Current Cycle

The Current Cycle

The main priorities of the last twelve week cycle leading up until the open are two fold: 1.) Stay healthy. 2.) Prioritize the olympic lifts and variations (cleans, snatches, jerks), maintain absolute strength gained from October’s Total, build muscle endurance in gymnastics movements, and develop the aerobic system. The cycle will be divided into 2 x 6 week blocks with a slight shift in intensity and time domains of conditioning a few weeks after the new year. Due to the higher volume of specific movements (kipping variations, barbell cycling, squatting, jumping) it is important to remember health is and always will be #1. If you have any nagging issues, make sure to inform a coach, ask for modifications, and take any necessary precautions to mobilize before or after classes or attend our restorative classes.

At the end of January (1/30) we are hosting our annual In House Competition. All athletes are invited and encouraged to participate on a team for our last event before the Open. This will be a preview of the intensity, competitive environment, and camaraderie seen during the CrossFit Games season.

Fitness or Performance?

We understand not everybody has the same goals when they walk in the door at CFCC. If your goal is more for fitness and less to maximize performance for a specific goal, the progression of training can be and may be different. Higher skilled movements (snatch, overhead squat, gymnastics movements, etc.) that require maximal mobility, strength and stability in certain muscle groups and joints should be introduced slowly and carefully when the client is ready. For our newer members and those who are still beginners in training, we always welcome scaling in both weight, movement, and volume when necessary, so please always feel free to speak with a coach about what will be best for you.

Specialty Classes

If your goals are to improve olympic weightlifting technique, squat strength, gymnastics strength and skill development, and running or rowing endurance then make sure you check out our speciality classes accessible to all CFCC members. The only way to get better at anything is through hard work and consistent practice, so take advantage of these opportunities to focus your efforts towards your own specific goals.

Monday: Gymnastics (5:30pm), Running (6:30pm), Hip Love (7:30pm)

Tuesday: Intro to Oly (6:30pm)

Wednesday: Running (7:00am), Gymnastics (5:30pm)

Thursday: Intro to Oly (6:30pm)

Friday: Rowing (7:00am), Shoulder Love (5:30pm)

Saturday: Competitor Team Practice (8-10am), Squatting (9am), CrossFit Kids (10am), Yoga (11am), Intro to Strongman (12pm)

The Format

December 2015/ January 2016/ February 2016


Strength – Back Squat – moderate weight/volume with slow build. Pull Up/C2B Pull Up/Muscle Up skill and strength work.

Conditioning – Short to moderate time domain with high intensity. Weightlifting and gymnastics “grinders”, mostly triplets (3 movements). These will compliment Friday’s conditioning in intensity, but not overlap movements. I.E. If Monday are back squats, burpees, and T2B, Friday’s will be pull ups, S2O, and front squats. They will include commonly used Open movements.


Strength –  Power Snatch and upper body push (strict and dynamic).

Conditioning – MAP (Maximum aerobic power) sessions. Commonly known for their rate of perceived exertion percentages associated with them, the purpose of these are to include a variety of weightlifting, gymnastics, and monostructural (rowing) staying in the aerobic power zone. Expect push/pull combinations (hspu and power snatches) with the goal being consistency unless otherwise noted (i.e. 80%/90%/100% effort).


Strength – Single leg and single arm work. These days are essential to correct asymmetries and decrease the intensity of loading.. Step Ups, lunges, db rows, bb rows, and some gymnastics skill practice will all be included.

Conditioning – MAP (maximum aerobic power) sessions with opposing movements to the previous day. Heavy on gymnastics upper and lower body work with low volume barbell involvement (i.e. double unders, burpees, box jumps, dips, push ups, air squats).


Strength – This power day will compliment Tuesdays w/clean variations today and power snatches on Tuesday. Power Clean and Hang Power Clean. Alternating skill or accessory work including TGU’s, stability work, and/or Jerk practice.

Conditioning – Couplets focusing on speed work and sprints. There are a few holidays landing on Thursday which will include special workouts (“The 12 Days of X-Mas”) when this template will not apply.


Strength – Snatch Balance + OHS and/or Front Squat

Conditioning – These will compliment Monday’s conditioning. Open-esque aerobic threshold work involving weightlifting and gymnastics movements (i.e. pull ups, s2o, fs, du, k2e, ohs, power clean, burpees, etc.). A new option we will be testing on Friday’s will include another option for conditioning. For those who are less interested in competing in the open, are newer to training, or are simply feeling a little beat up by the end of the week there will an aerobic workout or modified version of the workout of the day.


Strength – An accessory lift not focused on during the week, a gymnastics skill, or no strength.

Conditioning – Longer mixed modality (weightlifting, gymnastics, and monostructural) partner workouts


Open gym. Use this time to make up a workout from the week, practice a skill, do some restorative work, and/or mobilize. Resources such as ROMWOD and MobilityWOD are fantastic tools.

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