Workout of the Day: Sunday, 5.22.16.



Bikes and Bells


Lax ball/mash adductors (2 min)
Wall quad stretch (60s/side)
Banded lat stretch (60s/side)

10 scap push ups
Spiderman stretch +OH reach
Lateral carioca
Bear crawls


18 Min EMOM

Teams of 3; one at each station, rotating on the minute for 20 minutes

  1. 20/15 cal bike
  2. 10 no push up DB burpee (45/20)
  3. 20 ball slams (20/14)

Bike round shouldn’t leave you with much rest time. The other pieces have some built in rest time

(3 min rest)

200/150 calories as a team

At all times, one person bikes, one person rests and one person does a double KB hold. Split it up however you’d like, but you have to rotate in order.

Score is team time for the 200 calories


Workout of the Day: Saturday, 5.21.16.



MOVEMENT PREP: 5 minutes of lax ball to pecs, triceps, calves and hips
1 Round: 15 prone theraband pass throughs, 15 band pull aparts, 15 belt tighteners, 10 scap pull ups, 10 scap push ups, 10 hollow rocks, 10 arch rocks partner arch stretch x 20 sec/person x 1

A. Strict MU practice – 8-10 reps for quality
B. Pistol Practice Alternating legs x 30 reps total
C. HS walks for distance x 3 attempts
D. Kipping C2B Pull Up
-no butterfly. Work on mechanics of proper kip with each rep as well as a high pull.


MOVEMENT  PREP: 3 minutes mobility as needed + 400m group run
2 Rounds: SL Glute Bridge x 10/leg with 2 sec. hold per rep, hollow hold x 10 sec, arch hold 10 sec, sumo squat to stand x 10, 5 circular scap pull ups/direction

In teams of two with one person working at a time,
For time
1 Mile Run (800m/person)
50 Pull Ups
100 Walking Lunges
200m Farmer’s Carry (24/16kg per hand)
300 Double Unders* or 600 Singles
50 Box Jump w/step down (24/20″)


1 – strict ring pull up tempo negatives x 7 sec descent x 5 reps x 3 sets
2 – ring dips x 10 reps + 5 reps x 3 sets
-complete the 12 reps, 10 sec rest then another 5 reps.
-if 12 is too many, find number that is challenging, but still allows you to complete the additional 5 after the rest.
3 – hs walk step ups x 4 sets
-set up sets of 25lb, 35lb, and 45lb plates next to each other so you create steps up and back down on the opposing side. Try to walk up and down the other side.
-do the best your can and have some fun with it :)

A. Power Clean + PJ off blocks @ knee; 75%x(2+1)x3, 80%x (2+1)x3
B. Deadlift; 70-80% x 3 reps every 3 minutes x 15 minutes
*after each set of DL’s do 1 freestanding hs kick up w/20 sec max hold*
C. Sled push x 100m (2×45# plates on top for men, 2×25# plates for women)
x3 rounds
-rest 2 minutes bt. rounds-
D. CG bench press; 3.2.1.

2-3 sets
30 hollow rocks
30 arch rocks
25 russian twists/side

Workout of the Day: Friday, 5.20.16.



MOVEMENT PREP: spiderman/wall quad stretch 1 min/side, lax/softball lat/serratus and triceps 3 minutes, 10 bird dog
2 Rounds: 3 TGU Sit Ups/arm, 10 lateral goblet squats, 5 single arm thrusters/side

A. Hang Power Clean + Hang Clean + Clean; (1+1+1) every 2 minutes x 12 minutes (6 sets) – building from last week

4 Rounds
12 Thrusters (95/65#)*(115/75#)**
12 Power Clean(95/65#)*(115/75#)**

Board Score: ST(A – heaviest), COND (Time)

Workout of the Day: Thursday, 5.19.16.



MOVEMENT PREPpec mob x 10 passes/side, lax ball to lat/serratus 1 min/side, 30 sec relaxed hang from pull up bar
1 round: 30ft slow bear crawl fwd then bwd, 30ft over/under the fence,  30ft broad jump, 30ft single leg hops each leg

A1. CG Bench Press; sets, Rest 20 seconds
A2. Deficit Parallette Push Ups x 8-10 x 4 sets,Rest 20 seconds
A3. Side plank hold x 25 seconds/side x 4 sets, Rest 60 seconds

2 minute amrap DB Power Snatch (athlete chooses weight)
-Rest 2 minutes-
2 minute amrap Single Arm DB OH Walking Lunges *switching arms every 5 reps*
-Rest 2 minutes-
2 minute amrap Box Jump w/step down (24/20″)

Board Score: ST(A1- heaviest set of 4), COND(Total DB Sn/Lunge Steps/Box Jump)


Dynamic warm up (10 mins)

Cadence ladder and drills
Forward fall drilling with a partner

2 x (90sec on, 90 sec off)
4 x (60 sec on, 60 sec off)
4 x (30 sec on, 30 sec off)
4 x (15 sec on, 15 sec off)

No additional rest between sets, this is done as one continuous effort. “Off” segments are not walking, keep the cadence high!


Wall quad stretch (60s/side)
Half split (60s/side)
Banded lat stretch

10x Banded good mornings
Sumo squat to stand

Partner GHD practice
10 reps x 4 sets

(60s rest between sets)


Teams of 2:
Each person does each movement before going into the next round

2 calories/4 med ball cleans
4 calories/8 med ball cleans
8 calories/16 med ball cleans
16 calories/32 med ball cleans
(descend back down to 2 calories/4 med ball cleans)

3 min break

2 calories/4 russian KB swings
4 calories/8 russian KB swings
8 calories/16 russian KB swings
16 calories/32 russian KB swings
(descend back down to 2 calories/4 KB swings)

Workout of the Day: Wednesday, 5.18.16.



MOVEMENT PREP: foam roll t-spine, lats, calves x 4 min, quadruped extension rotation x 8/side, 30ft lateral lunge + oh reach
2 rounds: 10 prone theraband pass through, 10 arch rocks w/pvc in ohs grip, 10 wall facing pvc ohs

A. BN Snatch Snatch PP + OHS; (2+1) E2MOM x 8 minutes (4 sets) *building from last week*
B1. DB bent over row x 5/side x 3 sets, Rest 30 seconds
B2. Stomach facing HS hold x 30-60 seconds x 3, Rest 30-60 seconds

12 minute amrap
8 Pull Ups
16 Wall Ball (20/14#)
32 Double Unders* or 90 Singles

Board Score: St(A – heaviest), COND(Rds+ Reps)


MOVEMENT PREP: lat and teres minor rolling x 2 min/side, upper trap soft tissue mob x 1-2 min/side
2 Rounds: 5 circular scap pull ups/direction, 15 belt tighteners, 5-10 crab extensions on p-bars


A. Ring Support Hold Cluster; 10s.10s.10s., rest 10 sec bt., x 3 sets, Rest 2 minutes bt. sets

B. Stomach facing wall hs hold x max hold x 2 sets, rest as needed

C1. Ring or P-Bar Shoulderstand x 10 sec hold x 4 sets
-lower rings to 1ft off ground. Put mat under rings as well for safety. Mimic bottom position of HSPU and get into a tight tuck position.
-work on finding the balance point. Have a spotter on each side to assist with finding the balance point. It won’t be easy, so bare with the process.
-it’s important to keep weight just short of completely vertical. Don’t bring hips over shoulders or you will fall forward. Hips must stay a little behind shoulders to keep weight distribution even.
-knees stay tucked into chest. Don’t open hip angle unless you are feeling comfortable and want to get towards a completely extended position.
C2. False Grip Hold w/ball x 15 sec/hand x 3 sets, rest as needed
-take lacrosse ball in one hand and wrap wrist around ring with that hand. With other hang from opposing ring for support.
-if you are capable of hanging only from the hand with the ball without hand on other ring, do it. It will be pretty difficult.
-modify to kneeling position

FINISHER: Time permitting
Pike ups x 15 reps x 3 sets
Side plank x 15 sec hold/side x 3 sets

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