Workout of the Day: Friday, 7.29.16.



MOVEMENT PREP: Spiderman/wall quad stretch 1 min/side, mash adductors x 4 minutes
2 Rounds: 10 rocking ankle mobilizations, 5 pause goblet squats, 5 lateral goblet squats, 5 circular scap pull ups/direction


A. Clean w/pause @ knee; 50%x2, 60%x2
B. Clean; EMOM
Min 1 & 2- 70%x2
Min 3 & 4 – 80%x1-2


For time
50 K2E
40 KB Thruster (24/16kg)
30 Calorie Row or AB

Board Score: ST(A-80%), COND(time)

Workout of the Day: Thursday, 7.28.16.



MOVEMENT PREP: softball/lax ball lats 2 minutes, forearm mash 2 minutes
2 Rds: 10 scap push ups, 10 lateral squats, 5 wall angels, 5 single leg glute bridges/side

A1. Zercher Squat x 8.6.4., Rest 30 seconds, increasing weight every set
A2. Plank on low rings x 20-30 seconds x 3 sets, Rest 2 minutes


4 rounds
10 DB Squat Jumps
40m Uneven Carry – Front rack carry + OH Carry (same weight as squat jumps)
8-10 ring dips
-Rest 1 minute-

-athlete picks weight on DB squat jumps and carries
-Board Score: ST(A1 – heaviest), COND(Time)

Bikes and Bells:

Lax ball glutes/hamstrings
Wall quad stretch

10x scap push ups
10x banded good mornings
10x (5/direction) x-band walks
10x glute bridges

Balance mat RDL
Tempo of 51×1 x 3 sets

This is a slow descent and on the balance mats, so the weight should be as heavy as can be controlled without rounding.


5 min AMRAP:
10/8 calories on the bike
No push up renegade rows (45/20)

(2 mins rest)

5 min AMRAP:
10/8 calories on the bike
Ball slams (20/14)

(2 mins rest)

5 min AMRAP:
10/8 calories on the bike
Alternate one round of russian twists/one round of lateral jumps over the ball

Alternate each time the bike calories are completed. Score is total calories!

Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 7.27.16.



MOVEMENT PREP: Foam roll t-spine and lats 2 minutes, lax ball to pec x 10 passes/arm, upper trap mob x 1 min/side
2 Rounds: 30ft spiderman lunge + oh reach, 30ft crab walk, 10 Prone PVC OH BN press x 10 w/10 sec hold top of last rep

A. Strict Press; starting @ 65% x 5 and building each set

3 rounds
3 minute max cal row
2 minute max push ups* or Strict HSPU**
1 minute max Russian KB Swing (32/24kg)* American**
-Rest 2 minutes between rounds-

3 sets
hollow hold x 10-20 seconds, Rest 30 seconds
arch ups x 20, Rest 30 seconds
Heel Touches x 30 (15/side), Rest 1-2 minutes


MOVEMENT PREP: tricep mash 2 min, upper trap and pec mob x 5 min
2 sets: 15 belt tighteners, 10 scap pull ups, 10 t’s and i’s w/10 sec hold on last rep


A1. Weighted Pull Ups x 3-5 reps x 3 sets
-find weight where the last rep is challenging, but doable
A2. Max Strict Pull ups x 3 sets, rest as needed

B1. Cuban Rotation x 5 as slow as possible x 3 sets
B2. Face pulls x 20 x 3 sets

C. Wall Holds x 4 minute clock x 2 rounds
1 minute back to wall hs hold
1 minute stomach to wall hs hold
1 minute back to wall hs hold
1 minute stomach to wall hs hold
-rest as needed-
*scale to 30-45sec on w/30-15 sec off*

Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 7.26.16.



MOVEMENT PREP: Foam roll t-spine, hamstrings, calves x 5 minutes
2 rounds: quadruped extension/rotation drill x 8/side, half kneeling bottoms up strict press x 6/arm, vertical jump into broad jump x 3

A. Hang Muscle Snatch + Pressing Snatch Balance x (4+4) x 2 sets
B. Snatch w/ pause @ knee + Snatch; 70-80% x E2MOM x 6 minutes (3 sets)

30 second amrap Deadlift (50% of 1RM)
-Rest 15 seconds-
30 second amrap Box Jump (24/20″)
-Rest 15 seconds-
60 second amrap Burpees
-Rest 2 minutes-
x 4 rounds

Board Score: ST(B – heaviest), COND(Total reps for all 4 rounds)
*Goal is consistency through each round*

Bikes & Bells:
Warm up:

Wall quad stretch 60s/side
Forward fold 60s

10x good mornings
10 glute bridges
Spiderman + OH reach

A1. Glute ham raises
8 reps x 3 sets

A2. Reverse lunges with a KB
8 reps (4/leg) x 3 sets

3 rounds:

20s on/10s off x 3
3 min rest

These should be very hard sprints with full recovery between sets. If we have more than 4 people, we’ll stagger the heats.

Workout of the Day: Monday, 7.25.16.



MOVEMENT PREP: Mash adductors 4 min, kb on knee dorsiflexion x 1 min/side
30ft spiderman + OH reach, 30ft over/under the fence, 30ft crab walk, 30ft burpee broad jump

A1. Back Squat @41×1 tempo; 70-75% x 3 reps x 4 sets, Rest 60 seconds
A2. DB Bent Over Row x 8 reps/arm x 4 sets, Rest 60 seconds

4 minute amrap wall balls
*score = the highest set you complete unbroken in unlimited attempts in 4 minutes*

-rest 2 minutes-

4 minute amrap pull ups or muscle ups
*score = the highest set you complete unbroken in unlimited attempts in 4 minutes*

Board Score: ST(A1), COND(Best UB WB, Best UB PU/MU)


MOVEMENT PREP: Mash triceps, pecs, upper trap mob, wrist/forearm stretching x 5 minutes
2 rounds: 5 scap push up, 5 plank support shifts/side (shift weight from right to left), 5 scap pull ups, 5 slow pvc pass throughs w/2.5# plate bt hands.

A. 3 Wall walks + 10 sec hold or HS floater on last rep last rep x 5 sets, rest as needed
B1. Strict T2B w/negative x 10 reps x 3 sets
B2. P-lette shoot throughs x 10 reps x 3 sets
8 minute amrap
4 Downward Dog HSPU
8 Side plank ups/side (on hand)
12 sec Tucked ring support hold
16 sec Arch hold

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