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We will be ending our current cycle the last week of August to lead us into an 8 week training block to prepare for the Total which will be held on Halloween. Currently, we are still in the accumulation phase of training and will transition into the intensification phase towards the end of the year to gear up for the open. Right now the primary focus is to increase raw strength and build the aerobic base. Starting in the beginning of September we will be honing in on the three lifts which are tested in the Total – Back Squat, Deadlift and Press. There will still be plenty of supplemental conditioning to make sure everyone is continuing to develop skill and strength in the variety of movements we use in CrossFit. The general format for the programming is as follows.

Monday: Tempo Front Squat, Upper Body Pull. *The 2nd to last week of September we are going to test a max front squat. Starting Monday 9/29 we will be back squatting instead of front squatting on Mondays.

Tuesday: Upper Body Push (Press, PP, PJ, SJ) + Gymnastics Skill/Strength work, Lower Body Pull

Wednesday: Olympic Weightlifting (Clean & Snatch) and conditioning will have a weightlifting focus

Thursday: Lower Body Pull + Accessory work, Upper Body Push (horizontal and vertical), Longer conditioning

Friday: Single Leg Strength Work (Bulgarian Split Squat, Lunge), Upper Body Pull

*If you want to maximize increases in squatting numbers you can attend Squatting class with Chris on Friday Nights

Saturday: Competitor’s Team Practice, a Partner or Team Workout, and Prehab with Erin!

Sunday: Croga with Arianna! Our only open gym session offered during the week, a longer aerobic conditioning piece as the workout of the day

If you have any questions about the current cycle and how to plan your schedule to work with your goals please email perrin@crossfitcc.com or erin@crossfitcc.com.


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