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Mike began CrossFit during his freshman year as an undergrad and fell in love with it. Even in his earliest stages as a CrossFitter, Mike always held a bit of a bias towards strength-dominant work in CrossFit.  He would go to his first CrossFit box three times a week while getting a daily dose of heavy squats, deadlifts, presses and of course curls (for the girls) at his local LA Fitness twice a week. At CrossFit, Mike always preferred WODs based around the Olympic Lifts until the fateful day when he was convinced to finally do his first Olympic Lifting meet. That was the day he fell in love with the sport and began making Olympic Lifting his primary training focus.

Four months after his first meet he came to CFCC and Liberty Barbell Club (CFCC’s competitive Weightlifting Team) with the intention of really pressing his career as an athlete in the sport of Olympic-Style Weightlifting.  The camaraderie, coaching, and competitive atmosphere completely changed the nature of Mike’s training and accelerated his progress. In addition to being an extremely dedicated athlete, Mike also has a great capacity for encouraging his fellow lifters and explaining human movement – he also absolutely loves everything to do with lifting! Because of this, CFCC’s Founder, Erin Davidson, approached him about participating in a Coaching Apprenticeship with the goal of eventually joining CFCC’s staff as an Assistant Liberty Barbell Club Coach.

In addition to graduating from this 6-month program, Mike has also competed at many National Level meets across the country including going 6/6 in his lifts at Nationals in 2013. He has done all of this while simultaneously helping many athletes at Liberty Barbell Club to medal at local meets and qualify for National events. Mike considers the privilege of coaching to be an incredibly rewarding experience. His goal as a Coach is to help members of all kinds better their olympic lifting on the road to meeting their own individualized goals – whether it’s competing at a high level in the sport, or simply perfecting their form for CrossFit.

Hear about Mike from Mike:

What is CrossFit?CrossFit is fitness in a way that allows people to become extraordinary. An outlet for one to work hard, surpass self-expectations, better one’s body and mind, and to do so in a supportive and fun environment. CrossFit promotes skills and attributes that can be carried over into all aspects of life.

Hobbies outside of training:I am a student, an athlete and a coach but when I’m not involved in those activities, I’m usually looking for new bands to listen to. I enjoy exploring music and seeing as many local bands as I possibly can. Before CrossFit I was a musician myself, so occasionally I will play guitar, bass or piano. I love watching hockey, hanging out with friends, enjoying food and drinks, and beating people in Halo and Civilization 5 as well.


  • Olympic Weightlifting Level 1 Certification
  • First Aid/CPR

Zoda currently coaches:

Olympic Lifting

Personal Training with Zoda:

$75/hour – please inquire about availability by emailing info@crossfitcc.com.

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