If you are a member of CFCC, this is the place to get your bearings! Check out the below to see what we’re up to!

WORKOUT OF THE DAY: Day-to-day announcements about the gym, information about specific classes, and of course, programming for each day! The programming is usually post at or before 10pm on the day before classes. Click on the names of the classes in these posts to see the programming for specialized classes. For more information about what kinds of classes we offer at CFCC, check out our course descriptions! (insert course description link here).

BOARD SCORES: If you forgot to take a picture of the board today with your phone today, fret not! We have pictures right here! Use these to log your workouts, see what everyone else in the gym is up to, and/or strategically plan your attendance.

CURRENT CYCLE: Although it may seem like the programming on the whiteboard in the gym is completely randomized there is a method to our madness. To read more about what days we’ll be squatting or deadlifting, and how you can most adequately plan your schedule around meeting your goals in tandem with our programming, check out the Current Cycle page. We frequently run programming in month-long cycles though you are certainly able to jump into the progressions at any time. The last week of the cycle is usually referred to as “Peak Week” because it is a time in the programming where you will be able to test your lifts and metcon ability to see how you are improving. As always, if you have specific questions about how to tailor the programming for your individual needs, feel free to email us at

TRAVEL WORKOUTS: Whether you’re on your way overseas or you’re stuck home in the rain we think you should be able to train! These workouts were specifically named after CFCCers or completed by Coaches during their time away from CFCC. If you complete one while you’re away – take a picture! We’ll always post it! If you ever need a little help planning for time away from CFCC for any reason, feel free to contact us for training advice at

WORKOUT LOGS: Most of the workout logs that are included in this list are kept on The CrossFit Boards – over the years, we’ve found this medium to be very useful to most of our members because it is easily searchable through Google and readily workable for those looking to comment or view other athlete logs at CFCC. To create a log for yourself simply head to the “Register” button on the site and let us know if you have any problems confirming your identity (they are tightly monitored boards due to the heavy presence of military folks in CF). Once you’ve set up a new thread under “Workout Logs” with a witty title, send it to us at and we’ll post it here for all to see. If you’re not into logging on the boards, we’ll also post any medium you are using to do so. If you’re into scrapbooking your results in an old notebook, we humbly applaud you. If you don’t have a workout log… stop what you’re doing and go get one!

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