Workout of the Day: Sunday, 2.19.2017.


Banded Lat Stretch x 1min/side
2 rounds:
TGU Sit-up x 4/side
Russian KB swing x 8
Goblet Squat x 8
5 inchworm
10 spiderman step

A. Barbell TGU practice– 10-15min.

This is playtime, experiment and have fun. Start with a 15lb bar and 10# bumpers if possible, and go from there. Make sure you have plenty of room around you, and see what you can get on each arm.

Teams of 2:
6 rounds for time:

Partner 1 completes AMRAP
6 Toes-to-bar
12 Wall ball (20/14)

While partner 2 completes:
500m Row

Partners switch after 500m, and pick up where partner 1 left off.
BOARD SCORE: ST(A), COND (Time, Rounds + Reps)

Workout of the Day: Saturday, 2.18.2017.


Lax Ball/Foam Roll Hips, Glutes.
Partner Banded Wall Quad Stretch- 1min/side
2 rounds:
10 Spiderman Step plus Rotational Reach
10 High Knee Lunge + Twist
10 Duck Walk (5 Forward/5 Back)
10 Scap Push Up
10 Yoga Push Up

A1. Max Plate Pinch hold (either hand) x 3 attempts x 3 sets.
A2. Bottoms-up KB Press x 8/side x 3 sets
A3. Lateral Goblet Squat w/KB x 8/side x 3 sets

For plate pinch, challenge yourself. Find something you can get over 5 seconds with, and hang on tight. Thick 45s will be a challenge for most.

Teams of 3, Partners revolve after complete rounds:
24min AMRAP
3 Bear Complex (135/95)
9 Box Jump Up-and-Over(24″/20″)* (30″/24″)**

–Today the bear complex may be peformed as a flowing series of movements, though it is by no means required. Athletes may perform a squat clean thruster into a back squat thruster (remembering to lock out arms overhead for both movements) in place of Power Clean-Front Squat-Push Press-Back Squat-Push Press, though it’s not required. Pick a weight you can move safely, if you need to scale any part of the complex a coach will give you modifications or substitutions.


Run 400m
Partner Banded Wall Quad Stretch
Theraband Warm-up
Banded Good Morning
Danny’s Glute Warm-up
2 rounds:
:30 HS Hold
30′ Inchworm w/pushup
30′ Spiderman step + Rot. Reach
:30 Hollow Hold
:30 Arch Hold

A. 10-15min Muscle-up work– Ring or Bar

B. 15min to find Max 6″ Deficit HSPU

C. 20min to find 3RM for Deficit Deadlift @2″-3″
Rest 7min
80% of 3RM for Max Reps

5 rounds for time:
4 Renegade Row
6 DB Thruster
8 DB Burpee
100m Row

ST(C, Heaviest and Max Reps), COND (Time, Weight used)


Theraband Warm up
Wrist Warm Up
Jumping Jacks x 50
Arch-Hollow Floor Transitions x 10
Pike ups x 10
Side Plank :15/side
Back Roll to Jump x 8
Cossack Squat x 8/side
Pancake x :45

Level 1
– 3 rounds. Minimal rest (30 sec) between exercieses.
Ring Pull ups x 7
:30 Plank on hands
4 Kips Swings + 4 Kipping Pull ups
Pillar to Plank x 12
Single Bar Dip x 4
7/side Shoulder Touches
Dip Negatives @55XX x 4
:20 Frog Stand

Level 2
– 3 rounds. Minimal rest (30 sec) between exercieses.
2 Strict + 4 Kipping Muscle-ups
:30 FLR on Rings
2 Strict + 7 Kipping C2B
6 Russian Dips
4 Bar Muscle Up Tempo Descent – Use False Grip x 5-10 sec
Max Handstand Walk
(Max-2) Kipping Dips
:20 Parellette Shoulder Stand

2 sets:
Headstand Pike x 10
Russian Twist x 20
Heel Touch x 30
Butterfly Sit up x 40

Workout of the Day: Friday, 2.17.2017.


3 min mobility as needed
10/side Lying Pec Stretch
10 Cat/Camel
2 rounds:
30′ Bear Crawl
30′ Crab Walk
10 Scap Push up
10 Scap Pull up
Supinated Chin-over-bar hang :15

4 rounds:
A1. DB Incline Bench @31X1 x 10, Rest 30sec (use incline bench or put (2) 45lb plates under one side of straight bench)
A2. Hammer Curl x 15 , Rest 30 sec
A3. Max Unbroken Banded Tricep Pulldown @21X1, Rest 2min

20min AMRAP
min 1- max Push Press (115/75)
min 2- max Butterfly Sit up
min 3- max unbroken pull ups*/C2B**
min 4- max Air Squat
min 5- Rest

–Unbroken means you stay on the bar, feet don’t touch the ground.


Foam Roll Quads/Hammies- 3min
2 rounds:
Spiderman step x 10
Cossack squat x 6/side
Barbell Good Morning x 10
Barbell Back Rack Duck Walk x 6 steps forward/backward
Barbell Back Rack Jumping Squat x 10
Barbell Back Rack Reverse Lunge x 6/side

Back Squat:
8 sets:
Box Squat @15X1 x 4
-Pick a weight you can move with speed and authority, around 60-70% for most people.
-Deload onto box, pause for 5 seconds, and explode up.
-MINIMAL rest between sets, not more than 90 seconds, closer to 45-60 would be more optimal. If someone is around your weight, share a box and keep each other moving.

Front Squat:
4 sets of 8 @ 60-75%.
-Emphasize posture and speed here.

Accessory work:
3 sets (time permitting):
C1. Barbell Dynamic Step-Up x 7/side
C2. Banded Hip Thrust x 25
C3. KB Goblet Squat hold :30-:45

Workout of the Day: Thursday, 2.16.2017.


30′ Bottoms-up KB Walk + 5 Half-Kneeling Bottoms-up KB Press
10 SLDL w/KB
10 SA KB Swing
10 Hand-to-hand KB Swing
10 KB Snatch
10 KB Clean
10 KB Push Press
10 KB Plank Pull-under

A1. Barbell Back Rack Primal Complex x 4/movement x 3
–With barbell racked: Squat/Lunge R/Lunge L/Dynamic Step up R/Dynamic Step up L (4+4+4+4+4)
–Step up to 20″ Box. scale height as needed- thigh should be parallel to the ground when stepping up (use pads, mats, stacks of plates, etc.)
–Moving well and with authority beats more weight here. Tall chest, powerful steps, eyes forward.

A2. Evil Wheels x 12 x 3 sets
–try and keep hips open for entire movement.

A3. KB Snatches x 6/arm x 3 sets
–focus on smooth movement and great technique. No slamming the KB on forearms. Stay light until you can move well.

12min EMOM:
min 1- 6 Inverted burpees
min 2- 8 TGU sit-up (24/16kg)
min 3- Max Unbroken Push ups*/True Push ups** (Hands and Feet on 45# plate, chest still touches deck)

BOARD SCORE: ST (A1), COND (total push ups)


Lax ball forearms, triceps, pecs- 4min
Pigeon pose :45/side
2 rounds:
Belt tightener x 10
Band pull-apart x 10
T-band Pull overs x 10
Cossack squat x 6/side
Cat-seal shifts x 10
Seated Pike up hold :20

A1. Strict supinated pull-up @ 21X5 x 3-5 x 3
A2. Middle Split Work :45

B1. Ring Dip @15X1 x 5 x 3
B2. V-Ups x 20 x 3

C1. Hang Sequence– :05 each– Pronated, R arm only, L arm only, Supinated, R arm only, L arm only.
C2. Depth Push-ups w/explosive rebound x 6

D1. Pronated Chin-over-bar hold x :30 x 3 sets
D2. Weighted Pike Raises, No ground touch x 15 x 3 sets
D3. Short L-sit x :15-:30 x 3 sets
D4. Russian Twist x 20 x 3 sets


Banded Upright Squat x 1 min
2 rounds:
10 Narrow Grip OHS
10 SL DLs
10 Banded Bird Dogs

A. Hang Muscle Snatch x 3 reps x 3 sets

B. Snatch DL (5 sec. to reach extension) + Snatch High Pull (stay flat footed) + Snatch
– 4 sets at 80% 1RM Snatch.
-Fight the urge to power!

C. Three Rounds:
DB Strict Press from Split Stance x5/side
Russian Twists w/medball x14 reps
Plank on Elbows x45 secs

Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 2.15.2017.


Kneeling OH Banded Lunge Stretch x 1min/side
Banded Super Front Rack Stretch x 1min/side
Yoga push up x 10

2 rounds:
W/monster band at ankles:
10 Lateral steps/direction
10 steps forward/backward
10 dynamic foot jumps (forward/backward)
–move monster band to around toes
10 Knee Raises/leg

A. Jerk (Push or Split) @65-80% x 3 x 5 sets, Rest 1-2min

B. Clean Pull + Clean + Front Squat (3+2+1) @65-80% of Clean 1RM x 4 sets, Rest 2min

–For the cleans, try not to drop the bar until after the front squat. Hang on.

4 rounds: (15min time cap)
1-arm DB OH Squat x 8 (4/arm) (45/20)
DB Burpee x 8 (45/20)
Russian KB Swing x 24 (24kg/16kg)

Your non-dominant arm OH Squat will be the biggest challenge here. Make sure you feel secure before you get going, and no dropping DB from overhead (obviously).


Hip Opener + Plank
Shoulder 360
Reaching Drills

Hot Lava Plate Race
Medball Hip Opener
Ring Swing Practice + L Sit Hold
Mountain Climber Practice

Combo: Crab Walk to Mountain Climb
Mountain Climb + L-Sit Hold
Mountain Climb to Ring Swing


Lax Ball quads and glutes – 3 min
Wall Quad Stretch – 1min/side
2 Rounds:
Kettlebell Ankle Stretch x8 reps per leg w/ 3s hold
-Pause Goblet Squat x8 reps w/ 3s hold
-Half Kneeling Bottoms Up KB Press x6 reps per side
-Hollow Hold x10seconds

A) Back Squat – Build up to a 2RM for the day, then take 90% of that and complete 3 sets of 2

B) Bench Press – Build up to a 3RM for the day, then take 90% of that and complete 4 sets of 3

C1) Seated Arnold Press x6 reps x4 sets
C2) Glute Ham Raise x8 reps x 4 sets

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