Workout of the Day: Thursday, 10.2.14

If you’ve ever wished you could take a cooking class that’s not only super affordable but will actually teach you things that are relevant to eating well as an athlete at CFCC, check out this amazing class by our very own Olivia of Olivia’s Palate! The $99 rate is good for CFCC til signups close (thanks, Liv!) and if you’re participating in the #cfccrecharge you get an additional $10 off. Space is limited – email to reserve your spot.

Farm to City ( will be hosting an info table at CFCC on Thursday October 2 from 5ish-7:30ish. Stop by before or after your training session and learn a little more about how Farm to City makes local, organic and delicious food available for everyone in downtown and suburban Philly. Their Winter Harvest program is a great way to get the goodness of your spring and summer CSA into the winter season!



MOVEMENT PREP: Foam roll quads and adductors, lax ball hip flexors for 3 minutes, gastroc/soleus stretch 1 min/side,
2 Rounds: 10 air squats, 10 air squats w/toes elevated, 10 air squats w/heels elevated, 10 scapular push ups, 10 lateral goblet squat (alternating)

STRENGTH: Stay fast out of the bottom on every rep

A. Back Squat – %’s should be based off of 90% of your max
*Set 1 – 40% x 5 reps
*Set 2 – 50% x 5 reps
*Set 3 – 60% x 5 reps
Rest 3 minutes


9 minute EMOM
Minute 1 – 30 second Hollow Hold/Rocks
Minute 2 – 30 second amrap Double Unders
Minute 3 – 3 Wall Walks


3 Rounds
1 minute amrap KB Swings (24/16kg)
1 minute amrap 30ft Shuttle Sprint
1 minute Burpees
Rest 2 minutes between rounds


Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 10.1.14



MOVEMENT PREP: Foam roll t-spine, lats and quads for 3 minutes + 2 Rounds: 10 vertical jumps, 10 pass throughs w/pvc, 10 ohs w/pvc, 5 snatch balance w/pvc


A. Snatch Balance + 2 OHS x 5 sets, Rest 2 minutes


EMOM x 20 minutes
Even – 30 second row sprint
Odd – Power Snatch or Snatch x 3 reps @ 70-80% 1RM

Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 9.30.14



MOVEMENT PREP: Banded hamstring stretch sequence

+ Lax ball to upper trap x 10 passes/arm, 10 cat & camel,  10 tall box jumps w/step down, 30 second HS Hold

STRENGTH: Deload week. The emphasis this week will be placed on bar speed and grooving the same movement patterns you utilize on your heavy working sets for lifts. “Treat the light sets like they’re heavy so that the heavy sets feel light.”

A. Speed Deadlift – %’s should be based off of 90% of your max
*Set 1 – 40% x 5 reps
*Set 2 – 50% x 5 reps
*Set 3 – 60% x 5 reps
**For those with great mobility can scale up to a 2″ deficit.
Rest 2-3 minutes

B. Strict Press – %’s should be based off of 90% of your max
*Set 1 – 40% x 5 reps
*Set 2 – 50% x 5 reps
*Set 3 – 60% x 5 reps
Rest 2- 3 minutes


For Time
3 Rounds
300m Row
20 Pull Ups
200m Run

Workout of the Day: Monday, 9.29.14

Congratulations to LBC members Lizette, Paige and Silvana for a successful weekend at University National Championships this weekend! For videos and recap check out the Liberty Barbell Club Facebook Page. If you want to see live action this weekend make sure to stop by the HookGrip Classic here at CFCC Saturday and Sunday. It will be the largest olympic weightlifting meet we have hosted with a full lineup of lifters you won’t want to miss! Please note, in lieu of the event there will be a modified class schedule on Friday, Saturday and Sunday so please check Mindbody.

Huge props to both of our teams representing CFCC at the South Philly Rumble on Saturday. Jpap, Jason M., Sarah U., and Melissa G. as well as Coach Tim, Lindsay B., Tyler W., and Nikki battled it out against among some of the best athletes in the area. “Prepare for the unknown” was certainly on display as our athletes took on some unfamiliar movements like barbell windshield wipers and jumping slam balls. It goes to show that anything in CrossFit is fair game and being able to adapt quickly to the unfamiliar is an important element of mental strength in addition to the physical. Here is a nice recap from CFSP/Fearless Athletics about the performances from some of the local affiliates in the area. Congrats to all of our competitors and we hope to represent even harder next year!

Today everyone will get an opportunity to max out their Front Squat and strict weighted pull up. The last time we tested the Front Squat was on Monday 6/2/14. Don’t forget about the PR gong AND the PR Board if you put up a big number tomorrow. All PR’s are hard earned and we want to know about your progress!

After today we will be on a deload week from a percentage standpoint. Please take this time to focus on technique and speed (where applicable) and let the body recover. The next four weeks leading up to the Total will be challenging both mentally and physically. Let’s make it a great week.


Silvana warming up at University Nationals this past weekend



MOVEMENT PREP: Foam roll/lax ball quads, adductors and lats for 3 minutes, quadruped extension-rotation drill x 8/side, 10 scap push ups, 30ft toy soldier, 30ft spiderman step + OH reach, 30ft duck walk


A. Front Squat – 1RM – compare to 6/2/14
*Set 1 – 3 reps @ 55-60%
*Set 2 – 2 reps @ 65-70%
*Set 3 – 1 rep @ 75-80%
*Set 4 – 1 rep @ 80-85%
*Set 5 – 1 rep @ 85-90%
*Set 6 – 1 rep @ 90-95%
*Set 7 – 1 rep @ 95+%
*Set 8 – 1 rep @ 101-105%
Rest as needed

B. Strict Weighted Pull-Up – 1RM in 6 attempts or less. Rest 2-3 minutes in between attempts once you get around 80% of your potential 1RM. There is no requirement with what grip you use.
*If you do not have a strict weighted pull up please compete 4 sets of strict pull ups – Rest 60-90 sec bt. sets. *band assistance should decrease as reps decrease
Compare to 7/28/14


For time
30 KB Swings (24/16kg)
15 Burpees
24 KB Swings (24/16kg)
12 Burpees
18 KB Swings (24/16kg)
9 Burpees

Workout of the Day: Sunday, 9.28.14



MOVEMENT PREP:Lax ball pecs/10 passes + 30 sec One-Arm Doorway Pec Stretch, Rocking Ankle Mobilization 10x/leg

2 Rounds: 60ft Bottoms Up KB Waiters Walk, 3 Turkish Get Up Sit Ups/side, 5 Inchworm w/3 sec pause


A1. TGU x 2  reps/arm x 3 sets, Rest 45 seconds
A2. Single Leg Deadlift x 6-8 reps/side @ 3011 x 3 sets, Rest 45 seconds

5 Rounds
2 minute clock
300m Row
Amrap Push Ups
Rest 2 minutes

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