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We will be re-testing some strength numbers at the end of this cycle in a few weeks and then giving everyone a much needed de-load. If you would like to plan ahead for the week of Monday, July 7th we will be testing the following

Monday: Back Squat and Max Strict Pull Ups

Tuesday: Strict Press

Wednesday:“15-Minute Work Capacity Test”

Thursday: No testing for regular class.  If you sign up for the squatting class you will have the option of testing your Front Squat on this day

Friday: Front Squat

Our current cycle leading up to the de-load week starting July 14th is as follows

Monday: Back Squat focusing on volume accumulation + Upper body pulling strength and muscle endurance (strict pull ups, ring rows, with lots of tempo!), plus Croga with Tim at 6:30pm!

Tuesday: Deadlift focusing on volume accumulation + Upper body pushing strength and muscle endurance (strict press, single arm press, push press, push jerk, etc), plus Gymnastics with Danny in the evenings for only a few more weeks :(

Wednesday: Snatch and Clean (Dynamic efforts) + conditioning with weightlifting focus

Thursday: Bulgarian split squat focusing on single leg strength + Upper body pulling variations and scapular strength and stability (DB/BB Bent over row, powell raise, TGU, etc.), plus two Squatting classes with Record if you want to get in some extra volume on back and front squats.

Friday: Lunge + Upper Body Pull/Push

Saturday: Competitor’s Team Practice, a Partner or Team Workout, and Prehab with Erin!

Sunday: Our only open gym session offered during the week, a longer aerobic conditioning piece as the workout of the day

If you have any questions about the current cycle and how to plan your schedule to work with your goals please email perrin@crossfitcc.com or erin@crossfitcc.com.


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