Workout of the Day: Saturday, 4.19.14

Bring a Friend is at 11am Today.

On a side note, we have a few CFCC athletes competing at South Mountain CrossFit for their first strongman competition today.

Send them good vibes!


10AM “Strongman Inspired” Workout of the Day

SMR: Lax ball pecs – 1 min/side, Lax ball glutes – 1 min/side
Movement Prep: Prone T stretch – 1 min/side, Prone Y stretch – 1 min/side, Offset waiters carries on the plank – 10mins
Activation:  Review of Tire Flip and Rope Climb
Conditioning: Strongman Fight Gone Bad
3 Rounds of 1 minute at each station: Tire Flips – Rope Climbs - Airdyne(calories) – Row(calories) – Rest
Score is the total amount of reps and calories.

11AM Bring a Friend

Movement Prep: Track Warmup
Skill Work: Rope Climb practice

WOD: BrentonFive rounds for time: Bear crawl 100ft, Standing broad-jump, 100ft
Do three Burpees after every five broad-jumps.
Post WOD: Lax ball feet and calves – 5 minutes


Workout of the Day: Friday, 4.18.14

Saturday’s Bring a Friend Session is being moved from 9am to – 11am – this week.

Only the best of friends CrossFit together.

Also tonight is Ave’s and Cassie’s going away party.  Festivities will begin following our night classes.  Stop by, and bid farewell to some stellar people.521494_391677004249644_201793409_n


SMR: Lax Ball Glutes, 10 passes/side – Lax Ball Hamstrings on Box, 1 min/side
Movement Prep: 2 rounds – 30ft SLDL w/ forward reach, 30ft Inchworm, 10 Glute Bridges, 10 Lat Pull downs
Accessory: Kneeling Jumps 5×3  Scale - Pause Jump Squats
Strength: Romanian Deadlift (RDL) 5×5 Start standing, perform the movement with soft knees. The bar descends just below the knees, then aggressively squeeze the glutes to come back to standing. Mobility and strength will dictate how far down the bar will travel.  Scale – Conventional Deadlift 5×5

Here is a very in-depth video about RDL’s. (Go to minute 9 to see the movement)

Conditioning: 5 rounds for time: – Four 30ft passes KB bent arm walk (bottoms up) – 10 KB presses – 6 box jumps (30/24)  Use the same Kettlebell for both movements.
Buy out: 3×10 supinated grip pull ups

Workout of the Day: Thursday, 4.17.14

Today we are doing our own version of “Nicole.” Make sure you take care of your hands.

The video below is Donny Shankle explaining how to keep your mits clean.


SMR: Foam Roll as needed, 5 min Bretzels, 1min/pose (4min total)
Movement Prep: Barbell Warm Up
Strength Complex: 3 Position Clean (Clean from position 3, Clean from position 2, Clean from position 1) hands stay on the bar the whole time  EOMOM x12 min Start @60% of clean and work up
Conditioning: “Nicolette” 20 min AMRAP -400m run followed by a set of Unbroken Toe to Bar.
The set is over once you let go of the bar or place your feet on the ground. Two separate scores, your Toes to Bar, and 400m laps.


Squatting (5:30pm)

Movement Prep:
Bone saw (1 min/leg)
Gastroc-Soleus Stretch (1 min/leg)
Lax ball hip flexors (1 min/side)
Wall Quad stretch (1 min/leg)
Strength: Front Squat
10×2 @87-90% of 3RM
1.5-2 min rest between sets

Glover showing off some real athleticism during “Death by 10M”

Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 4.16.14

 Bench Day!  Wear sleeveless shirts just in case.

Solid Lunges from the morning crew


SMR: Lax ball Pecs, 10 raises/side Lax ball Shoulders, 1 min/side
Movement Prep: Band Pull Apart Series, 10 reps/position – 60ft bear crawl – 60ft crab walk
Accessory: Banded upper body walks 10 steps/side x 2


Strength: Superset: Barbell Bench Press 3×8@75-85% of 5RM from previous week – 3×10 Dumbbell Bent Over Row (1:2 eccentric) Rest 90 sec between sets.

Conditioning: 3 min Team Sled Drag (170/100) In teams of 2-3, within 3 min, accumulate as much distance as possible. Rest 3 min, then repeat
Side note- sleds weigh roughly 30lbs.

This sums up the emotions that will occur while watching others sled drag.

Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 4.15.14

If you have a sticky Overhead Squat, then come in early and start mobilizing!
The video below is classic  KStar.
Simple and effective.

Above, Ross is fully focused on form.


SMR: Lax Ball Traps in Glute Bridge, 10 passes/side Lax Ball Kneeling Release, 30 sec/side
Movement Prep: 2 rounds, Banded Low Trap Pull Down, 10 reps – Push up w/ Plus, 10 reps – Lying T’s, 10 reps
Activation:  Sotts Press (add weight where needed) 3×5 Form must be perfect  Scale – FMS seated snatch grip press

Sotts Press is new for most people.  Do not be shy to start with PVC.

Strength: OHS 8×3 – Take the weight from the rack, and work up with a coach. Excluding warm up, do not exceed 8 sets.
Conditioning:  Outside – Death by 10m – With a continuously running clock do one 10m sprint the first minute, two 10m sprints (ie. down and back) the second minute, three 10m sprints (down back down) the third minute… continuing as long as you are able.



Movement Prep: Lax Ball Shoulders (2 min), Lat stretch (1 min/side), German Hang (1 min), 3 rounds: 3 wall walk ups, 10 hollow rocks, 10 candlestick rolls

Skill #1: Strict Muscle up

Skill #2: Strict HSPU

Strength:  12 min EMOM

-even minutes: 5 strict pull ups (add weight with coach’s discretion)

-odd minutes: 3-5 strict HSPU

*A deficit may be added to HSPU for increased difficulty.  The scale for HSPU will be hand stand negatives or push ups.


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