Current Cycle- starting 4/10/2017

April 10 starts the first week of our next cycle, post-CrossFit Open, which will last 12 weeks (broken into 2 6-week sections). We are going to concentrate on absolute strength, aerobic capacity, and trunk stability. Volume is going up, especially in the beginning of each six week cycle. Back and Front Squats, Deadlifts, and Pressing will make up the focus of our strength work, with accessory pieces and skill development to round them out. You will see more variation in the time domains for conditioning, from very short intervals to longer pieces that will supercede strength work on certain days. Monday through Thursday will often have optional finishers with an eye toward either reinforcing the work from that day, or beach-season style accessory work. It will be important that athletes who are used to attending 4+ classes a week eat enough to support the amount of work that we’ll be doing, as well as attending to recovery, including stress reduction techniques and prioritizing sleep. If you have any questions about care and feeding of an athlete, don’t hesitate to reach out to any coach.

Workout of the Day Template

April 2017
Strength – Back squats, Pull ups, Isometric holds, and Posterior chain support work
Conditioning – Short/Moderate time domains with lots of knee flexion. Pull ups are possible, expect high power output work.
Strength – Pressing, both vertical and horizontal, is the focus here. Frequently paired with rope climbs and/or weighted horizontal pulling.
Conditioning – Longer metabolic EMOM cycles here. High volume strict push/pull combinations pushing capacity and recovery.
Strength – Deadlifts for Hump Day. Conventional or Sumo deadlifting, balanced with unilateral stability work with kettlebells and dumbbells.
Conditioning – Barbell cycling and plyometrics, highly aerobic pieces. Possibly longer pieces requiring strong pacing and strategy.
Strength – Front Squats, both as part of and alongside Clean and Jerk work. Inversions/Handstand work will also appear here.
Conditioning – Mono-structural Interval work, including running and rowing, as well as interval pieces with rest built in.
Strength – Skill development, including gymnastics pieces, and agility work will live here.
Conditioning – Fridays will be challenging in a variety of ways. We will test/retest benchmarks and other high intensity workouts.
Strength – New skills, unilateral UB stability, and grip work.
Conditioning – Longer (15min+) workouts mixing gymnastics, weightlifting, and mono-structural elements. Often partner/team workouts. Make a new friend.
Open gym. Use this time to make up a workout from the week, practice a skill, do some restorative work, and/or mobilize. Resources such as ROMWOD and MobilityWOD are fantastic tools.
Strength – New skills, odd objects, and mixed modality practice.
Conditioning – Freestyle day. Wide variety of workouts, designed to complement the week and prepare for the coming Monday.

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