inquisitive in class – something we LOVE because most Coaches are Coaching because they also like TEACHING – it helps us learn too! Joey also has a way of including everyone in the class in his sheer joy of being present at CFCC – that kind of excitement is infectious (in a good way! :)). Mr. Hand has also admirably taken his time at CFCC to merge out into many areas of focus: he’s become an exemplary rower and runner, a better Olympic lifter, and is currently working his way through the current BCCC with good consistency, creativity, and resolve. I could not be more grateful for his presence here at the gym OR more excited to see where a full year of CrossFit takes him!”

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  1. Mr. Hand says:

    From each of you at CFCC, members and staff,I want to thank you. Every single member sets an example of strength and focus at CFCC. Coming in and working hard at CFCC is easily the best part of my day. I will continue in my efforts and try an lead by example from each an everyone I see who does the same.

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