Workout of the Day: Tuesday, 8.25.15.

CFCC Beach Day

Come with us to the beach! We are headed to Ocean City, New Jersey this Saturday (8/29) between 10th-11th street. Bring yourself, friends, family, games, and food if you wish. There are bathrooms conveniently located at our location, as well as plenty of options for food on the boardwalk. Be prepared for a workout which will happen first thing since the beach will become crowded quickly. You will need to purchase beach tags ($5) which are good all day. Make sure to RSVP on the event page here to stay tuned for more details!

Current Cycle

The Current Cycle page has been updated to reflect some changes for the next four weeks as we transition into September. For the most part you will see similar splits (i.e. Squat/UB Pull, LB Pull/UB Push) but the movement focus on some days has changed. If you have any questions please feel free to email



MOVEMENT PREP: Foam roll t-spine 2 minutes, lax ball lat, pecs, triceps, and calves for 4 minutes
2Rds: 30ft bottoms up waiters walk + 3 bottoms up strict press/arm, 5 SL KB DL/leg, 5 SA KB overhead wall facing squats


A. Hang Power Snatch – – Rest 90 seconds, building in weight each set
B1. Weighted Dip x 10 reps x 3 sets, Rest 45 seconds
B2. Clean RDL to knee @ 23×1 x 8 reps x 3 sets, Rest 45 seconds

-last single of hang power snatch should be a tough single with perfect form
-weighted dips should be on static bar. Larger classes can use rings, but scaling to boxes with feet on the floor is preferred. 


1 minute amrap
5 Power Cleans @ 70% of max PC
amrap Burpee over barbell
-Rest 2 minutes-
x 3 rounds
Board Score: ST (HPS), COND(Total Burpees)


MOVEMENT PREP: 3 minutes mobility as needed, theraband warm up, 5 ring swings x 2 sets


A. EMOM x 5 minutes
2 Kipping MU or 3-5 Kipping Pull Up or C2B

B. Strict T2B x 10-15 reps x 3 sets, Rest 60 seconds
-partners spot by placing hand on back to make sure torso stays vertical throughout

C. Weighted Dip on Static Bar x 5-7 reps x 3 sets, Rest 60 seconds
-weight should be tough where your last few reps are doable but challenging

D. Hollow Arch Rolls x 10 each direction x 3 sets, Rest as needed

E. Wall Walk x 3 reps w/10 sec HS hold on last rep x 3 sets


MOVEMENT PREP: 2 rounds: 5 narrow grip OHS, 10 PVC pass throughs with 5#, 5/side stiff legged windmills w/10-15#


A. Push press from a split stance- 5 sets of 3, with jerk foot forward each set. Increase load each set but stay below 75% 1RM PP.

B. Every 2 minutes for 10 rounds (20 minutes)- Clean + Hang clean + Split jerk (1+1+2)
Start at 65% 1RM C&J. Load may increase based on jerk proficiency.

C. 3 sets, not for time:
10 floor wipers- coach dictates load (
10 handstand press ups on rower

Workout of the Day: Monday, 8.24.15.

Summer Slam 2015

Congratulations to all of the athletes and coaches who represented CFCC on Saturday at the Affiliate Summer Slam competition. Our four teams performed extremely strong with 10th, 19th, 24th and 25th place finishes out of 42. Thank you to Vince, Barry, Mark and all of the volunteers and judges who were extremely timely, organized and thorough all day. We are already looking forward to next year! Check out some pictures here and videos on our Instagram here.



MOVEMENT PREP: Foam roll quads and lats 3 minutes, wall quad or spiderman x 1 minute/leg, lying lat stretch 1 min/side
20 sec on/10 sec transition x 1 round each of the below movements
1 – air squats
2 – scap pull ups
3 – scap push ups
4 – glute bridges


A1. Back Squat @ 75-80% x 3 reps x 4 sets, Rest 60 seconds
A2. Supinated Chin Ups x 5-8 reps x 4 sets, Rest 60 seconds


12 Minute Clock
1 minute amrap Front Squat (115/75#)
1 minute amrap T2B
2 minute amrap Hang Clean (115/75#)
2 minute amrap Hollow Rocks
3 minute amrap OHS (115/75#)
3 minute amrap Sit Ups

– Bar comes from the floor, T2B Scale = hanging knee tucks/k2b or v-ups for those with shoulder limitations, OHS sub = repeat FS
– Board Score: ST(BS), COND (Total Reps)


MEET AT WASHINGTON SQUARE PARK – CORNER OF 7TH AND WALNUT. Please remember a timing implement!!

PREP/SKILL WORK: Figure four awareness, Cop drill, Pony drill, Banded fall drill with a partner

6x (4min on/1min off) each on segment includes 3x20s faster paced running, spread over the effort

You will run 4 min out, rest 1 min, run back to the start and repeat that for the workout.

Note on stimulus: This will be our aerobic capacity workout for the week. What does that mean? These are not full sprints – these are 80% efforts. If you pace this correctly, you should be able to maintain the same distance for all efforts without redlining it. If you do redline it early, then you will hurt alot and run slower (neither your nor our goal).

Workout of the Day: Sunday, 8.23.15.


Open Gym/Recovery Day

Sunday’s will now be reserved for open gym only. This is your opportunity to make up a workout from earlier in the week, practice a skill, or complete a workout of your choice.

If this is normally your rest day, consider some additional recovery techniques you can utilize to set yourself up for a successful week.

Active Recovery 

30-40 minutes of active recovery work. Preferable methods are the Assault bike or Airdyne for an easy ride. Next option would be an easy swim. From there go to the rower, but consider breaking it up and walking around every 3 minutes for 1-2 minutes to stay away from excessive flexion and extension.

Mobility and Maintenance

Spend 30-60 minutes working on self restoration. The key areas will differ from person to person. For the majority of us, the upper back (thoracic spine), shoulders, hips and ankles need the most time. Use Kelly Starrett’s Mobility WOD or other mobilizations you have learned in class. Or see a specialist for 60 minutes. Inflammation maintenance such as compression, contrast baths, epsom salt baths, float tanks, etc. may also be useful for some individuals.

Nutrition Preparation
Ensure that you have quality foods prepared in the appropriate quantities to fuel your efforts and allow for full recovery throughout the week.

Mental Restoration

This can be different for everyone. Meditation, visualization, reading, or gathering with friends and family can be considered restorative. The key is to engage in activities that make you feel fulfilled and recharged.

Workout of the Day: Saturday, 8.22.15.


Saturday Schedule

Make sure to sign up on Mindbody for today’s classes since we have a slightly modified schedule due to the Summer Slam. Squatting at 9am with Wylie, Intro to Oly at 10am with Zoda, and WOD at 10am with Wylie!

Affiliate Summer Slam

CFCC will be sending 4 teams of 6 athletes (3M/3F) to CrossFit Generation TODAY to compete in the Affiliate Summer Slam. For score updates keep an eye on the websiteFB event page OR come take a drive to Horsham, PA to cheer on our athletes!




Foam roll quads and t-spine for 2-3 minutes,  super front rack stretch w/band 1 min/side, gastroc/soleus stretch 30 sec/foot
2 Rounds: W/band around knees –  lateral monster walk x 10 steps each direction, 10 glute bridges, 10 goblet squat w/3 second hold in bottom


A. Front Squat, Rest 2-3 minutes
Set 1 – @60% x 5 reps
Set 2 – @ 65% x 5 reps
Set 3-4 – @ 70% x 5 reps

B. EMOM x 6 minutes
Minute 1 – Weighted plank hold on elbows x 30 seconds
Minute 2 – Hollow hold x 30 seconds


MOVEMENT PREP: Mobility as needed for 5 minutes, 10 leg swings forward, backward, and side to side, 10 spiderman steps + reach in place (alternating), lying lat stretch 60 sec/side, 10 pause squats, 10 jumping squats


In teams of 2, with partners alternating full rounds,

5 Rounds
20 Wall Ball (20/14#)
10 Burpees
300m Run

Workout of the Day: Friday, 8.21.15.

Affiliate Summer Slam

CFCC will be sending 4 teams of 6 athletes (3M/3F) to CrossFit Generation tomorrow to compete in the Affiliate Summer Slam. For score updates keep an eye on the websiteFB event page OR come take a drive to Horsham, PA to cheer on our athletes!



MOVEMENT PREP: Foam roll t-spine 1 minute, foam roll t-spine w/pvc in snatch grip 1 min, external rotation stretch w/pvc 1 min/side + calf stretch
2 Rds: 60ft waiters walk/arm, 10 pvc pass throughs, 5 close grip OHS w/pvc (“close” is determined by the athlete and dependent on mobility)


A. Snatch from mid thigh + below knee (1+1) x 3 sets
B1. Back Squat@ 23×1 x 5 reps x 3 sets
B2. Chin Over Bar Hold x 15-20 seconds x 3 sets



Double Unders
Sit Ups

-Board Score: ST(Snatch), COND (Time)
-Single under scale = 3x double unders


MOVEMENT PREP: 5 min lax ball focus on scaps and hamstrings, 2 min easy row
2x: 10 face pulls, 10 single deadlifts, 10 glute bridges


Pick Drill
Cut the Cake Drill
Running Down Hill


5000m pyramid


MOVEMENT PREP: Row 500m: at the 250m mark complete 1 round of Cindy, at the 0m mark, complete 3 sets of the Bear Complex with a BB. (Power Clean, FS, Push Press, Back Squat, BTN PP)


A. Three sets of narrow-grip OH squat @ 33×1 x3 reps. “Narrow” is relative, but something close to your jerk grip or narrower is preferred. Nothing too heavy, use this as OH squat skill work.

B. Every 90 seconds, for 12 minutes (8 sets)-
3 Position Clean: High Hang, Hang, Floor (1+1+1)
Start at 65% of 1RM Clean and build as form allows.

C. 3 rounds of: 12ft. Single Arm Farmers Carry on the planks, (24/16kg), 12ft. Single Leg DL on the planks, Single Arm Waiters Walk on the planks, 12ft.

Plank work notes: Single Arm Farmers Carry & Waiters Walk will need two passes, one for each arm. Single Arm Deadlift should be bodyweight. Rest as needed in between rounds to allow for other athletes to complete work.

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