Current Cycle

The Current Cycle

This week begin a new eight week cycle consisting of two four week blocks leading up to the CrossFit Total on Friday, October 28th. The CF Total will test 1 rep maxes in three lifts: Back Squat, Deadlift, and Strict Press. The focus during these next two months is on absolute strength i.e. the maximum amount of force you can exert. Absolute strength can be subdivided into three different components: concentric or positive direction strength, eccentric or negative direction strength, and static or isometric strength. In a back squat the concentric portion would be coming up, eccentric is lowering or coming down, and isometric the bottom or top portion hold position. Different days will focus on different components. The first three days of the week will be intense. If you’re looking to maximize your potential this cycle the recommended training schedule would be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, rest or mobility on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, rest on Sunday.  

Additionally, starting this week our gymnastics classes will be doing some testing. Next week we will focus on body position and eccentric and isometric components of pulling and pushing movements. At this point of the year we are still in the accumulation phase where the emphasis is on improving strict strength in order to keep the shoulders healthy for the kipping density volume moving into the winter.

As always, it is important to remember health is and always will be #1. If you have any nagging issues, make sure to inform a coach, ask for modifications, and take any necessary precautions to mobilize before or after classes or attend our restorative classes.

Fitness or Performance?

We understand not everybody has the same goals when they walk in the door at CFCC. If your goal is more for fitness and less to maximize performance for a specific goal, the progression of training can be and may be different. Higher skilled movements (snatch, overhead squat, gymnastics movements, etc.) that require maximal mobility, strength and stability in certain muscle groups and joints should be introduced slowly and carefully when the client is ready. For our newer members and those who are still beginners in training, we always welcome scaling in both weight, movement, and volume when necessary, so please always feel free to speak with a coach about what will be best for you.

Specialty Classes

If your goals are to improve strength, gymnastics strength and skill development, compete in the sport of CrossFit, or develop a better aerobic capacity then make sure you check out our specialty classes accessible to all CFCC members. The only way to get better at anything is through hard work and consistent practice so take advantage of these opportunities to focus your efforts towards your own specific goals.
Monday: Gymnastics (5:30pm)
Tuesday: Bikes & Bells (5:30pm), AP Strength (6:30pm)
Wednesday: Gymnastics (5:30pm)
Thursday: Bikes & Bells (7:00am), AP Strength (6:30pm)
Saturday: Gymnastics (9am), Competitor Team Practice (12-2pm, open to all members)
Sunday: Bikes & Bells (9am)

Workout of the Day Template

September 2016 – October 2016
Strength – Front Squat – eccentric and isometric focus, upper body pulling (pull up variations, MU, rows)
Conditioning – Short to moderate time domain with high intensity, knee flexion and pulling endurance
Strength – Deadlift and Strict Press – moderate intensity, high volume to high intensity, low volume (3 weeks, deload, repeat)
Conditioning – short maximum aerobic power into short amraps (sub 10 minutes)
Strength – Back Squat – moderate intensity, high volume to high intensity, low volume (3 weeks, deload, repeat)
Conditioning – Gymnastics and monostructural aerobic
Strength – Speed Day – olympic lift power variants and pulls
Conditioning – EMOM’s – barbell cycling, power intervals
Strength – Unilateral strength work – knee flexion (bulgarian split squat, lunge, step up) and upper body pulling (pull up variations, MU, rows)
Conditioning – mixed modal aerobic
Strength – An accessory lift not focused on during the week, a gymnastics skill, or no strength.
Conditioning – Longer mixed modality (weightlifting, gymnastics, and monostructural) partner workouts with a higher skill/strength demand
Open gym. Use this time to make up a workout from the week, practice a skill, do some restorative work, and/or mobilize. Resources such as ROMWOD and MobilityWOD are fantastic tools.


Monday – Swing skill work, Pushing strength/position/strength emphasis (Strict hspu, holds),  core

Wednesday – longer mobility (upper and lower body) and scapular strengthening, strength eccentric or isometric pull and push (tempo pull ups, rows, dips, hspu), core, misc skill work (pistols, double unders)

Saturday – Pulling (Kipping Muscle Up and Rope Climbs), handstand walking

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