Current Cycle

The Current Cycle

The next fifteen week cycle will introduce the accumulation phase of training as we gear up for the Total at the end of October which as of now will still land on Halloween weekend. We will focus on building volume over the next 4-6 weeks before moving into a more strength intensive phase in September and October. Thes cycle will culminate in some new testing and  retesting of the snatch, “Five Minute Capacity Test,” and of course the Total (Max BS, DL, Press).

Fitness or Performance?

We understand not everybody has the same goals when they walk in the door at CFCC. If your goal is more for fitness and less to maximize performance for a specific goal, the progression of training can be and may be different. Higher skilled movements (snatch, overhead squat, gymnastics movements, etc.) that require maximal mobility, strength and stability in certain muscle groups and joints should be introduced slowly and carefully when the client is ready. For our newer members and those who are still beginners in training, we always welcome scaling in both weight, movement, and volume when necessary, so please always feel free to speak with a coach about what will be best for you.

Specialty Classes

If your goals are to improve olympic weightlifting technique, squat strength, gymnastics strength and skill development, and running or rowing endurance then make sure you check out our speciality classes accessible to all CFCC members. The only way to get better at anything is through hard work and consistent practice, so take advantage of these opportunities to focus your efforts towards your own specific goals.

The Format

Monday :Knee Flexion/UB Pull muscle endurance and density, Back Squat – volume high to low, Thruster – strength + knee flexion endurance, aerobic threshold metabolic conditioning

Tuesday : LB Pull – RDL until move towards Total training, will switch to DL day, Power Snatch work (start low %, progress to high%), MAP (maximum aerobic power) incremental (80/90/100) then 30/60 second power pieces including LB pull, bending, UB push

Wednesday: Hang Clean, Single Leg ST, Advanced Gymastics (MU, C2B, PU, Dip), MAP – MWG mixed, potentially partner workouts based on equipment/logistics

Thursday : LB Pull and UB Push focus (vert + horizontal), HSPU – Skill and strength, MAP sessions (work/rest, EMOM’s), Squatting class (FS volume accumulation)

Friday: Snatch – single heavier efforts building in weight then move to complexes w/bn push press + ohs, OHS – controlled tempo. will move to BS when snatch moves to complexes, Benchmarks and grinder metcons, varied movements

Saturday : Competitor’s Team Practice, Squatting (FS volume accumulation), Deadlifts and dips + Partner workouts – longer aerobic efforts

Sunday: Make up day

*If you want to maximize increases in squatting specifically you can attend Squatting class on Thursday nights or Saturday, but keep in mind squatting on back to back days is not recommended.*

Current Members, for your records

  • BS heavy single and “Fran” 7/27/15
  • “Five Minute Capacity Test” 7/29/15
  • Snatch and “Helen” 7/31/15

The template for the next 15 weeks will conclude with the Total on Halloween weekend. If you have any questions about the current cycle and how to plan your schedule to work with your goals please email perrin@crossfitcc.com or erin@crossfitcc.com.

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