Workout of the Day: Saturday, 1.31.15

Don’t forget to register for the Pre-Open In House Competition before Monday! Check out Cait’s post on the top 5 reasons why you should sign up. Teams will be formed next week via draft by CFCC coaches and workouts announced shortly after. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to compete with your fellow members!




A1. Wall Walk x 5 reps w/5 sec hold at top x 2 sets
-try and get hands as close to wall as possible to work on position.
A2. Inchworm x 5 reps w/3 sec hold @ end hollow position x 2 sets
-Only go out as far as you can while holding solid position. If you lose position in lower back, move hands back until hollow is one curved shape from feet to hands.
A3. Maltese Push-Up on parallettes x 15-20 reps x 2 sets
-on parallettes with externally rotated wrist position (flare out to an angle), lean as far forward as you can while keeping hollow shape
-if ROM is difficult scale to regular push-ups w/focus on leaning as far forward as you can (vertical forearm at bottom) while keeping hollow

B. Snatch Pull + High Hang PS + Hang PS (1+1+1) @ 75% of 1RM PS x 4 sets


Teams of 2 must complete the following for time,
20 Synchronized Overhead Squats (95/65#)
30 Synchronized Hang Power Clean (115/75#)
40 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20″) while partner holds the top of a deadlift (225/135) switching every 5 reps


MOVEMENT PREP: lax ball/softball mash to calves 1 min/side,  super front rack stretch w/band 1 min/side
Athletes will be divided into two groups and rotate through both stations twice
Group 1: W/band around knees –  lateral monster walk x 10 steps each direction, 10 glute bridges, 10 knee-break ankle mobilization on plates
Group 2: Set up empty BB’s at different heights on pull-up rack. In a single file line, rotate moving”over the fence and under the fence” through twice, alternating which leg leads


A. Back Squat @30X1 –, Rest 3 minutes
-each set should be heavier then the previous
B. EMOM x 8 Minutes
Front Squat @ 20X1 x 3 reps @ 65-70% of 1RM
-focus on speed out of the bottom

FINISHER: Time Permitting (if class time expires athletes can do this on their own in the Elements space)

EMOM x 6 minutes
Minute 1 – 30 sec amrap flutter kicks
Minute 2 – 30 sec amrap superman (arch raises)


MOVEMENT PREP: Foam roll/lax ball 3 minutes, partner assisted wall quad stretch/spiderman x 1 min/side
60ft jog, 60ft high knees, 60ft butt kicks, 60ft caricoa, 60ft bear crawl, 60ft crab walk


In teams of 2, with one person working at a time,
100 Sumo DL (24/16 kg)
50 Squat Thrusts
75 Air Squats
50 Squat Thrusts
100 Russian Twists
50 Squat Thrusts
75 Air Squats
50 Squat Thrusts
100 Sumo DL (24/16 kg)

Workout of the Day: Friday, 1.30.15

CFCC STRONGMAN is starting a new cycle, running from Monday, February 9th through Sunday, March 15th! Our Strongman program is open to all members of CFCC who are willing to make a commitment to the entire cycle. Your training schedule will follow the format laid out below, so you will have 2 specific strongman classes a week, squatting on Saturdays, open gym on Sundays, and you will do a regular WOD on Wednesdays. The program is open to anyone regardless of ability, or desire to compete, all that we ask is that you commit to training and attending the Strongman sessions listed below for the entirety of the 5 week cycle. If you are interested, or have any questions about it, please contact record at

DON’T FORGET BRING A FRIEND WOD is tomorrow at 11am. All you have to do is sign yourself up and email to get your friend(s) signed up. We’ll be inside the gym and Erin and Record will be coaching!



MOVEMENT PREP: Foam roll t-spine 2 min, quadruped extension/rotation drill x 8/side,  Super Front Rack w/band 1 min/side
2 Rounds: 5 Sumo Squat to Stand (3 sec hold in each position), 10 toe elevated squats, 10 heel elevated squats


A. Squat Clean – Build to a tough single in 12 minutes


Open Workout 12.3
18 minute amrap
15 Box Jumps (24/20″)
12 Push Press (115/75#)
9 T2B

-strict press, push press, push jerk, or split jerk can all be used as long as elbow, shoulder, hips and knees fully extend
Board Score: ST(SC), COND (Rds + Reps)


MOVEMENT PREP: Theraband Warm-Up


A1. Tuck-Ups x 30-40 reps x 3 sets, Rest 90 seconds
A2. Bottom Ring Dip Hold x 20 seconds x 3 sets, Rest 90 seconds
-body is full extended, no break at hips
-rings tight against torso, sink down as far as possible in the hold position, eyes facing forward
-scale to static dip bar or boxes
A3. Feet Elevated Ring Row x 5 reps x 3 sets, Rest 90 seconds
-elevate feet on box or plates, or have partner hold feet so body is fully horizontal
-at completion of the pull, hold the top point for a full 2 seconds before the next rep
A4. Max Strict Push-Ups x 3 sets, Rest 2 minutes


Weekly Bulletin of Fantastical Fitness

Here are some things going on at CFCC within the next week or so that we think you guys might want to know about:


If you’re interested in being a part of the Strongman at CFCC, NOW is the perfect time to join or to ask questions!  The whole crew is starting a new cycle in 2 weeks and all you have to do to earn a spot is ask – membership in the Strongman club is a PART of CFCC membership for those who are willing to commit to a full cycle.

Jim and Todd dominated and took 3rd place in a VERY tough weight class this past weekend at Colosseum Strongman's Competition! Top qualifiers going to Nationals competed here!

Jim and Todd dominated and took 3rd place in a VERY tough weight class this past weekend at Colosseum Strongman’s Competition! Top qualifiers going to Nationals competed here!

If you’re looking to better your weightlifting this year, don’t neglect your access to Intro to Olympic Lifting classes mid-week (Wednesday evenings!) and on Saturdays! Also, check out these local meets – including our very own Liberty Barbell Classic. We are looking for volunteers for the LBC classic – if you’re interested – please reach out! We have all kinds of needs so don’t worry if you don’t know what you would be able to help with – we will know :) If you have questions about joining Liberty Barbell Club, please email!

Super official looking list right here!

Super official looking list right here!

Bring a Friend to CFCC for FREE THIS WEEKEND! We are hosting a Bring-a-Friend WOD THIS Saturday, at 11am. All you have to do is sign yourself up and email to get your friend(s) signed up. We’ll be inside the gym and Erin and Record will be coaching! #brunchafter


Just like this pretty much.

Bella Vista Chiropractic will be on site NEXT Wednesday from about 4-6pm – appointments are discounted for members! If you’d like to see Dr. Scott when he comes by, please email ( or call his office (215 922 2242).  If you have questions about what is offered Shavon, his assistant, will also be here!


The time has come – to sign up for the annual CrossFit Open! You can definitely take a look at the video below for a little inspiration (when I was in Miami I had the luck to be able to watch some of these athletes perform live and it was SERIOUSLY moving). All you have to do to sign up is go to – put down $20 to track your scores relative to the rest of the WORLD of CrossFit, and remember to sign up under Team CrossFit Center City to be eligible for all KINDS of fun that we are planning for this year’s Open. If you’re not sure where to begin – start by checking out the Pre-Open In-House Competition. This is a free team competition that where EACH team is put together by coaches and led by coaches and EVERY athlete is from CrossFit Center City. It’s great prep for the Open, but also, just simply a lot of fun. Don’t miss it!

Have you seen our New Member Board? If you’re like any other CFCC member we know you’re friendly and empathetic towards new members! That said, sometimes remembering new names or getting to know each other is tough when you’ve got a warm-up, skill work, barbell work, and conditioning to get through. We created this board to make that process easier and to keep everyone up to date! If you see any of these people, high-five them, and explain yourself later :) ALSO, don’t forget to tell anyone YOU know who’s interested in joining that we are running a SWEET deal right now for $150 + $150 for Elements + your first unlimited month of membership. If you do know someone who signs up for a membership and let us know, you get $50 off your next month at CFCC! Everyone wins!

Processed with VSCOcam with c1 preset

Check out these FAAAABULOUS new teammates!

Rechargers are crushing it! You can read all about how CFCC does Nutrition here.  If you’re interested in seeing what all of the Rechargers are up to check out our Facebook Group, CFCCEATS OR, follow that same instagram handle. If you missed the boat on grabbing a spot in this particular challenge – feel free to contact us about personal nutrition accountability sessions. Those are ALWAYS available and are pretty much life-changing. If you ARE a part of the Recharge, don’t forget! Your food logs are due Friday!

Sniff. It's so beautiful!

Sniff. It’s so beautiful!

Until next week,

Strength anywhere is strength everywhere,



Workout of the Day: Thursday, 1.29.15

Staff Continuing Education

Last Saturday the entire CFCC staff obtained their First Aid, CPR and AED certifications. We are always continuously learning together to keep our members safe and expand our knowledge as coaches.

Bring a Friend to CFCC for FREE THIS WEEKEND!

We are hosting a Bring-a-Friend WOD THIS Saturday, at 11am. All you have to do is sign yourself up and email to get your friend(s) signed up. We’ll be inside the gym and Erin and Record will be coaching!



MOVEMENT PREP: Lax ball to upper trap in glute bridge x 10/side, Banded hamstring stretching x 1 minute/side
3 Rounds: 10 cat & camel, 10 scap push-ups, 10 alternating shoulder shifts or 20 second HS hold
-back to wall, shift weight from side to side so each shoulder feels the full body’s weight. Don’t take hand off ground.
-only shift as much as you can go where elbow is kept locked out entire time.
-shift is initiated from the shoulders, not the hips!


A1. DB Bent Over Row x 5/side x 3 sets, Rest 60 seconds
A2. Good Morning x 8 reps x 3 sets, Rest 60 seconds
A3. DB External Rotation @ 3010 x 5/side x 3 sets, Rest 60 seconds
-if you have never done this exercise before, start light (between 2.5-5# plates)


For time
100 Double Unders
-Immediately into-
5 Rounds
15 Deadlifts (135/95#)
10 HSPU or 3 Wall Walks
-Immediately into-
100 Double Unders

-Scale for double unders is 50 bar facing hops over BB
-Board Score: COND (Total Time)

Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 1.28.15


Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment


MOVEMENT PREP: KB or BB mash quads and adductors 1 minute/side, Partner assisted wall quad stretch or superman x 1 minute/side, Banded heel cord: anterior bias x 1 min/side

2 Rounds: 10 wall facing squats, 10 lateral goblet lunges


For this test, everyone will attempt part A first. If the athlete can successfully achieve 8 reps/leg @ 3010 tempo then they can move onto B. 

A. Split Squat Test A

-bench or target must be right below kneecap
-front foot should be 3 paces in front of bench
– ensure tall torso, back foot flexed appropriately, pad as needed, play with movement to get control
– tempo is 3010 (this is strict!)
– goal is 8 reps/leg @ 3010 tempo unloaded
– tempo can take some time to learn based on balance; goal is improved balance and single leg load for front AND back leg

B. Split Squat Test B

Goal is 1/3 body weight per hand for 8 reps per side @ 3010 tempo. Athlete should use Dumbbells and build gradually.


2 Rounds @ 100% Effort
250m Row
15 Russian KB Swings (24/16kg)
25 Burpees *full extension/overhead clap standard
15 Russian KB Swings (24/16kg)
250m Row
Rest exactly 12 Minutes

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