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The CrossFit Open 2014 has officially come to a close and we’ve got a LOT of great things to look forward to during SPRING at CrossFit Center City!

1. The Spring Total (or, BRO-TAL) is on the horizon. Read all about the Spring Total here.  Sign up for a heat time on Mindbody under “Seminars”.  Our programming starting on Monday, 4.7.14 will now begin moving us in the general direction of being able to complete this test of 3 different strengths: Benching for Maximal Strength, Cleaning for Maximal Strength, and Overhead Squatting Endurance (specifically, through a 15-rep test at the Spring Total).

2. The Liberty Barbell Classic, Liberty Barbell Club‘s home weightlifting meet is taking place at the end of April.  You can read all about the classic here.

3. The next CFCC Recharge Program – SWIMSUIT EDITION – is coming up soon!

4. Stay tuned on more info about the Spring Push/Pull Challenge, a bodyweight program meant to completed in the gym whenever you are in OR at home that inspires you toward your first pull-up and/or push-up.

5. We’ve also got a number of different personalized options which make a lot of sense for many of you who are going through Open-withdrawal.

  • A new Accelerate Strongman cycle is beginning Monday, April 7th!  If you’ve missed out on being part of this one. Let us know if you’re interested so we can keep you filled in on the next.
  • We are also planning to throw out some Accelerate Cycles for Olympic Lifting only.  These are cycles that you pay for on top of membership that give you access to small group coaching and personalized programming for 4 week bouts. Right now we have received a lot of interest in a 6am cycle and a 430pm cycle. If you would like an opportunity to join in on these cycles, please contact me, erin@crossfitcc.com and let me what times of the week work best for you to train. I’ll do my best accommodate as many athletes as possible.
  • We’ve got a bright and shiny new schedule of classes including Prehab, a class meant to mobilize and correct poor movement patterns which is set to begin NEXT Monday at 730pm, 4.17.14, a preparatory program for athletes interested in seriously beginning the journey towards Regionals 2015 (details to be released on our Competitor’s Page), an altered schedule for Liberty Barbell Club, and the reintroduction of BRING A FRIEND SATURDAYS (you can bring 1 friend for free every Saturday for a CF-WOD!).

6. CFCC is sending a team to Regionals! A whole slew of members of CFCC are going!  For more information, check out the CFCC FUN Page.  We’d love to see you all there!

7. Someone new is behind the generalized programming! In preparation for the CrossFit Bro-tal, I could not think of a better pair of programmers to get the gym grooving again after the CrossFit Open than Coach Danny and Tim.  They are collaborating on the programming under my supervision for the next 7 weeks up until the Spring Total.  They are doing this as part of their continuing education as coaches and because they are specifically interested in prepping our community for this next big all-levels-welcome event.

Here’s the breakdown of the week in light of the goals of the Spring Total!

SUNDAY: The WOD will be outside… and will often be a Benchmark workout or you can row!

MONDAY: Front Squat with Prehab scheduled for the evening – a great way to work on mobility for the squat.

TUESDAY: Overhead Squat with Gymnastics as a nice supplement to this in the evening.

WEDNESDAY: Bench with Restorative Yoga at 730pm to re-open any tight pieces from the week.

THURSDAY: The Clean, with Squatting in the evening – you could definitely double up during this cycle!

FRIDAY: Programming that focuses on the pull of the clean.

SATURDAY: “Bring A Friend” sessions are back!  If you’re a member of CFCC you can bring 1 friend to a 9am class so that they can try CrossFit!  As the weather gets better there is NOTHING better on a Saturday than a fun workout with a friend and then #brunchafter. :) We will also be running a Strongman Workout of the Day right after “Bring a Friend” sessions.

*One quick note: the Regionals Team will require use of the gym at the same time that they will be completing WODs for Regionals weekend in May. In May this means that we will still hold a “Bring a Friend” session at 9am but that the gym will be used for Regionals prep from 10-12pm. This means no other classes will be held during this time (with classes in the Oly space as an exception). We will then hold another Strongman WOD at 12pm for general attendance.  A similar format will take place during Sundays in May: we’ll hold Open Gym from 8-10am, and then a WOD at 12pm. Again, this is ONLY for 3 weekends in May.  On May 24th, we will be at Regionals!  I’ll be finding some substitute coaches to cover a few WODs at the gym over the weekend, but I would plan for this to be a light weekend of training!  Lastly, Easter weekend (4/20) you can expect a slightly altered schedule on Sunday, but we will still have classes!

As ALWAYS, if you have any questions about the programming or creatively planning to make this schedule work with your goals, please don’t hesitate to contact me: erin@crossfitcc.com – here’s to resurrecting from a LONG WINTER and getting to work on whatever this season of rebirth means to you!

“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.”
-Maya Angelou

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